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Important Astrological Concepts

This section will tell us about different important concepts in Astrology and their impacts on human life. 

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  • Hi sir in conjunction of planets Venus and ketu..i read in your article that Venus will be impacted by ketu in 2nd house of aries ascedent..but in another article of yours I read it depends on the degree and house...so since conjunction of Venus ketu in 2nd house in taurus ,Venus rules taurus...so what will be the the results...what will the impact

  • My details 14/12/1976 7:17pm belgaum, Karnataka. Till march I was working as teacher. But right now m taking care of kids for their higher studies in new place. I m feeling frustrated n depressed due to personal problems. I feel like joining back job. Plz guide.

  • @ SS - please apply for marriage consultation.

  • When I Wil get marry? What type of husband I Wil get?my DOB is 15june 1989 timing 1:10 am

  • @ Soujanya - life path towards service of people.

  • Exalted venus(1st house) & exalted saturn(8th house) in navamsa what is the meaning

  • @ Soumya - Destiny/Career towards occult, changes and transformation.

  • Please will u tell me when atmakaraka(venus) & amatyakaraka(mercury) conjuct with rahu in 3rd(scorpio)house. Venus=29.52(jyeshta pada 4) Mercury=28.48(jyeshta pada 4) Rahu=8.57(anuradha pada2)

  • Ohh..Got it sir..Thank you very much sir :) :) :)

  • Namaskar Pravesh, Saturn in 7th house/Libra is not good for relationship but good for Business. Concept of Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva Karaka - http://astrosaxena.com/jkak . Thanks,

  • Namaskar sir! Sir!saturn is considered not so good in 7th house releted to marriage.While it is also considered as exalted in Libra(7th sign).It seems controdict.kindly throw some light on it.

  • @ sanjiv - please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • Job Problems

  • Thank you sir..

  • @ pravesh - there are many things, mainly Aquarius sign, rahu, saturn and mars positions.

  • Sir! Which elements should be analyze for profession in IT sector?

  • @ salma- please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • Hi im salma born on 27/06/1990 i need to know if i will get a real relationship soon ?? When ?? Is there someone interessted to me ??

  • @ pankaj - please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • Dob- 4-9-1988, bt-10:45 my life problme

  • @ Ritu - please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • Love problem

  • @ priy - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation

  • My life

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