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Horoscope of Shri Raj Kapoor ji

So, a celebrity horoscope after a long time. Horoscope of Late Shri Raj Kapoor ji (RK) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raj_Kapoor. The way I have addressed him here is enough to convey that I have immense respect for him for everything he did for Indian Cinema in an era when movies and theatre were not considered a moral profession. More than anything else, I admired him for his vision in his field of work. It was, as if, he already knew what he was going to do in life and had no doubt about achieving it since the very beginning. Let’s cover his horoscope on following points –

Chart Introduction.

Main points related with career in movies.

Importance of outer planets.


Utilization of Outer Planets and Rahu-Moon Conjunction.


Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Chart Introduction – As per the information available online, RK was born on 14th Dec, 1924 at 22.00 pm at Peshawar (Pakistan). He was born as Cancer ascendant/Ashlesha Ascendant Nakshatra person with Rahu-Moon in ascendant, Saturn-Venus in 4th house/Libra, Sun in 5th house/Scorpio, Mercury-Jupiter in 6th house/Sagittarius, Ketu in 7th house/Capricorn and Mars in 9th house/Pisces. This chart analysis will show us the importance of outer planets. He had Neptune in 1st house/Cancer, Uranus in 8th house/Aquarius and Pluto in 12th house/Gemini.

Main points related with career in movies – Now, main thing in his chart is that except Rahu in 1st house, there is no other significant planetary position which indicates about his career in movies. Like,

  • 5th house is main house of creativity and movies. He had Sun in Scorpio there. An average position, certainly not showing the grand success and legendary status he achieved in this field.
  • 12th house is house of imagination and working behind the scenes like a Director. He had Gemini sign there. Its lord Mercury in enemy sign with enemy in 6th house/Sagittarius. Again, not indicative of his talents as a Director.
  • Venus is karaka of creativity and works related with movies. It is with Saturn in 4th house/Libra. It is good dignity for both Saturn & Venus but Saturn would still play its part as delay-maker. So, it doesn’t show his very early success in movies from his teenage.
  • So, we must be missing something.

Importance of outer planets – Here, comes the importance of outer planets –

  • Uranus and Pluto are sitting in 8th house and 12th house respectively. They are sitting alone in these houses. But Neptune is sitting in ascendant with Rahu-Moon. Let’s analyse it closely –
  • Neptune itself represents photography and hence it represents fields like Movies.
  • Neptune is in ascendant with Rahu which is another karaka of illusive world of media and movies. They are just 6 degrees apart. So, 2 karakas of movie world came together in ascendant and showed that his life path can be related with creative field of entertainment.
  • Although Moon is 23 degrees away from Neptune but Neptune sitting in Moon’s sign Cancer was enough to give results like Neptune-Moon closely conjunct together. It is just like Saturn-Moon conjunction gives almost the same result as Saturn in Cancer.
  • What made it more prominent is that both of them were in Ashlesha Nakshatra, his ascendant nakshatra. So, it further linked this conjunction with his life path.
  • Ashlesha is represented by entwine which is about clinging to something or someone. And he remained clinging to entertainment world. Even when he faced his worst failure with movie Mera Naam Joker, he didn’t think about entertainment business but he made the bigger stake in his next movie Bobby after taking huge loans from market.
  • Ashlesha is ruled by Mercury and Mercury rules his 12th house of imagination, being a director and Mercury also rules Jyeshtha where he had Sun in 5th house/Scorpio.
  • Then Rahu represents obsession and Rahu-Moon together creates an obsessive mind. Here, Rahu-Moon were together with Neptune. So, that obsession got the positive direction of creative world of entertainment.
  • And this is also I feel was the reason behind him being visionary in his field. As outer planets are farthest away from Earth and Rahu-Moon-Ascendant all getting linked with Neptune, it gave him a vision for Indian Cinema way ahead of his time. This needs to be tested in more charts but the logic/reasoning I am giving looks correct.

Mahadasha/Antardasha – Then as always events manifested with dashas. At the age of 15 he started Mercury MD. Mercury activated his 3rd house/Virgo of skills, self-efforts, collection of information, 12th house/Gemini of working behind the scenes & imagination, Rahu-Moon-Neptune in ascendant as Mercury rules Ashlesha and Sun in 5th house/Scorpio as it is in Mercury ruled Jyeshtha Nakshatra. So, he was on his way of being a director as he started collecting information about world cinema, adapted himself into character of Charlie Chaplin and already directed his 1st movie at the age of 21.

Utilization of Outer Planets and Rahu-Moon Conjunction – So, from this chart we need to learn how we can utilize Rahu-Moon conjunction positively plus how we can use outer planets in our interpretation. Let’s cover them one after the other –

  • Rahu-Moon Conjunction – This is one of the troublesome conjunction as it can create an obsessive mind or a person with extreme emotions. In many cases, it also leads to cases of OCD. It is necessary to give a creative and positive direction to this conjunction so that mind (Moon) becomes obsessed towards those creative pursuits and person can achieve in those creative fields as per his interests.
  • Outer Planets – Normally, we don’t consider outer planets by saying that their transits are for 8 to 15 years and hence they impact the whole generation as is. But what I feel is that we can utilize them in interpretations in charts like this one where they are conjunct within 10 degrees of any planet or ascendant degree or during annual transits they are coming within 10 degrees of any other planets. In that case, their representations take significance in chart. Like, in this chart too, I didn’t consider Uranus and Pluto as they were sitting alone in 8th house and 12th house but I considered Neptune as it was right in the face with sitting in ascendant/ascendant nakshatra and with Rahu-Moon. We can’t ignore outer planets in such cases.

Conclusion – Finally, throughout this article I referred RK as visionary and I am saying it after observing his movies very closely over the years. As I said, when he entered in movies and theatre, this profession was not respected or even considered a moral one in Indian Society. In those days, RK directed his 1st movie named “Aag” in which he played himself, i.e. a guy who is obsessed about movies & theatre and whose whole society is preventing him to go in that field. At one place, there was a dialogue of this character – “I wish I had not had 3 weaknesses. I wish I had not been so good looking. I wish I had not got attracted towards girls so easily. And I wish I had not been obsessed towards Theatre”. Anyone who knows RK even a little bit would know that RK had all these traits which shows that main character of movie was none other than RK himself. And then there was another dialogue in the same movie where he says – “Today people may ridicule Theatre and may call it immoral but I will give Theatre such a glory that none can ridicule it ever and it would find its honourable place”. It is clear that Aag was not a movie, it was declaration or announcement from RK of his arrival and that he is here to change things for Indian Cinema and rest, as they say, is history.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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