Consciousness and Purpose of Astrology - I

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During last one year or so, I have taken this view on Astrology that Planets/Houses/Sign and Nakshatras in Astrology only represent energy and person utilizes the energy as per his consciousness or evolution level. I have also tried to define that it depends on whether the person is at Rajasic Level or Tamasic Level or Sattvic Level. As per his level of evolution, he will be utilizing energy in similar activities respectively; i.e. Rajasic activity or Tamasic activity or Sattvic activity.

Now obviously, as mind is questions making factory, the natural question came into mind of people and they projected at me is that when anyways a person is going to act as per his consciousness level then why even learn astrology as person will only act as he wants to act? Then what is the purpose of learning astrology or any occult subject anyways?

Although, I already tried to respond to this question in the article - but may be things were not clear. So, I will try again here and as always, I will try my best to be as descriptive as possible.

As this is going to be a huge article, I am splitting and posting it into three different portions. This is first portion which is more about the main issue or problem we have in hands. 


Let’s cover this topic on following points –

What is Consciousness?

Different Levels of Consciousness.

How Consciousness gets Covered?

Normal Functioning of Covered Consciousness.

How any event happens?

Options Available.

Ways to Evolve.

Blame Game.




Let’s cover all points one after the other –

What is Consciousness? – It is Consciousness which incarnates itself as Stone/Rock, River, Plant, Animal or Human beings etc. Most commonly used word for Consciousness is Soul. Awareness or Alertness is also good replacements. The concept of God is also nothing but this Consciousness. People may be surprised here that I am saying that even Stone/Rocks are incarnation of Consciousness but please let me explain how!

You might have seen many a times a small plant coming out from middle of road or even from middle of a rock which “looks like” the most dead thing in the world. But just think that if this rock is allowing a life from within itself to grow then won’t that rock will also have life in it? Can’t we see compassion of Rock towards this small herb that Rock is allowing the herb to break the Rock itself to live and grow? In case, people don’t want to have this philosophical approach towards Rocks then they can search for “Sailing Stones” or “Moving Rocks” to realize that there can be Rocks which are moving in consciousness towards Plant or Animal Kingdom. So, Consciousness is flowing ahead. Likewise, you can find species of plants or trees which change their position from one place to another place over a time period of years or decades. We can say that these plants or trees are amidst transition from Plants Kingdom to Animal Kingdom. Same Consciousness is now moving from Plant to Animal. Then we all are well aware of Charles Darwin Theory that Man has evolved from Monkeys. No matter how much it had hurt Religions and concepts given by Religions that Man is Son of God but as the time progressed, we had to accept the validity of Darwinian Theory. So again, same Consciousness moved from Animal Kingdom to Mankind.

So, we can say that Consciousness is the basic essence of life which makes you feel alive and through it we are able to experience the existence around us. Understand it like this, even a dead body can have eyes but it cannot see. The ability to see comes from consciousness. Likewise for all our sense organs. The basic life force or essence of life within us which makes us conscious/aware/alert of life and living, is Consciousness and everyone is born with it.

I hope I could explain it well enough for our understanding and purpose of this article.

Different Levels of Consciousness – Now, this consciousness can be at different levels for different people/plants/animals or rocks etc. We can divide it in following categories for our understanding purposes as human mind can understand anything by making parts and divisions –

a. Unconscious – We can keep Rocks or Stones or Mountains or Rivers in this category. They are unconscious of their own existence.

b. Semi-Conscious – We can keep Plants and Trees in this category. They are moving towards Animal Kingdom as they are in middle of Unconscious and Conscious, they can be called Semi-Conscious.

c. Conscious – Animals are Conscious of their existence. They are closest to Humans in this hierarchy.

d. Higher Conscious – Humans can either be at the stage of Conscious or Higher Conscious.  If a Human Being is only aware of his own existence then he is at conscious state. He is no better than animal as he performs only those activities which an animal performs for basic survival of existence.

But if a human being can be aware of his actions or his emotions and can take prudent decision as to what to do and what to avoid then he is at Higher Consciousness.

Few examples to understand this difference would be helpful.

A person who is a criminal and for his egoistic desires can commit any crime then he is no better than an Animal. May be he has just arrived in human kingdom from animal kingdom and that’s why; he is living life on same animalistic traits.

If a person can realize his mistakes, wrong actions and can improve upon himself then he is moving towards higher consciousness. So, when a human being becomes observant of his own emotions/actions/thoughts then we can say that he is at higher consciousness. This ability of observing self is not available at any of earlier level of consciousness. So again, if a Man cannot observe his own emotions/actions/thoughts and cannot make better choices regarding those emotions/actions/thoughts then he is still living an animalistic life.

This also means that to divert or guide your consciousness towards a particular emotion, you need to have at least Higher Consciousness. At Conscious Stage, you can’t be aware of your emotions/thoughts and actions if they are right or wrong. As we go forward in this article, we will realize how much it is necessary to be at Higher Consciousness level; i.e. to be able to observe our emotions/thoughts, so that we can divert consciousness in right direction at right time.


e. Super Consciousness – Then comes the highest state of Super Consciousness where a person can be in the state of Higher Consciousness permanently. So, difference between a person of higher consciousness and person of super consciousness is that person of higher consciousness comes to and goes off from the state of higher consciousness again and again. He comes into state of higher consciousness for few minutes and starts observing his emotions, thoughts and actions but again goes back into Conscious State of other humans and animals. Then after some time, he may again remember that he has lost the observant or witnessing state and he may again try to get there. So, a person of higher consciousness may have to make efforts to stay in higher consciousness again & again and despite those efforts he may lose the plot again & again. Whereas a person of super consciousness state is permanently settled in that higher consciousness state and that too without any effort. It is natural state of his consciousness. We can say that person of Super Conscious state is God or an Enlightened Being. Nothing wrong can happen from that state of super consciousness.

