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Spiritual Musings - 4

Normally, in Spiritual World, we hear these types of logics that if a person is suffering in this life then he must have done something horrible in his past-lives. This is why, he is suffering in this life. It is very normal for people to talk in this language.

This reasoning only proves two things –


  • Our mindset of give-and-take in everything; the business mentality, and we love to apply same in every aspect of life. But if this reasoning is believed to be true then it only proves that God is retributive or revengeful.
  • Additionally, this reasoning also shows our sense of separation from each other. We feel that we are separate from each other and hence, actions taken by one person against another must be settled somehow.


But as I see, for God, there is no sense of separation. So, if I am hurting or harming another person then for God, it is I am harming myself only. Sense of separation can be there from my perspective but not from God’s perspective. So, if in riots in the name of religion or nations, people are killing each other then from God’s perspective they are killing themselves only, not any other person.


Then how we should understand the experience we go through in this life? In my recent articles (https://www.astrosaxena.com/Musing1https://www.astrosaxena.com/Musing2 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/Musing3), I tried to state the stages of evolution and how energy evolves itself up to human life.


Now, let’s understand how a human being can be going through various human experiences in different lives –

  • An astral body or mind just moves out of animal kingdom and searches for the human womb for the first time to explore desires of human life. As it finds two people in sexual intercourse which can provide environment for it to take human body, it takes that womb.
  • Now, important thing is that as consciousness is spread everywhere, Astral Body + Physical Body + Consciousness together will be termed as conception of a child.
  • Now, the child takes birth. Conditioning of society begins. At the same time, we have to keep in mind that this child has just come from animal kingdom. He can’t leave all animalistic traits all of a sudden. So, this child as he grows-up, may show more animalistic traits and can be seen as angry, violent or criminal-minded person etc. So, first few lives can be spent in exhausting those animalistic traits and after that the astral body/mind may settle down in evolving as human being.
  • With every life, we create a pattern of life and with every next life, existence get us into situations where we can evolve from that pattern of previous life. So, I don’t follow that logic of we are suffering for the sins of our previous lives as it makes concept of God as retributive or revengeful God. I feel it as compassion of God that it is providing us opportunity after opportunity in lives after lives to improve upon ourselves and evolve into higher consciousness. 
  • So, after living few lives on the basis of animalistic traits and behavior, Astral Mind desires to evolve further and live a much better life. As soon as Astral Mind desires, Universe provides opportunities in current or next lives to further evolve. 
  • So, the circumstances or situations which we see as punishment by God to Human for his past-life karma are actually the compassion of God. By getting person into such situations or circumstances, God is giving an opportunity to person to evolve further. In every situation of life, we can either complain/keep grudges/resentments towards others or we can utilize the same situation to go inwards and work upon ourselves.
  • If the person has projected his situations of life on others then he has wasted the opportunity. If the person has internalized the situations to understand self then he has utilized the opportunity.
  • Worst waste of opportunity is when a person commits suicide. He has wasted the whole compassionate approach of God towards him. 
  • But somehow God never loses hope in us. After wasting lives after lives, God is still willing to give us another chance, in hope that we will utilize this new opportunity in the best way possible.
  • This is why I feel that God is compassionate and loving rather than retributive or revengeful. It will be great if we can accept him as such and best utilize the opportunity given. And if we are willing to evolve further and further then no doubt that one day same Astral Mind who lived life of a Criminal would also live life of an awakened one in some life.
  • Hence, it is better to take your difficult relationship or any life situation as an opportunity to evolve further than to think that Universe is against you.  

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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