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Soul Evolution Level and Charts.

A question was asked if we can know the evolutionary path of a Soul through a person’s chart?

Let’s cover this topic on following points –

Origin of this thought – As I see, this thought or question may have arisen through my two earlier articles,

where I said that the end results of planetary placement depends on the person who is utilizing that planetary energies. If the person is at higher evolution level then he will be involved in activities of higher or improved nature but if the person is at lower evolution level then person may be inclined towards base survival or basic needs. Now, question is that if we can know the evolution level of person from his/her chart to know what kinds of actions he will be inclined towards?

In my considered opinion – No, it is not possible to know person’s evolution level from his astrological chart and it is actually good for person if we can’t know about it.

Reasons are as follows –

Similar Charts and Planetary Placements – First of all, we need to understand that 1000s of children take birth everyday. Today, many children will take birth and they will have almost identical planetary placements with difference of few degrees here and there. Even if we want to make it more precise then we can take a particular ascendant. As I am writing this, it is Scorpio ascendant on rising. It will remain a Scorpio ascendant for next about 2 hours. So, even in this 2 hours’ time period, at least a few 100 children will take birth. They will have almost identical chart. Again, the only minor difference will be in degrees here and there.

Now, we can’t say that all children born in next 2 hours at a specific country will be of same evolution level. We can’t say this for even twins taking birth at same time and same place as twins also lead different life paths, in most of the cases.

Divisional Charts – Now, someone can say that Divisional Charts can be different or at least D-60 chart will be different as it changes every 2 minutes?

Let’s do some calculation here –

I hope that everyone will agree to the fact that ascendant will remain the same (in 90% of cases) for all children taking birth in next 2 hours.

Now, as per official figures, 67,385 children take birth in India in one day. Let’s take a round figure of 60,000 children, to exclude those 10% exceptional cases where ascendants may be different due to huge difference in coordinates of cities from Western India to North-East India.

So, 60,000 children taking birth in 24 hours. It means that every ascendant has at least 5000 children.

Now, a sign remains at ascendant of D-1 for about 2 hours. It means 120 mins. This means about 40 children take birth every minute.

D-60 chart changes in 2 mins. So, even if we have the most accurate time of a child’s birth and we consider only his D-60 chart then also at least 80 other children are born with same D-1, D-9, D-10 and D-60 charts.

We can’t say that all these 80 children are at similar or identical evolution level.

As I previously said, everyone who was born along with Gautama Siddhartha didn’t become Gautama Buddha and everyone who was born along with Ted Bundy didn’t become Ted Bundy.

Dignity of Planets – One argument can be given that if planets are in good dignity then can we say that it is an evolved soul?

Well, let’s see –

Saturn remains exalted in Libra for 2.5 years.
Jupiter remains exalted in Cancer for 13 months.
Mars remains exalted in Capricorn for 45 days.
Sun remains exalted in Aries of 30 days.
Mercury/Venus remains exalted in Virgo/Pisces respectively for about 25 days.
Moon remains exalted in Taurus for about 2 days and 6 hours.
If you want to consider Nodes in exaltation then they would remain in their exalted sign for 18 months.

As per the calculation done above, we can understand that 1000s of children can take birth during these times. Again, we can’t say that all children took birth when Jupiter was in Cancer for 13 months would be highly evolved souls.

I can keep on giving the example of Mark David Chapman (https://www.astrosaxena.com/chapman), a person born with 4 exalted planets and he ended-up in killing John Lennon.
So, planets in good dignity are no guaranty of a higher evolved soul taking birth and likewise, planets in bad dignity are no guaranty that a child taking birth at that time has soul of lower consciousness level.

Best examples are again

who had very few planet in good dignity but still they achieved great success in life.

Moon’s Position – One can say that Mark David Chapman’s Moon position was trashed where it was impacted by all malefic planets. So, may be the Moon position is making the difference between higher or lower consciousness level.

Well, then Jeffrey Dahmer was born with Moon in Pisces along with Mars and Ed Kemper was born with Moon in Cancer. They should have been very emotiona, spiritual and creative mind but they turned up in to among the worst serial killers of all times (https://www.astrosaxena.com/KCS-JDEK). And as I said, even Moon stays in one sign for 2 days and 6 hours. We can’t say that all children taking birth during this time would have same or similar evolution level.

So, as per my understanding of Astrology, we can’t have an idea of someone’s evolution level through his chart and it is better for that person only.

Why it is better for the person? – Suppose, there is a way to find out someone’s evolution level and I happened to tell him that you are a predominantly Tamasic person. Then it will work like an excuse for this person. He will go on saying - "My astrologer says that I am Tamasic person. So, I will be engaged in Tamasic actions only. What can I do with this?"

Hence, it is better to not know of any evolution level of soul through chart because it will keep the option of further evolution open for person and responsibility to evolve will be back on person.

Hope this helps. Thanks, SPB

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  • A very honest and logical analysis. Thank you!

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