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Concept of Who, How, What & Where?

This might seem to be almost unknown and least talked about concept but if understood clearly, it can be the biggest help in decoding how a planet can work in a particular sign and house? Actually, rather than calling it a concept, it is more a Trick to interpret a planetary position. So, let’s understand this on following points - 

Problem in interpreting a chart. 
House = Where?
Zodiac Sign = What?
Planet = Who? & How?
Everything in Addition. 

Let’s cover all points one after the other – 

Problem in interpreting a ChartSo, one of the main problem which everyone experiences in interpreting a planetary position, at least in beginning, is how to interpret a planet’s position in a sign and house simultaneously. Like, Moon in Taurus in 7th house or Mars in Cancer in 9th house. This is due to the fact that most of us Astrologers either cover planets through houses or signs. Lord through Signs is a bit help to understand it but even that is not full-fledged. So, it remains a big confusion as to how to interpret a Chart? So, today’s article is going to show us a trick to find the way out of this problem. 

House = Where? – First of all we have 12 houses of a chart. Signs get placed later as per Ascendant. So, the basic foundation is of Houses. Now, every House in Chart represents certain things, like 1st house is Self, Life Path and Place of Birth etc, 2nd house is Family, Wealth and Speech etc, 4th house is Home, Home Land and Mother etc. Like this, every house has its representation. Consider these representation as the place “Where” things are happening. 

Zodiac Sign = What?Then we have Zodiac Sign placed over each House based on the Ascendant of Chart. So as per the Ascendant of person, he will have different signs placed over different houses. Like for Cancer Ascendant, Cancer falls in 1st house and Sagittarius falls in 6th house. For Capricorn Ascendant, Cancer falls in 7th house and Sagittarius falls in 12th house. Now, consider signs as “What” events are happening? Like, Sagittarius is sign of Higher Education, 6th house is sign of Disputes/Diseases. So, it is a big possibility that a Cancer Ascendant person can get into Legal or Medical Higher Education. Likewise, a Capricorn Ascendant will be interested in Higher Education of Spirituality (12th house). So, the Zodiac Sign is indicating as “What” event may take place in the House?

Planet = Who? & How?Finally, “Who” will bring the event? It is the Planet which is placed in that House and Sign. Planet is the energy which is going to make things happen as per Dasha and Transits. Also, the planet will show “How” an event may happen in a House/Sign as per its nature. A benefic planet in good dignity will show an event happening smoothly and without any hurdle, whereas a malefic planet shows that same event may happen with hard work and delay. Like, Moon in Cancer in 5th house, person will be naturally gravitated towards Children but Saturn in Cancer in 5th house can delay children and may give stressful moments in love affairs. So, to finally interpret, we need to keep in mind the representations of planet and its basic nature. 

Application Below are few examples – 
  • Saturn in Scorpio in 2nd house – Saturn is Duty, Hard Work & Delay. Scorpio is Ups & Downs. 2nd house is Family & Wealth. So, it shows that person will be dutiful & hard working towards his/her family & wealth related matters which will have ups/downs and stability will come with delay. 
  • Rahu in Cancer in 5th house – Rahu is Unusualness, Cancer is Motherhood and 5th house is 1st Child. So, it shows that person can have 1st child through Adoption, Surrogacy or Test-Tube baby or simply through some medical assistance. It also makes person Highly (Rahu) Emotional (Cancer) towards Children (5th house). 
  • Ketu in Sagittarius in 6th house – Ketu is Research, Sagittarius is Higher Education and 6th house is Service & Jobs. So, person can be in a Job which is research oriented in matters of his higher education. 
  • Last, Moon in Taurus in 7th house – Moon is Mind, Taurus is sign of Stability and 7th house is Other People. So, it shows that person will find stability or peace of mind when he deals/interacts with Other People. 
  • Like this, we need to remember the representation of Planets, Signs & Houses and place them as “Who is doing What, How and Where”?
Everything in AdditionAgain, the Golden Rule. This trick doesn’t take away the impacts of other rules of Astrology, like Dignity, Enmity/Friendship, Conjunctions etc. We have to consider everything. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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