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As many of you may be aware that I conduct Astrology Classes (https://www.astrosaxena.com/Astro-Ayurveda) every Sunday from last 3 years along with MiraOm Holistic School (https://miraom.com/). In current batches, recently we started discussion on Nakshatras. This Sunday (10th Sep), we had a discussion on Pushya Nakshatra.


Then on Monday (11th Sep), suddenly a song from Hindi Movie Sangam (1964) came as Suggested Video for me at YouTube. As I was listening to the song, it hit me that story of Sangam Movie is actually the mythological story of Pushya Nakshatra which we were discussing last evening. I told the same to one of my friend/student and we started discussing things about the movie. Final result is this article as we found too many aligning factor between the Movie, its timing and Pushya Nakshatra.


So, let’s understand this on following points –


Mythological Story of Pushya Nakshatra - Brihaspati was great Guru of Gods. He had a wife named Tara. Tara was most beautiful celestial lady of her time but Brihaspati was always busy with his religious/spiritual pursuits and never gave any attention to Tara. Moon is best friend of Jupiter and used to visit his home. With time, Moon spells his magic over Tara and she ran away with Moon. Brihaspati felt cheated and went to all Gods to request & convince Tara to come back to him. God requested Tara and said that this act of infidelity is not good for her. Tara agreed to come back but by that time, she was already pregnant with Moon's child. The child born was Mercury. Now, although Mercury was not Brihaspati's own child but still Brihaspati accepted him as his son and took care of him & nourished him. Brihaspati was of the view that child has nothing to do with all of this and if at all it is a mistake, then it is a mistake of 3 of us. So, child should not suffer. This is the nature of Pushya; i.e. taking care of others selflessly.

This story is also the reason behind friendship/enmity of Mercury-Moon and Mercury-Jupiter as Mercury felt that because of mistake of Moon and Jupiter both, he got this life of ridicule as everyone treats him as an illegitimate child.


In a separate article, I tried to give my own interpretation of this metaphor - https://www.astrosaxena.com/UTM.  

Story of Sangam Movie (1964) – Now, if we look at the story of Sangam Movie (1964) then we may find some striking similarities. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the story of Sangam Movie was actually adopted from Pushya Nakshatra story. In the movie too, there were two best friends Gopal and Sundar. They both were in love with the same girl Radha. As Sundar was more assertive than Gopal, he eventually gets married to Radha. Then as Sundar was a Defense Officer, he was sent on a duty/service to be performed in times of conflicts. After that, no information of Sundar was received by anyone and it was “presumed” after due search/investigation that Sundar martyred himself in war. After some time of Sundar presumed death, Gopal and Radha got into relation with each other but eventually Sundar returns to find out their relation during his absence and feels betrayed by his best friend and his wife.

We can see the striking similarities in the story of Pushya Nakshatra and Sangam movie, which prompted me to research more.

Although, this movie was released in 1964 but story was written in 1947 and it got delayed as Raj Kapoor ji didn’t get right team for it. Finally, film production started in 1962. So, these years also become important here.


Now, let’s see who the main stakeholders of this movie were –

Raj Kapoor ji (https://www.astrosaxena.com/RK) – As little as I know about Raj Kapoor ji, I won’t be surprised if he took the inspiration solely from Pushya Nakshatra story. I am saying this as he did same for other movies too. For example, if we pay attention then starting portion of Awara Movie (1951) is taken from Uttar Ramayana. But there are other connections to study here.

As we can understand that Raj Kapoor ji was Producer-Director of Sangam, so his chart is most important here. And guess where his Moon is placed!!! Moon is in 1st house/Cancer/Pushya. It also means that his dashas were decided by this Moon in Pushya. In 1947, Raj Kapoor ji was in Mercury-Moon dasha and in 1962, he was under Ketu-Saturn dasha. Both dashas activating Pushya Nakshatra as Moon sits in Pushya and Saturn rules it.


So, we can see that Pushya was heavily involved with Raj Kapoor ji’s chart and dashas.


Horoscopes of Rajendra Kumar ji and Vaijayanthi Mala ji are not available online with accurate time of birth or I should say I couldn’t find their charts but if we take their date of birth also, we can see that Rajendra Kumar ji had Sun in Pushya Nakshatra and Vaijayanthi Mala ji had Mercury in Pushya Nakshatra.

These are amazing indications that how much Pushya Nakshatra was involved with this movie.


Transits in 1947 and 1962 – Then I also tried to check the transits of the year 1947 and 1962; two years most significant for this movie. In 1947, the story was written and in 1962, Movie Production started.

a. In 1947, Saturn was transiting through Pushya and Ketu was aspecting from Scorpio. As Saturn and Ketu take a long time, almost an year, to go through one nakshatra, we can say that Saturn-Ketu impacted Pushya Nakshatra for major part of 1947 and other planets of shorter duration transits (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Moon) would also have gone through Pushya during the year.

b. In 1962, Rahu was transiting in Pushya Nakshatra for major part of year and Saturn was aspecting Rahu from Capricorn. Other planets of shorter duration transits (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Moon) would also have gone through Pushya during the year.


