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Limitations of Astrological Predictions

So, this thought was developing inside me from last many months and today I am trying to reduce it in writing, as much as possible. I tried to have some conversations with my friends on this and I am thankful for their inputs on this topic.

The main question is what are the limitations of astrological or any occult science prediction? Can we say that whatever we get as predictions is destiny and it is bound to happen? Or there are limitations of these predictions and we can see some other results in actual life? If yes, then what are the points which create such differences? We all know that majority of astrologers love to boast that their predictions are always perfect, and we can understand that it is necessary for them to run their business, but what are the factors which make the difference between predictions made and actual events happened? So, let’s try to understand this complex concept which can have many viewpoints on following points (as always I will be utilizing lots of Osho Wisdom to explain these points) –


What is the need for predictions?

Can we say that predictions are destiny?

Various Representations.

Soul Evolution.

Soul Evolution of other people.

Hereditary Vs Environment.

Masculine Vs Feminine.

Decisive Factor.



Let’s cover all points one after the other –

What is the need for predictions? – First of all, what is even need of going to an astrologer and seeking a prediction? It is because life on Earth is inconsistent or unstable. Except humans, no other animal is seeking stability in life. That’s why, a human being wants to have a glimpse of future to plan his life accordingly, so that he can avoid changes or hiccups in his future life. So, that he can just sail through his life smoothly. That’s why, he seeks prediction of a future event.

Can we say that predictions are destiny? – But can we say that whatever an astrologer has predicted is destined to happen? Or can we even say that planetary positions in our chart is our destiny? Even if best astrologer in world makes a prediction, can we say that we are bound by it and it is destined to happen? Osho brings an interesting perspective here by asking, if life of Buddha was destined as per his chart and his planetary placements then where is the contribution of Gautama Siddhartha? As per astrology, Gautama Siddhartha was destined to be enlightened and become a Buddha. So, Gautama Sidhhartha just played his role.

I guess I am able to convey my point here. I am trying to say that if planetary placements are destined to bring results then we are undermining the value of human consciousness and conscious efforts.

Various Representations – And why we can’t say that astrological predictions or planetary positions are destined? It is because of various representations every house/sign/planet/nakshatra has. One house represents truckload of things. Let’s take example of 12th house. 12th house represents expenses/losses, foreign lands/companies/people, bed pleasures, intoxication, spirituality, imagination, creativity, hidden/occult matters, research and sub-conscious mind etc. Now, this “etc” still holds truckload of other representations of 12th house. These representations are broadly divided in 3 levels. These are body, mind and soul level representations. Body is the lowest level of representation, Mind is the middle level of representation and Soul is the highest level of representation.

Now, if someone is going through 12th house dasha, for ex. Jupiter MD and Jupiter rules 12th house/Pisces and Jupiter is exalted in 4th house/Cancer. Now, even with this kind of planetary placement, can we say that person will be seeking higher spiritual values in life during Jupiter MD? I guess not because I know a person who has this placement/dasha and he is all into drinking and living a life of escapism. So, he is still dealing with 12th house energy but of a lower level.

And from here, we get our 1st reason behind the difference from predicted results to actual results and limitations of astrological predictions, i.e. Soul Evolution.

Soul Evolution – I don’t think that any astrologer in world can say about the person’s evolution level by looking at his chart. I mean to say that it is almost impossible to look at chart of a person and then predict that this person is going to utilize the planetary positions for body level of representation or mind level of representation or soul level of representation etc. Only exception is when astrologer himself is at the highest level of evolution. I think that is the only situation when such things can be predicted but then in that case, they don’t even need your chart. Such an evolved person can say so by looking at your face. For example, before enlightenment, Osho was recognized by 3 Sages of that time. It means that these 3 Sages (Magga Baba, Paggal Baba and Masto Baba) saw the child Osho and realized that this child is going to be enlightened in current life. It is because they themselves were enlightened.

So, the 1st reason behind the difference from predicted results to actual results and limitations of astrological predictions is evolution level of person. As per his evolution level, he will utilize the energy of planets. I may predict things as per my evolution level but person will work on his chart as per his evolution level.

Soul Evolution of other people – Then soul evolution of other people around the person are also important who are providing the environment to person which can either be supportive or destructive, which can either make or break the person. Let’s understand through following examples –

Sachin Tendulkar – We all can be sure of the fact that on the date/time Sachin Tendulkar was born at Mumbai, a few more kids would have been born at the same date/time. But they all didn’t become Sachin Tendulkar. It is because they didn’t get supportive environment for their best growth. Or we can also say that people who were responsible for providing supportive environment were not evolved themselves. Hence, the difference took place.

Osho’s Birth – And we can understand this concept through the story of Osho birth as told by him only in one of the preaching where he said that he waited for about 700 years to take birth for this life as his soul wanted to take birth to parents who are equally evolved. We can understand this from one of his life story where his father had slapped him for one of his many childhood mischief and child Osho replied – “You can hit me because I am weak and completely dependent upon you for my survival but only result will be that you will lose your respectful place in my eyes as you are hitting a weak child”. The result of this one statement was that his father never ever raised his hand over any child of his in future. This shows that even Osho’s parents were as evolved as Osho was and his soul waited for right parents to conceive him.

