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Spiritual Musings - 6

As I was going through the articles of Spiritual Musings (https://www.astrosaxena.com/Musing1, https://www.astrosaxena.com/Musing2, https://www.astrosaxena.com/Musing3, https://www.astrosaxena.com/Musing4 & https://www.astrosaxena.com/Musing5 ) during last month or so, I, myself, had and many others would have had thought that why I need to go into so deep and detailed in analyzing things about existence and evolution etc. Especially, being an Astrologer, how all this information can be helpful to people in understanding their astrological chart or life astrologically.

Now, if we pay attention then almost in all my recent articles, I reached the conclusion that we can see any event in life from two perspectives or from two levels; i.e. from Consciousness level or from Mind level. In a more easy way, we can say that things or events in life can be seen from God’s perspective or from common man’s perspective.

At God’s or Consciousness level, there is no idea of Good or Bad. Everything is equally allowed.

But Human Mind works through duality between Good or Bad, Right or Wrong, Pure or Impure. As discussed, Mind can only function through dividing things into parts. So, energy gets divided into Rajas, Sattva and Tamas Gunas when it passes through Prism of Mind. Human Mind can work only through these Gunas and can either get engaged in Creation (Rajas), Sustenance (Sattva) or Destruction (Tamas) related activities.


Now, how this is going to be useful in astrology related studies or findings?

In one of my articles (https://www.astrosaxena.com/DecodingAstrology), I said that Planets/Houses/Signs represent things of all 3 levels of Guna and likewise an individual can be at any of these 3 levels in his life. For example, Venus’s Tamasic representation is Money, Rajasic representation is Relationship and Sattvic representation is Devotion. A person at Tamasic level will be interested in Money, a person at Rajasic level will be interested in Relationship and a person at Sattvic level will be interested in Devotion.

How to know the various different levels of a person?

The basic interests or inclination or talks of a person can show you at which level he is operating.

But the purpose behind writing this article is different.

Normally, we see many Spiritual Teachers or Gurus telling that Astrology has no impact on us if we are on Spiritual Path. They say that Human Consciousness can control the energy of planets and if we are conscious of our own powers then no planet can do any harm to us.

This is great message. I agree with it.

But to whom this message is given or conveyed?

This is where we can find the difference between a Real Guru or just an ordinary teacher.

From a Guru’s perspective, this statement makes a perfect sense that Human Consciousness has more power than planetary energies, but this statement can be the most dangerous from his disciple’s perspective as that disciple may not even have any idea about human consciousness. One thing is sure that identifying yourself as Human Body is not equivalent to realizing your Consciousness. Just because someone has got a human body, doesn’t mean that he is aware of his consciousness.

The biggest danger with such a teaching is that a person who is totally unconscious and has no idea of human consciousness will start believing himself to be Conscious because it satisfies the human ego that planets are not impacting my life and now I can do whatever I want.

This is why it is so rare to find a Guru who starts from the level of his students and then gradually helps them in growing. Like, Lord Krishna started Bhagwat Geeta discourse from the level where Arjun was standing perplexed and then took him on journey of higher spiritual concepts. If Krishna had started the discussion with showing his divine incarnation then nothing would have been possible. A perplexed Arjun would have resulted in shocked Arjun and then we couldn’t have expected anything from him. So, first it was necessary for Krishna to prepare Arjun to reach up to the stage where he can receive the divine energy/guidance within him.

Avtar Mehr Baba has done great service towards people named as Masts. If we just research about Masts then we will find that a Mast is a person who was not yet ready to face the divine energy but still tried to face it and couldn’t handle it. End result is that they were left in perplexed or almost shocked mental state for rest of life. This is what can happen when person is not ready for something and thrust into it at the behest of his teachers.

I again say that this statement by Teacher can be absolutely correct from his point of view. He might have reached the conscious state. So, he knows that at conscious state he is able to divert energy of planets as he wants. But this statement can be most dangerous for those people who are not at that conscious state as of now and especially if they start thinking that I am at conscious state just because my Guru is saying this.

So, how to know if a person is living in his mind or at conscious state, because person living in mind will still be impacted by planetary energy? Even the same spiritual teacher, who is saying planetary energy doesn’t work on human consciousness, would agree on this that a person living in mind will still be impacted by planetary energy.

Following can be few guiding points –

  • If person has any criteria about life that this thing should happen and that thing should not happen then he is living in mind. A person at conscious state accepts every event of life as is. For a person at conscious state, it doesn’t matter whether you make him sit in a Rolls Royce or in a Police Van. It is same for him.
  • If person has any criteria about good or bad/right or wrong/acceptable or non-acceptable then he is living in mind. A person at conscious state accepts all events of life as is and doesn’t keep any criteria.
  • If person has any criteria that I belong to this religion/this caste/this country etc. then he is living in mind. A person at conscious level belongs to the whole existence. For him, there is nothing like friendship or enmity. He is beyond all dualities.
  • If a person has “ANY” complain from life then he is living at mind level. A person of consciousness level has only thankfulness towards life.
  • And here we can understand why planetary energy won’t impact a person at consciousness level? Actually, it is wrong way of saying that planetary energy won’t impact a person at consciousness level. In actual sense, planetary energy is still impacting a person at consciousness level but he is not getting impacted. He is not allowing himself to be impacted by planetary energy. It is because he is receptive to the whole existence and all events of life. For him, it doesn’t make any difference if a child born today, dies today only. When a person is in that state of consciousness then it is bound to be the case that he is not getting impacted by planetary energy. He is just receptive to every event in life.
  • So, correct way of saying will be that a person of conscious state doesn’t get impacted by planetary energy whereas a person living in mind gets impacted by planetary energy. Planetary energy impacts all. The real difference is who gets impacted and who doesn’t get impacted.
  • So, if we are not at such a high consciousness level then the best thing will be to accept wherever we are and start working from there. The worst thing will be to accept ourselves as person of higher consciousness level just because we are born as human or just because a Teacher has said that and it satisfied our ego.

As per my experience of dealing with people in last 7-8 years, I personally feel that majority of us are living at very surface level. Osho is compassionate enough to use a term “skin-deep” but my experience with people is that we are not even skin-deep. We are just living at surface or skin level.

We believe whatever is told to us. We never question things. News reports and even WhatsApp messages are like Gospel Truths for us, and then we think that we are living at conscious level. It is just an ego satisfaction or feel good factor or a good sweet dream which we don’t want to be broken.

Hence, it is always better to come to terms with reality and start working from there. Again, the Spiritual Teacher is correct from his perspective that human consciousness is not impacted by planetary energy but applying same teaching as is without working towards reaching conscious state of mind can be dangerous.

As long as we are living in mind then we are working under the Rajas, Sattva and Tamas Guna and we are very much impacted by planetary energy.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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