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Consciousness and Purpose of Astrology - II

Before reading this article, it is suggested to go through these articles - https://www.astrosaxena.com/limit, https://www.astrosaxena.com/DecodingAstrology and https://www.astrosaxena.com/selc.

During last one year or so, I have taken this view on Astrology that Planets/Houses/Sign and Nakshatras in Astrology only represent energy and person utilizes the energy as per his consciousness or evolution level. I have also tried to define that it depends on whether the person is at Rajasic Level or Tamasic Level or Sattvic Level. As per his level of evolution, he will be utilizing energy in similar activities respectively; i.e. Rajasic activity or Tamasic activity or Sattvic activity.

Now obviously, as mind is questions making factory, the natural question came into mind of people and they projected at me is that when anyways a person is going to act as per his consciousness level then why even learn astrology as person will only act as he wants to act? Then what is the purpose of learning astrology or any occult subject anyways?

Although, I already tried to respond to this question in the article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/DecodingAstrology but may be things were not clear. So, I will try again here and as always, I will try my best to be as descriptive as possible.

As this is going to be a huge article, I am splitting and posting it into three different portions. This is Part - II which is about ways to resolve the issues. Part - I is here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/CPA1 . 


Options Available – And at every point of time there are options available to the person. If I am having an issue or tussle with X person then I have all the options open in front of me. I can discuss the matter and sort out my differences or I can get into arguments or physical fights with the same person or I may even choose to walk my path and leave that person alone at his stage.

And I will end-up in doing what I focus on regularly. If I am focusing on fighting then after some days, I will end-up in fighting. If I am focusing on resolving issues then one day or the other, I will invite other person for a discussion and may try to understand his point of view. If I am focusing on leaving the matter altogether then I will just walk away from that person. Only thing is that this thought should be regular to create energy.

The thing Astrology or any other occult science does is that it makes you aware of all the options you have to deal with in a matter. It makes you aware of the Tamasic options you have and results of those options; the Rajasic options you have and results of those options; and the Satvic options you have and results of those options.

So, before you take any impulsive unconscious actions, it is always better to check what all options you are served on a platter by Universe along with its respective probable results, so that you can make the right conscious choice for yourself.

This is what is benefit of learning or following Astrology or any other occult science that at least you will come to know that at which level you are operating right now and what actions you need to operate at a higher level to utilize the consciousness and energy to achieve more meaningful goals. At least one shouldn’t be in situation to feel that I had taken a better decision in life if I had known about better options available for me.

This is also where I feel that an astrologer’s job is to tell the highest level (Satvic Level) of representation of any planet/house/sign/nakshatra, so that person should divert his consciousness towards the best possible thoughts or actions or results. Whether he does it or not is still his free will but again, he should not feel that nobody guided him properly else he would have done great things in this life.

So, all astrology or any other occult study is doing is to make you aware of better options in life, so that you can divert your consciousness towards those better options  which will help in creating energy and put actions in that area to get better results in life.

So, if we see closely then we will realize that still same equation is very much functioning; i.e.

Consciousness + Thoughts + Energy + Actions = Life Event, but this time for better results.

Ways to Evolve – As I said earlier in the article that we can divert Consciousness towards better or higher thoughts or activities only when we are at least at Higher Consciousness level. So, we need to evolve up to Higher Consciousness level to lead a better life. Before that, we may be living our lives and taking actions in a very unconscious and sleepy manner almost impulsively.

So, all we need to do is to find a way to evolve up to Higher Consciousness level and there are many ways to get there. All different types of Meditation, Yoga, Devotional Paths and Spiritual Pursuits are designed for this purpose only; i.e. to evolve up to Higher Consciousness level and then from there to Super Consciousness level.

Suppose someone here feels that I don’t have that much time to do all these things then also there are a few ways, although we all are aware that we always make time to do something we really want to do. Anyways, surrendering to a Guru is also a way because from that day onwards you are supposed to work as per the consciousness or guidance of your Guru. Hence, this is another way of evolving to a higher consciousness level.

Suppose someone here feels that it is too dangerous to surrender to a living person as Guru then you may surrender to a Guru who is no more in the body. If your devotion is 100% then even a Guru who is not in body can guide you but the condition is the same that you need to keep your own mind aside and work through his mind. So, if you listen or read some of your preaching of your Guru (either alive or dead) then don’t bring your own mind in between to interpret it. Just follow it as it is because you can only interpret at your own level not at higher consciousness level of your Guru. This is why, Guru should be the person who is beyond your understanding or comprehension. Then only your Guru can make you evolve and move towards higher consciousness.

So, there are 1000s of ways to evolve if someone wants to evolve. Likewise, there are 1000s of excuses to make if someone wants to live in his own comfort zone and doesn’t want to evolve.

As I said, Human Consciousness is absolutely fluid, liquid and flowing. All options are available for a human. It is always our choice as to what actions we want to take. If we are diverting our consciousness in better pursuits and focusing there then there is no reason why we should say that “we had no other option to do anything else other than killing another human”. It is our biggest freedom and right that we can choose our thoughts and actions.

These are a few more ways to become more conscious (suggested by my friend Ms Gurleen K):

  • witnessing your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, without any reaction
  • acceptance and non-judgement towards our experience of life. If we do not accept and we judge our experience, we become egotistical. We go against the natural flow or in other words, we are not surrendered in existence. This is not to say that you do not take correct action when needed in situations, just recognize that you can change situations but you must fully accept them first
  • follow your intuition or that inner voice which guides you towards a purity in your consciousness. Keep following that and you will either gradually change your consciousness, or have sudden shifts towards higher consciousness
  • practice being in the moment, once a day, then twice a day, and gradually you will find it more natural to be in the moment with existence
  • recognize it’s okay to have shifts towards and backwards in conscious experiences, so take breaks sometimes and then come back again into your practice and this time, with more grace and purity
  • let go of suppressed and repressed emotions which guide us unconsciously. Start by working on what you see on your psyche’s surface; such as pet peeves, or small triggers for you that anger you, etc. Witness the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that accompany these things which are hard to let go or which create unrest in you. Be patient, accppting, and loving in your process of letting go. You may also be disciplined in a certain way, such as by doing dynamic meditation alongside to release these tensions from your mind, body, and spirit. 

End of Part - II. To be continued.....

Hope this helps. Thanks, 

Ms Gurleen K

Swami Premanand Bharti 

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