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Saturn in next 75 days


Saturn has just turned in the sign of Aquarius (https://www.astrosaxena.com/SatTrAqua2223 and https://www.astrosaxena.com/SatTrAqua2223-2) where it will stay for 2.5 months. Then it will turn back in Capricorn in mid-July, 2022. Then it will again go into Aquarius in Jan, 2023 to have its normal transit of about 2.5 years. So, how we should interpret this 75 days transit of Saturn in Aquarius from now to mid-July, 2022?


As I see, in these 75 days, Saturn will give us glimpses of its bigger transit in Aquarius from Jan, 2023. It means that we may face some Saturnine issues in the house where Saturn is transiting in Aquarius till mid-July, 2022 as per our chart.  Those issues can be an indication around bigger troubles which we can be facing in similar matters from Jan, 2023, if we don’t start taking any pro-active measures.

For example –

If someone faces financial issues in these 75 days then it is more a case that Saturn in Aquarius transit from Jan, 2023 will be financially challenging. So, they need to learn how to be smart with their expenses and money management? If they don’t take proactive measures in money matters then they may even face lack of resources when Saturn comes in Aquarius again for longer transit from Jan, 2023.


Likewise, if someone faces health issues for himself or in family in these 75 days then they may have to be more careful in health during Jan, 2023 transit.


If someone faces relationship issues in these 75 days then understand that Jan, 2023 transit would require lots of adjustment in relation to sustain it.


If someone faces issues with Bosses or seniors at work during next couple of months then may be Jan, 2023 transit may bring change in job or career.


So, all we need to do in next 75 days is to be receptive towards omens and indications of Saturn’s transit in next 75 days and prepare ourselves proactively for Jan, 2023 transits. Universe is trying its best to talk to us through omens and if we are receptive then things can be much better in life.


I personally feel that all these planets are there to guide us and give us a direction. I don’t feel that Saturn, Nodes or any planet is after our lives and they are having any fun in giving us troubles. They are also trying to guide us but with challenges. There are many ways to heal a person. If gentle and benevolent ways of healing are available then even Shock Therapies are also available and effective. I feel that all the malefic planets provide that Shock Therapy to us, and I personally feel that Humanity is in such a deep sleep that Shock Therapies are very much needed to wake us up. So, please try to be awake, aware and receptive of omens and indications during this short burst transit of Saturn in Aquarius from 29th April, 2022 to Mid-July, 2022, so that we can handle Jan, 2023 transit in better ways.

As Osho says, if we are happy then it is because of our own awareness & actions and if we are suffering then it is because of our own ignorance and inactions.

There is no one else to blame for. Life can improve only when we take responsibility of our actions and inactions.


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Have a great time ahead with all the upcoming transits.




Swami Premanand Bharti


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