So, not only soul evolution of person is important for realizing his full potential but soul evolution of other people around him is also important who are going to provide the supportive environment for a person to utilize his full potential and get the best results out of his planetary positions, else the results achieved can turn out to be mediocre or minimum.

But then someone can say that Gautama Siddhartha, Osho or Sachin Tendulkar are evolved souls, hence they could utilize their consciousness to achieve the highest results. Other people are not that evolved or conscious, what can they do?

Well, evolution or consciousness is a process which can begin at any time. We can decide to live a more conscious life even after reading these life stories which will help in our soul evolution not only in this life but for lives to come in future. So, starting the process is always in our hands.

Hereditary Vs Environment – Then we can take this discussion to another level by including the concept of Hereditary Vs Environment for all our actions. This remains an important part of Psychological Studies that whatever good/bad actions we are taking in our life, is due to our innate nature or due to surrounding environment. And it won’t be wrong to suggest that both have their contribution in end result. Let’s understand it through few examples –

Shri Raj Kapoor – There are two movies of Shri Raj Kapoor with exactly opposite theme. One is legendary movie Awara where child of a Judge spends his life in a slum and becomes a Vagabond. Another movie was Dharam Karam where child of a Musician spends his life in a slum and becomes a Vagabond but keeps the interest of Music. So, the message in 1st movie was that you are impacted by your environment whereas the message of 2nd movie was that although you are impacted by your environment but your blood/genes will show its impact in some area of life.

Helen Keller – As we know that she was born with almost every possible ailment but still she became inspiration for generations to come because she got environment and support of her parents and Teacher Anne Sullivan.

Dr B R Ambedkar – As we know that he was born in a community which didn’t used to get any social support but fortunately, he got some and ended up in writing Indian Constitution.

Timothy McVeigh – A troubled aggressive child who had innate aggressive nature and that nature was further supported when his grandfather gifted him a real gun on his birthday. He ended up in becoming a terrorist.

So, we can see that in every case there was an innate positive/negative abilities in person which got further support from environment. So, we can say that our actions are mix of both. We can also say that a child’s innate ability may not be in our hands but providing the best environment is still in our hands. If a child is aggressive by nature then we can redirect his energy in sports or yoga rather than in gifting him guns. We all know what is going on in our news channel debates these days. So, if you are letting your child see such shouting and screaming everyday then don’t be surprised if one day he shouts at you. On that day, don’t forget that you only provided this environment.

So, environment is one important reason behind the difference from predicted results to actual results and limitations of astrological predictions.

Masculine Vs Feminine – Then one more important reason is difference in the ways masculine and feminine energy exhibits itself. Here, it should not be misunderstood as Male Vs Female Gender. A woman can be masculine and a Man can be feminine. Now, masculine energy is known to be assertive and feminine energy is known to be receptive. So, the same chart with same planetary placements can give totally different results to a person who is feminine Vs a person who is masculine. A Mars debilitated feminine person may just think about being aggressive but may not be able to be actually aggressive as it is against the basic receptive feminine nature but same Mars debilitated masculine person would be able to assert his aggressiveness.

Best example I can give here is that although Osho responded to 1000s of questions in his life and I don’t know if anyone asked him this or not but if I had any opportunity to ask him any question then I would have asked – “If he had lived the same life had he been born as a girl”?

I am 100% sure that lots of things would have got changed with the change of gender because with change of gender lots of social conditions change for a person, especially in Indian Subcontinent.

Hence, this is also one of the reason behind the difference from predicted results to actual results and limitations of astrological predictions. Predictions for similar charts can’t be similar for masculine and feminine person.

Decisive Factor – Decisive Factor which makes difference from predicted results to actual results and limitations of astrological predictions is always the awareness and level of consciousness. That decides where you are going to give energy. Like, I said earlier in Fate Vs Free Will (https://www.astrosaxena.in/astrology/info/1281/fate-vs-free-will--revisited ) article that free will exists only in the initial stages when a thought enters in your mind. It is our free will whether we want to give that thought energy or not but once we start giving the energy, that energy overtakes us. So, this is the main decisive factor in making the difference from predicted results to actual results and limitations of astrological predictions that where you are putting your energy in. Are you putting your energy like Helen Keller or like Timothy McVeigh? That’s why, all spiritual people say to us that we should at least keep our thoughts positive. That much is in our hands. Same Mars-Jupiter energy exchange can make someone a Yoga or Meditation teacher and same Mars-Jupiter energy exchange can make someone a fundamentalist. It all depends on where you are giving your energy and attention. Needless to say that all other reasons discussed above will be the reasons behind directing our energy in a particular direction.

Conclusion – Finally, let me finish with Osho only. In Geeta Darshan, Osho says that human being is just a possibility. He can go either ways. With animals, there is no other possibility. A Dog can only be a Dog. But human being can either go backwards and behave like animal or he can advance in evolution and can become God. In Mahabharat, Arjun is representation of Man, Duryodhan is representation of Animal and Krishna is representation of God. Arjun is indecisive because he has both the options. He can become Animal and He can also become God.

Likewise, every human being is a possibility. He can go either ways. It all depends on where that person is giving his masculine/feminine energy as per his soul evolution, environment, awareness and priorities in life. 

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.


Swami Premanand Bharti



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