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FB Posts on Western Vs Vedic, Family Connection, Rahu in Ardra transit, Unethical Practice, Mars Tra

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 3rd Sep, 2019

So, recently I had an opportunity to give an overall consultation to someone as per Western Astrology/Tropical chart and came across this age-old question again as to which stream of Astrology is more accurate? This question was then repeated by some of my friends and clients, hence I again felt the need to put forward my approach to at least new people who have started following me.

1. I have already written something on this theme which can be helpful - https://www.astrosaxena.com/masa .

2. So, let's understand it through Bhagvad Geeta as to which stream of Astrology is better?

3. If we pay attention while studying Bhagvad Geeta then we will find that Lord Krishna talks about different Yogas in different chapters. It includes Sankhya Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karm Yoga and so on. Then while talking about each yoga, He stresses upon Arjun that this is the best yoga and Arjun must follow this.

4. Like, while talking about Sankhya Yoga, He asserts to Arjun that Sankhya is the best yoga and Arjun must follow it. Then when He talks about Bhakti Yoga then He again asserts that Arjun, Bhakti is the best yoga and you must follow it. And it goes on and on and on....

5. Now, someone can ask that How every yoga can be the best yoga? Best can be only one then why Krishna is saying that every yoga is the best yoga?

6. It is because Krishna wanted Arjun to come out of the self-imposed confusion & state of inaction and at least select one path because Krishna knew that whichever path Arjun selects, he will reach the same destination and conclusion that he must fight this war. So, Krishna was only inclined to help Arjun is selecting any one path that's why whenever Krishna spoke about one particular yoga/path, He stressed upon it in hope that Arjun will finally decide to take that path.

7. Understand it through reverse example. Suppose you are standing on a crossroad and you asked a person that which path will take you to Temple? And he happened to reply that take any path, you will reach temple. Then 99% chances are that you will continue to stand on crossroad and won't be able to decide which path to take? In order to help you in deciding the path, it is necessary that person should assert on one path and say that this path will take you to Temple.

8. Same concept we can see in matters of religion. Initially, the purpose behind stressing upon any religion as correct or best one was to help us in deciding about following one path among many, so that our journey can begin. But with time, it has taken the shape of fundamentalism and religions have become the modes of ego satisfaction when people started saying that only their religion is best.

9. And we can see the glimpse of same fundamentalism and ego satisfaction in this question as to which stream of Astrology is more accurate? Western Astrologers will work overtime to prove that their branch is correct and Eastern Astrologers will bring all the scriptures from times immemorial to prove that their branch is correct. As I see, it is just a matter of ego satisfaction. When you are trying so hard to prove that what you follow is correct, then it is indirect way of saying that "how can I be wrong"?

10. As I see, different streams of Astrology are nothing but separate paths which lead us to same destination. Bring any chart to me and I can give you exact same prediction by using any stream of Astrology. It is just the matter of how good I am with interpretation and how wealthy I am with words? At times, it may require less or more research on different paths but end result will be same.

11. For me, it is always a futile discussion that which stream of Astrology is better as I have learnt from all the branches. In my initial days of learning Astrology, I extensively followed Lada Duncheva and Alyssa Sharpe, both Western Astrologers and I learnt a lot from both of them, like I learnt from all other Astrologers. So, every stream of Astrology is an equally important stream of knowledge. Take knowledge from whichever source possible.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 18th Sep, 2019

There is a reason why we meet a few people in our lives and we end-up in having a relationship with them. It is fascinating that one event in family can be seen from chart of any or all family members. You may need to do little more research and spend little more time but in 99% of cases, you would be able to see the same event from every chart in family.

1. My grandfather's critical health was very evident from his chart which made me to travel all of a sudden as I realized that this month could be tough for him.

2. But then while sitting in hospital and then at home, when I reflected back at charts of other family members, I realized that same event can be seen from any chart in family.

3. Like, if we just look at my chart here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/astrologer, my main running dasha is Jupiter-Venus. As discussed in my Sannyas related article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Sannyas, this dasha only looks good as both planets are benefic by nature but actually they both are Maraka Planets for me. So, this dasha is not as benefic as it looks like for me.

4. Now, I was under Jupiter-Venus-Sun dasha when I was initiated in Sannyas. Sun rules my 10th house/Leo of public recognition and my recognition as Vishal S Saxena was killed and I got a new recognition as Swami Premanand Bharti.

