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Different Systems/Streams in Astrology

There was a question asked by someone as to why there are so many systems of astrology? And then even in one system, why there are so many streams in astrology? How come so many different Ayanamshas came into existence? How come a planet has a particular aspect in one system but doesn’t have it in another system?

Well, the simple response to all this is that we can have as many systems/as many streams/as many concepts and opinion as many people we have. Each of these systems/streams/ayanamshas/concepts are developed by some individual. That individual decided to follow his own unique understanding on subject and developed his own new path. And as I see, there is nothing wrong in it. As long as person is able to justify his opinions logically, he has every right to follow his own path.

But is it the case only in Astrology? I don’t think so.

We have 300+ different religions which preach about the same one God.

There is only one Bhagwad Geeta but 1000+ commentaries or interpretations on Bhagwad Geeta. Every interpreter understood Lord Krishna in his own ways.

It might interest a few people that when the concept of 33 Crore Gods/Goddesses was developed in India, at that time India’s population was also about 33 Crore. Message is simple that every individual is God in himself/herself, some realized and other unrealized.

If we feel that there is only one world on this Earth where we are co-existing then we are in illusion. There are more than 7.67 billion worlds right now because the population on this Earth is about 7.67 billion right now. Every individual is seeing the same world as per his perspective. Every individual has his own world.

Hence, it is obvious that when a particular knowledge like Astrology gets developed over a long period of time and different people interpret it as per their own perspective then some new systems/streams/opinions will come out as off-springs. And as I said, as long as person is able to justify his opinions logically, he has every right to follow his own path. A few people will agree and a few people will disagree. That’s all part of game. Those who disagree again have their own right to develop their own stream or system.

So, I am fine with many different systems/streams etc but the only problem comes when one system starts emphasizing that only that particular system is correct. Whenever someone says that the system or path I am following is the only correct path and starts pushing others to follow his path then it takes the shape of Ego Satisfaction. That person is actually saying that “I am correct”. A particular system can be correct for a particular person or group of persons but they have no right to enforce their views on others. Others can follow different systems and can also develop their own system. As I see, we all can have a parallel existence in this Universe along with our respective beliefs and paths.

Now, age old question. Which system is correct or most perfect?

They all are correct. It depends on the experience and skills of astrologer following a particular system? If an astrologer is equally skilled and experienced at Vedic and Western Astrology both then I am sure that he can give the exact same prediction for a client through both systems. As per my experience, all systems/streams of astrology align with each other. Not only in astrology, I see an alignment between all different occult sciences like astrology, numerology, tarot and palmistry etc. They all cooperate with each other. We just need to have an eye to see that cooperation.

Actually, all different systems can be utilized to confirm our findings and predictions. So, they can be helpful in perfecting our predictions rather than being an obstacle.

Then what a beginner should do? – A beginner should focus on understanding one system or stream as per his choice and should not worry about different streams, at least when he is learning one particular system. Once he has learnt one stream well enough and gained good enough experience of reading at least 500 charts then he should go into learning another stream. When he learns another stream too then he can connect the dots between two different streams.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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