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New Batch, Feb, 2023 - Astrology-Ayurveda Gurukul.

As we are about to successfully complete 2 batches (5 classes) of Astrology and Ayurveda Teaching, we are happy to announce our next batches.

This time, we would like to combine Astrology and Ayurveda classes together and would like to call it Astrology-Ayurveda Gurukul. The new batch will begin from Feb, 2023.


Astrology-Ayurveda Gurukul 


45-weeks Combined Online Classes on Ayurveda and Astrology 


Why Ayurveda?


Health and Happiness


If your objective in life is to flower into your healthiest or highest self, then the knowledge of Ayurveda is a complete science in itself. Ayur, which means life or longevity, and Veda, which means knowledge, is the oldest life science known to mankind, that is dedicated to longevity and quality of life. That means it is a well-trod pathway to health and happiness. Good digestion ensures the body stays well, and good sleep ensures the mind stays well. These are two of three fundamental pillars of this system. MiraOm has been on this journey for more than 20 years, and has assimilated a lot of life wisdom. This is reflected in her teachings, blog, podcasts and youtube channel. 


Please check this link to get an introductory information about Ayurveda Course by Mrs Mira Katyal - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U74VoRRt8OE.


Why Astrology?



Vedic astrology or Jyotish (Light), is the sister science of both, Ayurveda and Yoga. All of these schools of knowledge provide insight into the imbalances within a human life experience, and provide the inner awareness and roadmap to overcome them. The pathway for our highest growth is predetermined at the time of birth. To actualize it, is the human life journey that each one needs to undertake. Astrology throws light on the pattern that each of us inherit at birth. Swami Premanand Bharti is well known through his YouTube Channel Astro Saxena and his site www.astrosaxena.com , as a compassionate teacher for his astrological knowledge. Now through our school, we bring a very affordable and comprehensive year-long course covering all the essential aspects of Vedic astrology. 


Please check this link to get an introductory information about Astrology Course by Swami Premanand Bharti - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJHWNgGSnPE.


Why Astrology + Ayurveda?


As Mira ji explained in Ayurveda related session that Astrology is theoretical awareness and Ayurveda is like practically applying Astrological theories into practice for our evolution and growth. Also, with these two courses, a student will be deeply immersed into the Art of Holistic Living, by learning about the spiritual and evidence-based concepts of life and creation. 

Class and Fees


Here are the details of the next batch from Feb 2023 - runs for 45 weeks. 


  • Basic Experiential Ayurveda Course by Mrs Mira Katyal [Art of Holistic Living Course Module 1] - Curriculum will be covered in 20 sessions. 1.45-hour per session, held on a bi-weekly basis (one class every alternate week).
  • Comprehensive Astrology Course by Swami Premanand Bharti [Art of Holistic Living Course Module 2] Curriculum will be covered in 45 sessions of 90 hours. 2-hours per session held every week. 
  • Welcome classes will be held in the third week of Feb, 2023 on separate weekdays for each subject. Final date and time of classes will be announced after assessing the convenience and time zones of all students. If required, we can have 2 separate classes in Morning and Evening times to accommodate students in different time zones


Fee and Mode of Payment - Total Fee for both courses together is 900 CAD. Students inclined to pay in different currency should check conversion rate accordingly. Following are the modes of payment available:


  • If a student makes a one-time payment then they can make a total payment of 750 CAD for both courses together
  • If a student wants to make payment in instalments then they can make a total payment of 900 CAD in 3 instalments of 300 CAD each payable in alternate months; i.e. (Feb, April & June 2023)
  • Total fee paid is fully refundable till the first class. 


Add-On Service for "Astrology+Ayurveda Gurukul Students" -YR-2023:


  1. MiraOm - 1 free holistic counselling session AND one time concession of 50% on any consultation/service. [**Not included-products or shipping]
  2. Astrosaxena – One time concession of 50% on fee for any consultation/service of their choice.
  3. Certification available for Ayurveda Course only.


Flexibilities Offered

  • Classes will be over Zoom. Session will be recorded and available for viewing later. So, if anyone misses a class, they can cover-up lost portion through recordings.
  • These recordings will be available lifelong. 
  • We will also have an interactive WhatsApp Group to discuss astrology related questions and doubts.

Please check the feedback of our earlier and current classes here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/feedback2022 .

Although, we strongly recommend people to join both the courses to have a holistic experience of our courses/teachings but if someone is inclined to join only one course (either Ayurveda or Astrology) then please email Mira ji at [email protected] and cc me at [email protected] for further information on fee for that particular course etc.


For more information on courses, syllabus/curriculum, and registration process, please email Mira ji at [email protected] and cc me at [email protected] .


Mira Katyal

Swami Premanand Bharti

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