Now, if we pay attention here then we will realize that only human beings have ability to evolve from Consciousness to Higher Consciousness to Super Consciousness. A plant can only be a Plant in this life. A Dog can only be a Dog in this life. But a Human can either go towards animalistic behavior or he can move towards Super Consciousness. This is the privilege given to Human Consciousness. Human Consciousness is absolutely fluid, liquid and flowing. All options are available for a human. It is a Man’s choice whether he wants to become Gautam Buddha or Adolf Hitler. That's why; the whole responsibility is also with Man only. He can go in any direction he wants to go. All doors are open for Human Consciousness. This is privilege and curses both.

I think stage is set now to what I actually want to convey through this article.


How Consciousness gets covered? – When a child takes birth, he takes birth with Pure Consciousness. This is why every child is so happy always. They haven’t achieved anything in this life so far, they haven’t got any promotion or won any election or became PM/President and still they are super happy 24x7. But the drawback with a child’s pure consciousness is that it is equally feeble as child is not aware of it. Now, the families, societies, schools or colleges start giving some ideas or thoughts to the child. These ideas or thoughts are very necessary for functioning of society but the same has no interest in child’s spiritual growth. So, these thoughts, ideas and concepts start covering his pure consciousness. These false ideas of Ego, Position, Authority, Religion, Caste, Nations etc. cover pure consciousness to such a level that we are unable to believe that pure consciousness even exists. We start living in these ideas and thoughts and we start believing that getting next promotion is matter of life and death or if that girl doesn’t say yes for marriage then it is a matter of insult for me. This is where Pure Consciousness is totally covered.

But although it is covered, it is never absent. We may become oblivious from it but it is always there standing behind all our thoughts and ideas. We just need to dis-cover it to re-cover it.


Normal Functioning of Covered Consciousness – Now, as consciousness is covered with emotions, thoughts and concepts, we start using our consciousness in almost an unknowing manner to achieve the goals given by society. We can say that we are unconscious of our consciousness. Not even thinking if these goals are even necessary for our evolution or we are chasing them just to please people around us or to have good image in society; i.e. it is just an ego trip. And this is how we start getting involved towards something –

Consciousness + Emotions/Thoughts + Energy + Actions = Life Event.

How any event happens? – This is how any event happens in life. It is when we start focusing our consciousness towards a particular thought and it starts pushing us to put some energy or actions towards it and that event happens in life; either good or bad.

Whenever you get inclined towards something in life, first of all you divert your consciousness towards that thought that I want to achieve this thing or create/destroy this thing. When you continuously think about it, this consciousness + thought scenario creates an environment where it pushes you to put your energy and actions towards those things. Now, if you apply your consciousness towards a particular thought over a long enough time then it will create that much energy one day that it will overpower even you and you won’t be able to stop the event from happening; again either good or bad.

Few examples –

I am in this profession now for 7 years and I have been seriously pursuing astrology for 10 years now. Now, I have given so much attention, energy or thought to this field of work that even if I want to stop myself from working as an astrologer, I won’t be able to do it, until and unless I completely exhaust my energy towards astrology or I find a new path which is equally inspiring or motivating to me. Even if I close my sites/pages/channels, at least my friends, acquaintances and relatives will continue to ask me questions on astrology. So, energy has overpowered me now but it is the result of me diverting my consciousness towards this work and continuously giving energy towards it.

This is a good use of Consciousness + Emotions/Thoughts + Energy + Actions = Life Event.

Now, some other type of example –

Mark David Chapman said in an interview ( after 8 years of killing John Lennon that he tried his best not to kill John Lennon that fateful night but he couldn’t stop himself from eventually killing and actually deep down he knew that he would end-up in killing John Lennon.

Well, this is not the result of that one day. Mark David Chapman had spent months in thinking about killing John Lennon and preparing for it. So, he unknowingly diverted his consciousness towards this insane action and given good enough energy for months altogether to manifest this event. Now, on the final day, energy will overpower the person and despite his best efforts, as alleged, he ended-up in killing John Lennon.

Chris Watts ( annihilated his whole family when he killed his pregnant wife and two daughters to be with his new girlfriend. In a later interview, Chris Watts says that when that moment came of killing his wife and daughters, he thought that it was destined to be that day and he couldn’t have done anything else on that fateful day.

Well again, it is not the result of that one day. Chris was planning for the same thing from last 5 weeks, at least since the time he started his affair. So, he diverted his consciousness towards killing his family and given continuous thought over 5 weeks. Then the energy over-powered him on that particular day.

A similar example I shared here in this article on Fate Vs Free Will -

So, we can see from all these examples that this equation is very much functioning; i.e.

Consciousness + Emotions/Thoughts + Energy + Actions = Life Event.

At very mundane level, we can say that even this article is result of the same equation that I have diverted my consciousness over writing this article and thought about it from many days and today energy created is making me take action to write it.

End of Part - 1. To be continued........

Hope this helps. Thanks, 

Swami Premanand Bharti


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