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The Butterfly Effect


When we exhaust the energy at one level then we naturally move towards the next level. In recent times, I have realized that Astrology doesn’t attract or bother me as much as it used to do before. Obvious reason is that I have reached through my studies and research where I could have reached in Astrology. I am not saying that there is nothing left to research in astrology but I prefer to leave the remaining portion for others to research.

In my journey in astrology, I have realized that everything around us is energy. Houses/Planets/Signs/Nakshatras are manifestation of same energy. We are also manifestation of same energy along with consciousness. This energy can be of three different levels/elements; i.e. Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. Tamas is destructive element of energy. Rajas is creative element of energy. Sattva is balancing element between Tamas and Rajas. Now, whichever element a person focuses his consciousness more, things related with that element will start happening. It is as simple as this.

Also, I have realized that astrology is just a tool by which ancient sages wanted us to be more aware and proactive of our lives. Predictive part of astrology is just a way by which people can get interested in astrology but the real purpose was to make people more conscious and proactive in their life.

I recently read this small story from Osho and tried to link it with predictive astrology –

A man returned from another city to his village only to find that his home is caught in fire and his children are playing inside home unaware of fire. He shouted and tried calling them out of home but they were too involved with the play and didn't pay attention to their father's calling.

Eventually, the man shouted and said, look how beautiful toys I have brought for you from city and kids came running out of home.


The way I link this story with astrology is that ancient sages are the people who are coming back from another state of consciousness (A man returned from another city) and they are seeing us busy with the play inside our burning houses; i.e. diminishing lives, (children are playing inside home unaware of fire). Now, the sages are trying their best to call us outside home but we are too busy in this play of illusion (He shouted and tried calling them out of home but they were too involved with the play and didn't pay attention to their father's calling). Finally, they had to tell us about predictive astrology (Eventually, the man shouted and said, look how beautiful toys I have brought for you from city and kids came running out of home), so that we should at least be interested in learning/following astrology to know about some future event but main purpose was to bring us to astrology which can make us more aware/conscious or proactive in life.

The Predictive Astrology was the toy which was shown to people to develop their interest in astrology as the sages knew that if person sincerely learns astrology then one day or the other he will realize that main purpose was to make him more conscious and proactive in life.

As the times have progressed in last 8 years, since I started my facebook page, I slowly but surely realized that main purpose of universe to divert me towards astrology was to make me more conscious and proactive in life. As this process is getting over, I feel that I am ready for the next step.

Hence, going forward I will be writing more on spiritual topics on site. I will obviously continue to write about important transits and new concepts or events in astrology but main focus will be on spiritual topics and may be one day I will exhaust spirituality too and move beyond even spirituality.

Hence, the first article of spiritual nature; i.e. The Butterfly Effect.

The Butterfly Effect is known as the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. Courtesy - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_effect .

For common parlance, Butterfly Effect is known as the series of events, which in the beginning may look like completely irrelevant to each other and non-significant but eventually contribute in happening of a big event which may impact lives of 1000s of people.

If understood truly, The Butterfly Effect is so much ego crushing to all of us and proves us as waves in the ocean. To start with this video may help people in understanding what I am talking about - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h2LD6nfbMM.

As we can see in this video, which is a sequence from one of the most beautiful movies ever made; i.e. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a lady was about to go for shopping but she happened to forget her coat. As she goes back to take her coat from her home, she gets delayed by couple of minutes and after that all subsequent events of the day are delayed by couple of minutes which eventually results in an accident. Sequence says that if Lady hadn’t forgotten her coat and all events after that had been on time then eventually that accident mightn’t have taken place.

What this video shows if we are ready to understand it in true spirit?

It shows that how much our lives are inter-connected with each other!! One person takes an action in East-Asia and its results can be seen in Alaska. Have we ever thought that we have taken so many actions, spoken so many words & had millions of thoughts in mind and how all this energy might have impacted 1000s of people in world. Especially, in this day and age of social media, where people have got utter freedom to fly, every single action taken reaches 1000s of people simultaneously and influences their lives, for either good or bad.

I have a personal experience of a very apparent Butterfly Effect in my life which I can share here. So, it was the year 2010. I was in my worst phase of life and seriously needed a decent paying job. I happened to message one of my friend to ask if he can help me in getting a job. And guess what!!!! A day before, my friend had a chance meeting with a guy who happened to tell my friend that if anyone is looking for a job in legal field then my friend can forward the resume to him!!

Now, the biggest surprise was that my friend and this guy came into contact with each other during that one week only when I happened to get this job. They never knew each other before and they didn’t stay in contact with each other after that week. And even on that day, it was purely a chance meeting. As they never knew each other, there was no plan to meet each other.

Now, let’s see The Butterfly Effect of this chance meeting –

a. I get the job due to that chance meeting and it stabilized my career and finances a bit.

b. From that job, I got another one after couple of years. During this 2nd job, I started learning astrology.

c. After couple of years, I quit my job and came into astrology consultancy business.

d. From this work, I could reach to 1000s of people.

So, if we see then the seed of all that I am doing was sown somewhere in 2010 in that chance meeting. Now, even this is not the end. Nobody knows where I will reach in 10 or 20 years of time, if I live that long. Even if I pass away then also my work on my site or pages will remain and continue to influence people and they will continue to take some or the other actions.

Now, if we look back then even that chance meeting would have happened due to some coincidence or confluence of energies. So, those coincidences are equally responsible for what is happening today or may happen tomorrow.

And if we see closely, we will find this Butterfly Effect working in our lives time and again. It is amazing to see how a coincidence results in a huge life transforming event in times to come!! As if we are living our lives under the influence of a Universal Conspiracy. It seems that energies have conspired in certain way to bring certain events in our lives.

But if we look at it spiritually, we can see that how inter-connected our lives are!! One college dropout sitting in a garage in USA develops the code of Facebook and it changes our lives altogether. One random video of Elephants, which none would have otherwise taken seriously, starts a revolution called YouTube. Those Elephants also had contribution in YouTube success today.

This reminds me of Osho again where he says that this whole Universe is interwoven where Sun impacts a tiny leaf of grass and a tiny leaf of grass also impacts Sun.

If we truly understand this concept of The Butterfly Effect very clearly, it can be so ego-crushing.

Impact on Astrological Prediction – This concept can also be helpful in understanding that why I say that astrological predictions are just a probability or possibility, rather than a certainty. It is because the prediction of an event is done based on the chart of one person and considering his actions. But the final happening of the event depends on thousands of collateral events which then depends on the actions of 1000s of other people. Hence, astrological predictions remain a probability or possibility.


Consciousness – At the same time, biggest mistake in understanding The Butterfly Effect is when we feel that nothing is in our hand. If you are talking about Ego then yes, nothing is in our hands. But if you are talking about consciousness then everything is in our hands.

What do I mean by this?

Well, if you check the video again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h2LD6nfbMM then you may realize that everyone was acting unconsciously in this sequence. Lady who forgot the coat, Guy who forgot to set the alarm, Girl who forgot to wrap the gift and eventually the Girl who chose to dance on middle of a road. End result was accident. If even one person was conscious of their actions then things could have been much different and accident wouldn’t have taken place.

So, if we add consciousness with The Butterfly Effect then same chain of events can lead to a fruitful or positive result. In every circumstances or situation of our life, if we are conscious & alert and then we are taking decisions/actions then The Butterfly Effect can also create a series of pleasant events; i.e. Serendipity.


Hope people find it interesting.




Swami Premanand Bharti

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