So, we can see that in both these years, planets with bigger transits were impacting Pushya. It is interesting that in 1947, Saturn-Ketu were impacting Pushya and movie could not even start after writing the story, as they both together can limit the results to minimum. Then in 1962, Rahu was in Pushya and there were new beginnings in this matter.


Another interesting thing is that I might have studied and taught Pushya Nakshatra many times and listened to Sangam movie songs 100s of times but this realization came at this moment when I am going through Jupiter- Moon dasha. Moon rules Cancer and Jupiter is deity of Pushya Nakshatra. I also have Jupiter in Pushya in birth chart.

Even more interesting that the friend/student with whom I shared the connection between Pushya Nakshatra and Sangam Movie is under Moon-Jupiter dasha.


Now, all of this leads me to a bigger discussion or question as to if we are living in a Happening Universe or Doing Universe?


Happening Vs Doing? - Sometimes it scares to see things so much aligned because then the questions comes as to if we are doing anything or everything is just happening around us and we are having our own ego satisfaction in feeling that we did something in this existence.

If movie’s story is also decided by Nakshatra and movement of planets in a particular Nakshatra then are we actually doing anything in this existence?

This question comes into mind because this is not the only incident where astrology is ruling over us with such authority. Even in my case, I wrote very much Ketu in Scorpio type articles (Maraka Dasha Series - https://www.astrosaxena.com/MarakaDashaSeries and Karmic Connection Series - https://www.astrosaxena.com/KarmicConnectionSeries) when Ketu was transiting Scorpio and I wrote very much Jupiter in Pisces type articles (Spiritual Musings - https://www.astrosaxena.com/SpiritualMusings) when Jupiter was transiting Pisces last year.

So, the question can be that did I write those articles or I worked as a tool and those articles were written through me?


This is where we enter in a very narrow lane of discussion where if I am not careful with words then it can give wrong meaning to wrong people.


As I said many times in recent times through my articles of Spiritual Musings (https://www.astrosaxena.com/SpiritualMusings) , we can operate at two levels broadly.


a. One level is Mind Level and then Mind is functioning through Gunas. This is where 99.99% of us are operating.

b. Another level is Consciousness Level which is just a little step-back from Mind.


So, if someone is functioning or operating at Consciousness Level, everything is Happening in this Universe for him. Every event is taking place on its own and no-one is doing anything.


But if someone is functioning or operating at Mind Level  and governed by Gunas then his Mind will convince him that everything is result of his Doing. His Mind will say that every event is taking place because of some actions done by or not done by him or others. Pay attention to this thing that I am saying that “his Mind will convince him”……. It means that things or events are still only happening in a natural way on their own, like in first case, but here Mind is able to spread this illusion that we are taking action which is making events take place.


Again, please pay attention that things are still happening on their own but Mind convinces the person with illusion of doer. So, if we see it rightly then our idea of Doer or Karma is just an illusion created by mind.  

I know that this is the most ego-crushing statement to accept for human mind that things are happening on their own and no one is doing anything but just take a moment and think on the following –

a. If a person is doer and events are result of his actions then we all wanted to do many things in our lives. Why those events didn’t take place? If everything depends on my actions then I should be able to do whatever I wish to do but we all know that there are moments in life where we need help of others even to turn our sides, no matter how much we wish and try?

b. If a person is doer and events are result of his actions then we all wanted many things not to happen in our lives but they did take place. How those events took place? If everything depends on my actions then I should be able to stop them from taking place but things don’t go as per our wishes and actions.


Hence, I am saying that things are still happening but Mind convinces the person with illusion of doer. It just happens sometimes that our desire is aligned with existential desire. Hence, that particular event takes place and Mind spreads the illusion that I DID IT.


For understanding purposes, I can bring the example of my work as an Astrologer and especially the Website www.astrosaxena.com. Those who are seeing me as an Astrologer from Oct, 2014 would know that initially, I used to post things only on Facebook Page. Then one of my friends advised me to have a website. So, first thing is that even having a website was not in my plans. Then when website started in Jan, 2015, my initial plan was to write about 100 articles at max; i.e. just the basic articles on Planets, Houses and Signs. I never imagined that I will end-up in continuously writing and end-up in writing over 1500 articles.

Today, when I look at website then many a times I ask myself that did I write all these articles? It can’t be so as I never had any such plans. It seems that energy exhibited through me by way of these articles. I also thought about the same thing in a different way that if someone asks me to write and post all these articles all over again on a new website then would I accept doing it?, not at all. I feel exhausted now. That’s why; I write very less now or I should say that existence utilizes me very less now.

