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Fate Vs Free Will - Revisited.

Something different today -

1. Initially I had a view that there is nothing like Free Will and everything in life is destined. This is when I wrote this article on this subject - https://www.astrosaxena.in/…/fate-vs-free-will--souls-evolu… and gave my views on Free Will Vs Fate.

2. But then after some more research and introspection, I was ready to change my views and I wrote this article - https://www.astrosaxena.in/…/info/473/views-on-fate-vs-free… where I said that Free Will works but in a very limited sphere. Those who know me from long time would know that I have no issue in changing my views or being inconsistent with my earlier views if some new facts come to knowledge and someone presents new facts with logic. I am fine with contradicting myself in such situations. As Osho said, "Only dead people are consistent. An alive being is bound to be inconsistent".

3. As per the 2nd article, Free Will functions for a limited time period when a Thought initially comes into our mind. When I initially get a thought or an idea to do or not to do something, at that moment only the Free Will exists. I can utilize my free will there and either I can start giving energy & attention to that idea or I can also utilize my free will to simply move my focus to the next idea. This is the only limited sphere under which Free Will functions.

4. But once we start giving energy & attention to some thought or idea then after some time this energy overpowers us or our free will and after that there is no free will, only fate/destiny to experience.

5. And we can see this theory taking place in experience through sad demise of George Floyd at Minneapolis, Minnesota in the month of May, 2020.

6. Now, just think logically and use common sense -

  • A person is weapon-less, police has hand-cuffed him.
  • He is on ground face-down.
  • There were 4-5 police officers surrounding him.

I mean to say that by no means this person could have run-away or could have harmed those police officers or public present there.

Then what was the need for a police officer to kneel over George Floyd's neck and put the whole weight of his body on that person's neck.

I am sure that if that police officer reflects back today then even he would realize that there was no need to do what he did? He may even wonder why he did so?

But this is what happens when we give too much of attention or energy to any idea. That energy overpowers us and we get carried away in that energy. We can reflect back at our moments of anger or sadness or depression or even when we are overjoyed. Whenever we gave too much energy or attention to a thought or an idea, that energy resulted in some negative actions from our side.

Hence, it is necessary that we should be mindful of our thoughts, as only those thoughts are going to become things or events, and careful of the fact that where we are giving attention and energy. This is the only moment where Free Will is working. After this moment, everything is destined, either ways.

Here, I am reminded of a beautiful story from Mahabharat which can be helpful for us to understand how we can be mindful every moment -

"This was the time when Mahabharat War was about to begin and Dhritrashtra was frustrated that he is unable to prevent the war from happening, moreover everyone is blaming him for current situation. Under this mental state, he was anxiously waiting for Vidur to come and give some suggestions, so that he can get some way out of the approaching war. The highly ethical and moral Vidur arrives and their discussion went like this -

Dhritrashtra - Vidur, good that you have come. I was waiting for you only. Please take your seat, I want to talk something very urgent.

Vidur - King, 1st you take the seat.

Dhritrashtra - Oh God, in these moments also you have your rules to follow. How does it matter if you sit 1st or I sit 1st and overall, who is here in this room besides me to see if you have taken seat before me? and I am also blind.

Vidur - Besides you, I am also here to see who has taken the seat 1st".

Article on Mindfulness can also help - https://www.astrosaxena.in/…/mindful-meditation--mind-matte… .

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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