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Consciousness and Purpose of Astrology - III

Before reading this article, it is suggested to go through these articles - https://www.astrosaxena.com/limit, https://www.astrosaxena.com/DecodingAstrology and https://www.astrosaxena.com/selc.

During last one year or so, I have taken this view on Astrology that Planets/Houses/Sign and Nakshatras in Astrology only represent energy and person utilizes the energy as per his consciousness or evolution level. I have also tried to define that it depends on whether the person is at Rajasic Level or Tamasic Level or Sattvic Level. As per his level of evolution, he will be utilizing energy in similar activities respectively; i.e. Rajasic activity or Tamasic activity or Sattvic activity.

Now obviously, as mind is questions making factory, the natural question came into mind of people and they projected at me is that when anyways a person is going to act as per his consciousness level then why even learn astrology as person will only act as he wants to act? Then what is the purpose of learning astrology or any occult subject anyways?

Although, I already tried to respond to this question in the article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/DecodingAstrology but may be things were not clear. So, I will try again here and as always, I will try my best to be as descriptive as possible.

As this is going to be a huge article, I am splitting and posting it into three different portions. This is Part - 3 which is about Concluding Remarks. You can find earlier parts here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/CPA1 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/CPA2 . 


Blame Game – But what I have seen in last 7-8 years that majority of people are not willing to adopt any ways of evolving themselves. Moreover, majority of people are inclined to do whatever they want to do in their life impulsively and when they suffer due to that impulsive and unconscious action then Astrology or Astrologer or Planets become escape-goats. They started blaming the planets, dashas and transits.

Like, it is common to see people getting into aggressive behavior and then saying that – “Ohh I have Angarak Yoga in my chart or I was under Mars dasha or Mars was transiting over my ascendant etc. which made me angry”.

Well, if you are aware that these are difficult combinations then you should device ways to deal with these situations in your life. Right now, it looks like saying that – “Ohh you see, there was a pothole on the way, hence I had to fall into it”.

Basically, anger and aggression was inside you and you were bubbling with it. You exploded as you were not at higher consciousness level and now you are searching for an excuse by blaming planets/dashas/transits. That planet represents 1000s of other things in life, why you chose anger only? With Mars, you could’ve gone out and played some sports too and could’ve tired yourself down so that you have no energy left to explode aggressively. That would also had been Mars impact but you chose to express Mars aggressively. It was your choice because anger was inside you. There is no need to blame poor Mars for that.

You see that most of time we are complaining about others actions and behavior which led to some destruction in our lives or others’ lives and they may be having same complains towards us. This itself shows that most of us are utilizing the energy at Tamasic Level only which is destructive expression of energy. So, we all need to rise to higher consciousness to move towards higher level of actions and behaviors.

This is also the problem that when we can control a particular energy, at that time, we keep on giving our attention and consciousness to that thought which increases the energy further and further. Then when it is beyond our capacity to handle that energy then we get into such situation that “there was no other option but to kill someone”.

I love posting a story on Facebook which for me is more important than all astrological rules. I happened to read this story a few years back on Mata Amritanandamayi's Site and I liked how it was linked with Astrology.

So story is about a King who was visited by a Sage. Sage gave him two clay idols and said that your Kingdom would have to face a war within a week of the day any of these idols get broken. King gave those two idols to his best servant and told him to take best care.

One day while cleaning the idols, one of them had fallen and got broken. King was informed. King was furious and ordered the servant to be imprisoned. He said that if war takes place within a week then he is going to hang the servant.

As predicted, a neighboring Kingdom attacked this Kingdom within a week. The King ordered the hanging of servant but asked him any last wish he had. Servant said that he wants to break the 2nd idol too because 1 fine day that idol will get broken by someone else and you will hang that person too.

King asked, I didn't understand your point?

Servant replied that basically you didn't understand the Sage himself. Sage wanted to say that the day idol gets broken, you must start preparing for war. It is not that war is happening because of breaking of idol. Breaking of idol was an indication that someone is preparing to attack you, so you must begin your preparation.

And this is what astrology is all about. Checking the next job change or your prospective partner’s money is the most mundane use of astrology. But astrology’s main purpose is to make you proactive. Your upcoming dasha or transit is only indicating you towards start working in a particular area of life before it gets completely screwed. Saturn, Mars, Nodes or any troublesome Yoga or their dashas are not after your life. I can assure you that Saturn is not getting any fun in bringing misery in your life. All these energies are the pointers or indicators in your chart that you need to start preparing in these areas of life else there is a war coming. So, start your preparations. With all the difficulties too, they are trying to guide you. In School days, we had some teachers who used to teach us with love & care and there were teachers who used to teach the lesson of hard work & discipline. Benefic Planets are your benevolent teachers of life whereas Malefic Planets are your strict teachers of life.


Responsibility – And this is where it all comes back to. I cannot have any problem if people are taking decisions of their lives as per their wishes and desires. I actually love and support it. But then after taking any decision or actions, if things don’t go as per your wishes or desires and your decision backfires then at least be courageous enough to take responsibility of your actions. At that time, don’t say that planets made you do it or your astrologer didn’t guide you well. At the end of the day, it is your life and your actions. So, take responsibility of your actions. Good thing about Ego is that once you take responsibility of your messed-up life on Self/Ego then at least Ego won’t allow you to make same mistakes again. But if you blame it on planets and astrologers then Ego can trick you again that last mistake was not your mistake, you can try again.

So, it is better to accept that I was so much inclined towards a particular thing or person that I diverted my consciousness towards it 24x7 which created enough energy for me to take actions which brought the mess I am in right now. If person takes this much responsibility then one thing is sure that he is not committing the same mistake again and also he may come to know how to divert consciousness in more productive or creative activities.

Hence, we can say that taking responsibility of your thoughts and actions can also help you to raise your consciousness along with other things we discussed before in this article.

Conclusion – As I see, this is the only purpose of Astrology or any other occult science that you know your options well enough in well advance so that you can divert your consciousness towards higher pursuits or goals to achieve better in life and even if someone has gone into wrong path then also everything is not lost. He can make a conscious choice to turn his direction at any given day. As I say, we can choose to open our eyes at any point of time.

In the end, Equation remains the same for all type of actions or events, either good or bad; i.e.

Consciousness + Thoughts + Energy + Actions = Life Event.

It is high time that we should take responsibility of our lives on ourselves and accept that our consciousness is the only God which makes events happen in our lives and in this world. It all depends on which level of consciousness we are operating.


Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti

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