So, can I really say that I wrote all these articles or they just manifested through me? Even this article I look like writing; is it not getting manifested through me as per existential desire?


It will be a great illusion from my side to believe that I am the doer here as all that manifested through me was never even in my plans. This is also the whole reason behind incurring Karma; i.e. our whole illusion that I am the Doer and I did something in this existence. This creates the idea of doer and then feeling of guilt and disappointment automatically comes and eventually the desire that in next life, I want to do better things or take better actions. And then we continue to roam around from one live to another. Even the desire that I want to attain Moksha and Liberation is enough to bring another life as it is also a desire to do something more as a doer. As I say that real Moksha is when you will get rid of the desire of Moksha too!!! The real Liberation is when you get liberated from the desire of Liberation too.


Now, why I said that I should be very careful with my words here? Because it is so easy for a person who is operating at Mind Level as a Doer to have this illusion that he is operating at Consciousness Level. This is where it becomes dangerous because person keeps on pursuing his desires and when the results come in front of him then he says that things just happened like that, I am not doer and God did this.


Understand that for a person at Consciousness Level there will be no desire to pursue. Even if Jesus gets crucified, He will say “Let Thy will be done”. Even if a Fakir doesn’t get anything to eat in whole day, He will Thank God for giving him opportunity to observe fast.


So, this is the point of segregation between the two. As long as I have any desire and I want to DO something to achieve that desire, I must accept myself as Doer and take full responsibilities of my actions. Through this only, one day my Ego can exhaust and I may be able to reach the Consciousness State. It should not happen that I act as a Doer at the time of desires but when results go out of my hands then I say that God is the Doer. At least I should be honest at that time and accept my full responsibility.


Quality of Actions – And where does it make a difference in end result to know that you are operating through mind or operating through consciousness? The difference comes into the quality of actions. If I am operating through mind, my quality of actions will be at a lower level, and if I am operating through consciousness then my quality of actions will be at a very high level.


Best way we can understand it is through Mahabharat and presence of Duryodhan, Arjun and Krishna there. Duryodhan is totally unconscious; hence his actions are totally animalistic. Krishna is fully conscious; hence even when He went in the battlefield, He went with the vow of not lifting weapons. Arjun is Semi-Conscious; hence Arjun is representation of confused human mind.

Actually, this can be the best example of a person who is at consciousness level and others at mind level.

Krishna is at Consciousness level. He knows that everything is happening on its own. So, even if He doesn’t raise any weapon or kill anyone, if War is supposed to happen then it will happen through others who are unconscious. He needs not to involve Himself in any way. And if War is not supposed to happen then it will not happen. Then also his involvement or non-involvement won’t change anything. This is what He says to Arjun in Bhagvad Geeta that just because you won’t fight this war, doesn’t mean that it won’t take place. There are many other warriors present here who are not having any doubt about war which you have right now.

There is another way we can understand this situation of Krishna going unarmed in battlefield. Krishna KNOWS that there is nothing like Death. He knows none ever dies and things or people only transform from one form to another. So, if none is going to be killed and none is going to kill then why to even carry this weight of weapons with Himself in battleground? The whole effort of taking weapons along with Himself looks futile or absurd to Him as He knows that none ever gets killed or died.

We take efforts in only those matters where we think we can do or achieve anything. I will try to learn driving a Car only when I feel that I can drive a Car. When Krishna knows that He cannot kill anyone by any means then why to carry the weight of weapons unnecessarily?

But Arjun and Duryodhan are operating at a completely different level. They feel that they can kill someone or can be killed by someone in battle. Hence, it looks very logical for them to carry weapons or shields.

You see what I am trying to convey? Krishna, Arjun and Duryodhan, all are standing in same warzone but the quality of their actions is completely different. Krishna is at Consciousness level where He knows that everything is happening around Him and He only needs to play His role, if asked, and remain a Witness. But Arjun and Duryodhan are very much living in their Mind and considering themselves as Doer. Hence, all the worries of War, Life & Death, Winning & Losing.  

Conclusion – To conclude, I can only say that we don’t do anything. Things just happen through us. But when things happen as per our desires, mind gives this Doer thought that I did it. It creates the illusion of Doer, Ego, Karma and lays down foundation of future births.

But if someone is at Consciousness level, He KNOWS that things happen on its own. Everything in this existence is autonomous and functions as per its own nature. None is a doer in this existence.

So, Sangam was created or manifested through Raj Kapoor ji & Co. and if not them, then it would have been created through some other people.

Our situation is just like a musical instrument which is being played by existence and we keep this illusion that music created is mine.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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