5. Now, Venus is in 2nd house/Sagittarius and Jupiter rules it. So, both maraka planets are activating my 2nd house/Sagittarius. Along with other things, this house represents our family lineage. As I spent more than half of my life under the shelter and guidance of my maternal grandfather, for me, that becomes my family lineage because his family was the one which I saw from 5 years of age. I never had any major connection with my father side relatives. Also, as a family, we all belong to UP and my grandfather was the last link who was keeping us connected to those roots. So, this maraka dasha very much indicates that some event related to family lineage may happen.

6. Then the most important factor, pratyantar dasha of Moon from 27th July, 2019 to 16th Oct, 2019. Moon represents Mother and Mother side relatives. Moon is in 7th house which is 4th from 4th house. As 4th house represents Mother, 7th house would represent Mother's Mother. So, event may take place in family of mother's mother. Needless to say that 7th house itself is another Maraka house.

7. Also, 2nd house is 8th from 7th house which indicates major transformation in family of mother's mother. So, dashas itself is indicating that some event can be there at family of mother's mother which can be of transformative nature.

8. Now, annual transits. Transit of the year, Saturn-Ketu transiting in 2nd house of family lineage and over 7th house lord Venus, separation from family lineage. 2nd house lord Jupiter is also in Scorpio, a sign of death and re-birth.

9. 7th lord Venus was already in Virgo on the date of his demise. So, no support from 7th lord too.

10. Rahu entered in Ardra at about 12 noon and he passed away around 4 pm.

The purpose behind posting this analysis is only to let you know that an event in family can be seen from any member's chart. Likewise, any positive event would also be seen from any family member's chart. May be next time I will post analysis on some positive event from any of my family member's chart to keep balance. Our lives are connected somehow. Also, this indicates that if any event happens in our lives then it requires conspiracy of all planets. Only one planet going here to there or dashas starting or finishing can be just a foundation for an event but actual event would require assistance of majority of planets.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 21st Sep, 2019 

3 most effective remedies of Astrology -

1. Receptivity to Counselling.
2. Awareness.
3. Pro-activeness.


Among the recent transits, Rahu's transit in Ardra is much discussed and lots of people are speculating as to how it is going to impact human life? This transit is from 12th Sep, 2019 to 20th May, 2020. So, this is my short analysis on this transit -

1. As I see, it is always easier to interpret malefic planets as they seldom change their basic nature. They are supposed to bring difficulties in our lives and bring situations where we are required to work hard.

2. Even when Mars is exalted or Saturn is exalted then it is not that they are going to let-go of their basic nature which is malefic and which makes us work hard towards our ambitions with perseverance.

3. Hence, I am in disagreement with any such interpretation which says that if Rahu is transiting its own nakshatra then it is going to be a very good transit. Such interpretations are nothing but giving a false dream/hope to person and eventually it leads to situations where people lose faith in astrology because the end result of transits won't be as per the dreams given.

4. Simplest way to interpret any planetary position or transit is by looking at the nature of sign or nakshatra and nature of planet involved. Now, Ardra is nakshatra of major transformative and chaotic events - https://www.astrosaxena.com/ardranaksh and Rahu's basic nature is to blow things out of proportion related with sign or nakshatra it is in.

5. And we can see this trend with Rahu's transit in Gemini in last 6 months where fake news had become a norm and biggest problem for all of us. So, now we can interpret Rahu's transit in Ardra Nakshatra easily.

6. Ardra is all about chaotic & major transformative events in life and Rahu is all about blowing things out of proportion. So, it is clear that this transit is going to bring major chaotic and transformative changes in our lives. Events and changes can be related with house Rahu rules in birth chart and the house it is transiting in Gemini sign in a particular chart.

7. As Ardra also represents storms and cyclones, we can see increase in natural calamities or disasters around us.

8. The same rule can be applied to Rahu's transit in other Rahu ruled nakshatra Swati and Shatabhishak where Rahu is going to blow things related with Swati and Shatabhishak out of proportion.

9. Even if Rahu is transiting in Ketu ruled nakshatras Ashwini, Magha and Moola, it is bringing similar results of blowing things of Ashwini, Magha and Moola's nature out of proportions.

10. Last but not the least, the maximum results will be seen by people who are in Rahu MD/AD. Still, 8 months is a long time to see the results of this transit.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 22nd Sep, 2019 

So, I had this question in my mind from some time, if anyone can help me then I will be grateful.

1. I understand and agree that it is right of a professional to charge fee for the professional services he/she is providing and I can't have any objection to it as to the amount of fee someone is charging.

2. But my question or doubt is when I see separate fee structure for Indians and Non-Indians. Or I should say different fee amount for someone who is paying in INR Vs someone who is paying in USD. Not only among Astrologers but I have seen this happening with other professionals too.

