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Understanding the Metaphor - Pushya Nakshatra

In Mythology, Mercury is Moon's child and adopted by Jupiter (Pushya Nakshatra story).

Jupiter is Awareness and Wisdom.
Moon is Mind.
Tara is Desire which seeks attention.
Mercury is Intellect.

If a person is aware and wise (Jupiter) then desires (Tara) cannot take away his attentions.

But an unaware Mind (Moon) will get attracted towards desires (Tara) and they both will soon be together. Their Child will be Mercury (Intellect)

Intellect (Mercury) is Mind's (Moon's) Child. If you pay attention, all our so-called intellectual thoughts have taken birth in Mind and their only job is to defend the mind and desires.

Now, Mercury is adopted by Jupiter. Jupiter is Wisdom and Knowledge.

Now, it is important that intellect should be under the care of knowledge and wisdom as intellect can grow and function well when it is guided and nourished by Awareness, Wisdom and Knowledge.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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