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Universal Conspiracy

As the time is passing-by, these realizations are turning into convictions for me that “everything is happening in this world on its own; no one is doing anything here”.

I know that it is one of the most ego-crushing statements but let me explain. Please try to see this from two perspectives; i.e. from the perspective of Consciousness/Witnessing and from the perspective of mind/ego.

From the perspective of Consciousness/Witnessing – From this perspective, this whole existence or this life is like; you have gone to watch a Movie. You are just a witness in that Movie. Nothing is happening because of this witness or witnessing. This witness is just observing the Movie. Same situation is with us that we are just watching or witnessing this grand-movie of energy or existence where energy is functioning on itself through 3 Gunas (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) and we are just witnessing the whole movie. Only difference is that in normal movie, there is a beginning and there is an end and Director is well aware of how the movie will go. But here in this grand-movie, there is no beginning and there is no end and Director himself is watching the movie and movie can take any turn as per the energy flow in any of the Gunas and Director/Witness will continue watching it.

From the perspective of Mind/Ego – Then there is another way of watching a Movie. It is when we get involved with the movie. We start clapping, laughing and crying along with the movie. Now, witness is lost and we are in the Mind/Ego. Likewise, in this grand-movie of existence, Mind/Ego gets involved with saying that I/Ego did this or I/Ego didn’t do this, hence I/Ego am receiving this result of either crying, laughing or clapping etc. This is where we suffer due to our Mind/Ego attachment with this grand-movie and we get into sadness, happiness and all sort of feelings/emotions/roller coaster rides, when in actuality again the same thing was happening that Energy was functioning through either of 3 Gunas and rather than just witnessing it, we got involved with it.


Now, the biggest question which Human Ego raises in such situations that if I/Ego had not done this or that then how such results/events would have happened?

Well, human existence on this planet is very recent and we all know that things were happening before human existence too. And we all also know that things were happening much more in order of nature at that time. If at all human existence or human ego has done anything to this planet then it is destruction of nature.

So, first of all, we need to get rid of this thought that anything in this Universe is happening because of any one. Things are happening on its own. If existence wants something to exist then it will utilize few individuals as tools and get it done, and those few individuals can be anyone.

Just try not doing anything or not taking any action with respect to something and if energy wants that event to take place then anyhow it will happen. Again, things were happening even before our birth and things will happen even after our birth.

Another thing is that we can’t stay away from our karma as per our nature or Guna, even if we want to. This is what Bhagvad Geeta says in Chapter 3 Verse 5 which means – “There is no one who can remain without action even for a moment. Indeed, all beings are compelled to act by their qualities born of material nature (the three guṇas).


But then there is another thing to think about. Are our actions are solely our actions only? Like, for the simplest or smallest of actions in this world, aren’t we dependent on the whole existence to cooperate with us? Like, I am writing this article and to write/post it, I need support of whole existence then only it can be published to the readers. So, can I actually claim that this is solely my creation?

If we just look back at our lives and our actions, we may realize that every single action was dependent on multiple simultaneous or collateral actions. This is something I discussed recently in an article named The Butterfly Effect - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Butterfly . Every single act is dependent on so many connected actions that every single event happening in this Universe looks like to be a Universal Conspiracy. Osho says that if your birth is not in your hands and your death is not in your hands then how anything else between this birth and death can be in your hands.

Then the question arises that does it mean all crimes, violence and wars etc. also is work of energy?

We again need to go beyond human existence. If we just see the animal kingdom then similar events are always happening. Animals killing each other and many a times, a whole animal species is getting extinct. How different it is from any violence, crime or War? So, we can say that this is also a work of energy through Tamas Guna. It is just that animals look like smart enough to not to take things on their ego that they are doing anything. They look like more aligned and receptive towards energy, although unconsciously.

We can have a resentment towards X person in life that somehow he didn’t behave as per our expectations but then ask yourself if you were not at all responsible in expecting things from that person or trusting that person? Even if you feel that you were completely innocent (which everyone’s mind is well equipped to prove) then also can that X person do anything in the existence without the cooperation of whole existence with him? We all know that it is just not possible.

Only question which is generally asked here by people that if we leave everything on God/Energy then there can be a situation where a person may commit a crime and he can leave it on God as God did it? Here, we have to understand that any negative act is done to satisfy the ego. I need money then I may commit theft. I have some ego clash with someone and I may try to harm him. But here we are talking about a situation where a person leaves his ego completely and surrenders to energy/God’s will. In such cases, even if person is starving, he will treat it as God's will. So, there is no question of such a person doing any negative act. One, who accepts everything as work of energy, will consider even troubles of his life as work of same energy and won’t go to take any revenge from anyone.

So, it is again back to the same concept as to where you are standing and from where you are seeing things in life.

  • If we are looking at this life or existence from the perspective of consciousness then we (consciousness) know that things are happening on their own, autonomously, without any doer acting for it.

  • If we are looking at this life or existence from the perspective of Mind/Ego then things are still happening on their own, autonomously, but we (Mind) think that we have done this or that. And once we accept ourself as doer then obvious result is to go into judgment as to that action was good or bad? And then we are bound to suffer as every good will have a bad side and every bad will have a good side. So, sooner or later we will suffer due to this Mind/Ego attachment with things happening around us autonomously.

So, all we need to do is to stay at consciousness level and just witness everything around us. Osho says that we should live in this world just like you stand on the side of road and watch people going in different directions. You just witness them and don’t judge them as to who is going in right direction and who is going in wrong direction.

Likewise, if we can just be witness to this grand movie which is result of Universal Conspiracy then we can be fine. Only mistake we do is to get attached with movie or its characters.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks,


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