3. Moreover, almost 100% of times, these professionals are charging more fee from people who are paying in USD. It means if a service is available in 1000 INR then same service can be available in 25-30 USD which is way more than 1000 INR.

4. Again, my problem is not the amount charged for services but difference in treatment between an Indian and Non-Indian client. Especially when we claim that we are a country which is against any kind of discrimination.

Now, my questions or doubts?

a. Why a person who is paying in USD is supposed to pay more fee for same service. I mean, a Career Consultation would take similar amount of time, effort and utilization of skills for me then why a person paying in USD should pay more than a person paying in INR?

b. If I say that I give some value added service to person paying me in USD then it gives a worse feeling that I am not honestly helping and not providing full support to someone who is paying in INR.

c. The most common response I got to my doubt here in my oral communication with my friends is that as people living in other countries are rich, they are supposed to pay more?

d. If it is really the reason of asking more fee from a non-Indian then it is the most childish reason I have ever heard. It is a great ignorance to think that every one living in countries other than India are rich. I have majority of clients from western world and I know that all of them are not super-rich. Actually, there are only handful who are millionaires among them.

e. At the same time, I have found that people living in western world do have high integrity and dignity. I never received any request of free consultation or of any concession in fee from anyone living in western world. I remember that one of my client took career report from me and paid total fee of 15 USD in 3 installments of 5 USD each in 3 months but she never asked for any concession or free service.

f. So, it will be very childish to say that everyone in other countries than India is rich and they are supposed to pay more. But even if we accept this logic then it should work from opposite direction too. It means that if I want to take more fee from those who are rich then I should be equally willing to provide free consultation to those who are poor.

g. I repeat that I have no problem in anyone charging any amount of fee but all I am saying is that it should be uniform for all. Charging different fee from people of different countries is nothing but demographic and racial discrimination.

Kindly help me in understanding this.



Post on 27th Sep, 2019 

So, Mars has entered in Virgo sign on 25th Sep where it will remain till 10th Nov. Let's see, what we can expect during this transit of Mars -

1. Mars will be in Virgo sign for next 45 days. It is ruled by Mercury. As Mars and Mercury are great enemies, Mars is not in good dignity in Virgo. Hence, this transit is one where lots of care and awareness is needed. Now, important thing is that Mars represents quick actions, so it becomes more necessary that we should remain aware of this transit and its results else later we may not get enough time to handle or manage things as events may unfold so quickly.

2. Mars represents our actions, efforts, aggression and courage etc. When it is in wrong dignity, it means that our actions, efforts, aggression and courage can go into wrong directions. We can be misguided or misdirected in our efforts during next 45 days.

3. As Virgo is sign of conflicts and Mars also represents fighting, it is necessary that we must remain aware to mitigate any such circumstances where we may end-up in having an unnecessary conflict.

4. As Virgo is ruled by Mercury which represents communications, there can be malefic impact of Mars on our communications which can bring conflicts and disputes for us. Conflicts can be with people related with the house where Virgo is falling in your chart. Like, an Aquarius ascendant person can have these conflicts or arguments with in-laws as Virgo falls in 8th house of in-laws.

5. Then Mars in bad dignity can also bring circumstances of accidents, surgeries or bloodshed especially if Virgo is one of Dushthana house or 4th house where Mars loses its directional strength too.

6. Although 4 planets are in Virgo right now which makes Virgo energy as prominent force in our lives but this energy will be mild once Mercury-Venus enters in Libra next week. We can say that current transit of 4 planets in Virgo is last bit of troublesome transits during this year. After that, we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. After this Mars in Virgo transit, things may start improving, at least in transits.

This transit of Mars is also creating few joint impacts with other planets as follows –

a. Mars-Saturn will be aspecting each other on Sagittarius-Virgo axis. Mars-Saturn together create stress. So, we can expect stress around the houses where Sagittarius and Virgo are falling in charts. Like for me as Scorpio ascendant, they are in 2nd house and 11th house. Hence, I may feel stress around money factor.

b. Mars-Jupiter both will aspect on Pisces. So, people can become opinionated and kind of fundamentalist with things related to the house where Pisces is falling in chart. At the same time, it can make people pursue spiritual pursuits like Yoga with more energy.

c. Mars-Ketu both will aspect Aries sign. Mars-Ketu combination brings explosive and sudden events. So, there can be some sudden events related with the house where Aries is falling in chart.

As always, transits give results only after overall chart and dashas also show same result. So, we need to look at chart and dashas too. Mars’ good position in birth chart can also help us navigating tough transits. Still, needless to say that we need to be careful and aware during this transit to avoid conflicts, arguments and any sudden event.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti

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