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Planet in a Sign/Nakshatra

As I am going through Planets through various Nakshatras series, a common question has come up every now-and-then as to how to interpret a planet in a nakshatra and in a certain sign together? They both will be exchanging different energies with planet. Especially when lords of sign or nakshatra involved are sometimes friendly and sometimes enemy to the planet posited there. As I see, these are very valid confusions and we should look at it based on following points –

Concept of Who, How, What & Where?

Signs and Nakshatras.

Lords’ Enmity and Friendship.

Everything is in addition.

Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva Karaka.

Further Criteria.


Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Concept of Who, How, What & Where? – A similar confusion occurs when we try to interpret a planet in a particular house and a sign simultaneously. I have written a detailed article on this topic earlier – https://www.astrosaxena.com/whww which can be of some guidance here. Basically, we need to interpret the exchange of various energies together, i.e. energy of planet, house, sign and nakshatra, and then need to come to a conclusion.

Signs and Nakshatras – Most important thing would be not to consider Signs and Nakshatras as separate from each other. I am aware that we are taught from very beginning that Nakshatras are the foundations of Astrology and a Sign is based over its nakshatras. I agree but all I am telling is that energy and representations of Signs and Nakshatras are always aligned with each other. Magha represents Royal Throne and Leo represents Kings. So, it was fair for Magha to be part of Leo rather than any other sign. Likewise, Taurus represents Wealth & Assets which Rohini also represents. Hence, Rohini finds its valid space in Taurus. As I see, every nakshatra’s energy and representations are somewhere aligned with the Sign in which it falls. As they represent similar things, it is incorrect to consider Signs and Nakshatras as separate from each other.

Lords’ Enmity and Friendship – But I can understand that main confusion happens when a planet is in nakshatra of a friend but in sign of an enemy or vice-versa. In such cases, in my opinion, we have to look at the basic nature of planet, houses it rules in chart and overall sign-based dignity of planet. If planet is in good dignity then sooner or later it will bring some good results. So, if I am asked, I will give preference to the dignity of planets at sign level rather than at nakshatra level. So, if a planet is in nakshatra of friend but in sign of enemy then I would say it is more detriment than a planet which is in nakshatra of enemy but in sign of friend because at the end of the day, dignity of planet is decided by its sign position.

Everything is in addition – But Golden Rule of Astrology always remains that “everything is in addition”. It means that everything will bring some results to you at some point of time. At the end of the day, we have to consider planet, house, sign, nakshatras, dignity, dashas and lords position etc everything and try to find out the possible results intuitively. If a planet is in friendly sign then it will bring some good results at some point of time and if a planet is in enemy nakshatra then it may take away some results at some point of time, and of course vice-versa.

Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva Karaka – Here, the concept of Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva Karaka - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jkak can be guidance for us. As per this concept, we can say that if a planet is in friendly sign and enemies nakshatra or vice-versa, then person can still get non-living representations of that planet but problems can come in living representations. for ex, if Venus is in own sign of Taurus but in enemy nakshatra of Rohini ruled by Moon (enemy of Venus), then person can have good results of wealth and prosperity but can face troubles in relationships. Likewise, we can add the living/non-living representations of the houses that planet is ruling in results.

Further Criteria – But then we can have further criteria or situations where we can be in similar confusion. Like, we can be confused about a planet in a house/sign/nakshatra but then the same planet can be in different padas of that nakshatra and even the degree of a planet can have a separate sub-lord after nakshatra lord. In all such situations, we have to remember that everything will bring its results and person can get results of non-living significances more easily than living significances.

Conclusion – So, this is how I see this little bit of complex situation.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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