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Spiritual Musings - 3

In first two parts (https://www.astrosaxena.com/Musing1 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/Musing2), we have seen that how energy or consciousness reached up to the human incarnation and how astral body/mind moves from one body to another body in different births. We have also seen how things went wrong from human incarnation itself as illusion of Ego and the Doer has set inside the Psyche of human conditioned mind.

Now, we will try to understand the reason behind this whole, illusion and awakening and the process surrounding it.


Reasons behind incarnation - From this process, we can say that incarnations happen for basically 3 reasons –

  • Energy exhibit itself to explore itself in various possibilities.
  • Human incarnation happens due to non-manifested desires. We get hypnotized by our desires and come back again and again.
  • Then there are enlightened or awakened beings too. They come back because of their self-hypnosis due to compassion towards us. We beat and kill these self-realized beings but they try again and again in different incarnations to come back and guide us. So, they come back because of their self-hypnosis towards their own compassion for all.
  • There is a philosophy which says that a self-realized or enlightened one is free from the cycle of death and re-birth. Well, freedom includes freedom of coming back also. So, if they desire to guide us then they can always come back.
  • On another note, we normally talk about that we need to become enlightened/awakened as we can get rid of circle of death and re-birth. Well, is it not a condemnation or non-acceptability of this beautiful life given by this beautiful existence? And if we have not accepted the life given by the existence then how can we expect existence to give us enlightenment or awakening?

Spiritual Processes and Awakening – As we can see that biggest hurdle in self-realization or awakening is to realize this illusion of Ego or Separated Self. Because when a child is growing-up, he is reminded of his separate self so many times that it becomes almost impossible for him to accept that he doesn’t exist separately from existence.

Society develops this Ego and sense of Separated Self. Now, it is your Guru’s job to destroy your Ego and make you realize that you are one tiny part of existence. It is like, society conditions us and Guru de-conditions us. Guru is anti-dote of Society. So, this can be one of the trait you can look for in Guru that he should be speaking a language against the society and conditioning.

Not only your Spiritual Guru but all the Spiritual Processes are made in such a way that it dissolves your ego. Understand it like this, a Guru tells his disciples that if you do this or that Yoga or Meditation technique then he will have some spiritual or mystical experiences. Now, the disciple starts doing it. Every day he performs that practice and feels that nothing is happening as per told by Guru. So, every day a portion of his Ego gets destroyed that things are not in my hand. God’s blessings are equally important to have such spiritual experiences. So basically, what Guru did by giving any spiritual practice to disciple is that Guru gave him a device to destroy his own ego.

But we are clever even there. Ego can take any shape. So, it can take this shape too that I have done meditation today for 2 hours and others did only for half-an-hour. So, need for spiritual processes, Guru, tricks and techniques are only to destroy the ego, which actually is the biggest challenge.

And actually, the event of Self-Realization happens only when person’s ego is completely destroyed through Guru and all these processes. Actually, when the person is totally exhausted and accepts his defeat that he can’t achieve any spiritual experience, then the experience happens. So, a disciple or seeker’s job is only to exhaust himself in his search. Final event happens on its own when you least expect it. It is always better to just continue putting efforts in your spiritual practices and don’t even think of getting any experience in return.

Purpose – Then again, what is the purpose behind all this? As discussed, there is no purpose. Understand that language of purpose is language of ego. Ego wants satisfaction and for its satisfaction, Ego needs to conquer some goals and purposes in life. Hence, Ego always thinks in the terms of goals or purposes. So, if you time and again ask about what is the purpose of this or that, then understand that you are living in ego.

As God is alone in this world and has no counterpart or contemporary, the sense of I or Ego cannot be with God/Universe/Existence/Energy. For the sense of I to exist there has to be a “You” in place. For God, there is none whom it can refer or address as You. With You not present, Sense of I/Ego can’t be present.

And as Ego is not present, there is no question of Ego Satisfaction. And as there is no question of Ego Satisfaction, there can’t be any question of any goal or purpose to achieve. Hence, it is all a grand play of energy, without any purpose or goal attached to it.

Maya/Play – But then human mind doesn’t stop from creating further questions. It asks, if this whole existence is just a Play or Maya then what was the need to create it?

Somehow, we can’t think of anything without purpose or goal. So, if there are so many obsessions for purpose then we can say that purpose of Maya is that you can only break the Maya or Illusion and realize the reality when Maya is present at 1st place. You can realize that it is a Play only when for some time you have been part of the Play. So, without Maya or this grand illusive play, you cannot expect someone to break the Maya or Illusion and realize the reality.

I may write the part-4 of this series if anything new comes up in my mind. For now, this is it.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks,


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