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Saturn in Aquarius Transit - 1


Saturn Transit in Aquarius from April to July, 2022 and from Jan, 2023 to Mar, 2025.

THE TRANSIT of all transits is about to happen. Saturn will enter into Aquarius from its current position of Capricorn on 29th April, 2022 where it will remain till 12th July, 2022. Then Saturn will go back in Capricorn for about 6 months and re-enter Aquarius from 17th Jan, 2023 to stay there till 29th Mar, 2025. Saturn transit in Aquarius sign between 29th April, 2022 to 12th July, 2022 will give us glimpse of Saturn in Aquarius transit and the full-fledged results will be at display from Jan, 2023 to Mar, 2025. Like this, Saturn will complete its about 2.5 years transit in Aquarius on 29th Mar, 2025.


In every sign, Saturn transits for about 2.5 years. It is the longest duration of transit among all visible planets. Hence, Saturn MD/AD and transits are known to bring the biggest changes in life. We all can go back in our memories to verify this fact. Like, in my case, my 1st career change came when I had Saturn Return. During my last Saturn AD, I started studying astrology seriously. Then, as I am Scorpio Ascendant, transit of Saturn in Scorpio from Nov, 2014 made me realize my life path (ascendant) in astrology. So, always pay major attention at Saturn during Dashas and Transits.

Now, there are planets which have bigger transits like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Their transits in a sign take from 7 years up to 15 years, but as they are invisible planets, they are not used to see the predictions of visible events like Marriage, Child Birth etc. It means they can be utilized to see the invisible events like Spiritual Awakening, Destruction of Ego and realizing your true self. As these are events which happen inside us and not visible to world, they can be seen and predicted from position and transits of invisible planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Anyways, Saturn is known to bring changes in life, but it only brings change when you are on wrong path to bring you back to right path. Two examples I can give here. Shri Sachin Tendulkar must have gone through few Saturn AD and all important Saturn transits over his Ascendant, Moon, Sun, Saturn Return and 10th house, but it never changed his life path of being a sports person because he was on right life path. Another example, Shri Amitabh Bachchan changed his career twice; i.e. 1st in 1984 when he tried to be a politician and then in 1995 when he tried to be a businessman. During the same Saturn transits, in which he tried to change his career, he was forced back by Saturn to movies as it was his right life path. So, we can say that Saturn brings change in life path and career only when you are on wrong path. So, the best thing you can do during any Saturn Transits, especially over Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Saturn Return, 10th house etc, is not to resist. Just be ready to change as Saturn wants you to change and let’s see where Saturn leads you finally. It’s not that by resisting change, you will be able to make any difference but it is just that by not resisting, transformation will be easy. If someone wants to know if he is under Saturn’s impact or not then well, if you are alive and breathing then yeas, you are under Saturn’s impact as Saturn itself represents Time which we are living in this world.

Now, let’s see all the important factors attached with this transit of Saturn in Aquarius –

Saturn’s current transit in Capriorn – First of all, we should check if Saturn’s current transit in Capricorn (https://www.astrosaxena.com/sat20) has given us results in last 2.5 years or not because if we got results of Saturn’s transit in Capricorn then we will also be getting results of Saturn in Aquarius transit. Saturn transit in Capricorn started along with Pandemic in Jan, 2020. As discussed in above quoted article, Saturn in Capricorn transit bought authorities or governments under fire, largely due to mishandling of pandemic. We have seen 1000s of new laws and rules imposed on us during this transit which represent Saturn’s limitations. This transit also destroyed human ego and we have seen that how miserable we can be in situations of any disaster. As Saturn represents limitations and it was in own sign, many things in our life were reduced to minimum. As Capricorn is natural 10th sign showing 10th house energy of work, this transit brought situations where lots of people faced stressful situations in their career and we have seen recession along with pandemic.

At personal level, Saturn was transiting my 3rd house and throughout this transit, I was focused on my work, business and communications. In last 6 months or so, I also started teaching astrology which is again a representation of 3rd house.

So, we can say that Saturn in Capricorn transit really made an impact on human life. Hence, it is all necessary to know the results of and proactively prepare for Saturn in Aquarius transit.

Saturn - Saturn is all that which we don't like in our life. Saturn is Delay, Frustration, Restriction, Limitation and Anxiety. It is Delay, Perseverance, Hard-work and Labour. It is people of Authority, like Boss at your work place or Father at home. Saturn is our challenges and biggest lessons of life. Saturn is Old-age, Teeth/Bones in human body, Diseases, Transformation etc. Saturn is Discipline, Organisation, Structure, Government, Law & Order etc.

Aquarius - Aquarius is 11th sign of zodiac belt, hence it signifies the things and energy related with 11th house of horoscope, such as Gains, Desires, Hopes and Wishes, Large Organisations, Network Circles etc. Besides this, Aquarius also represents Scientific Thinking & Research, Uplifting the Society, Higher Goals & Rewards for all. Aquarius is made of another set of 2 and half Nakshatra, i.e. Dhanishtha, Satabhisha and Purva-Bhadrapada. Aquarius Lord is Saturn & Rahu.

Saturn in Aquarius and understanding Saturn – Saturn will be in own/Mool Trikon sign. Hence dignity-wise, it is very strong as any planet in own sign is like any person in his own home, feeling safe and secured. But the biggest mistake we can do in interpreting Saturn is to attach “good or beneficial” word while interpreting Saturn. This is one of the biggest confusion and kind of dream given by astrologers to people. As Saturn represents challenges, changes and difficulties on its “OWN”, it will represent same things in any house, any sign or any chart. Best way to understand Saturn is to understand it as polar opposite of Venus. Venus represents our conveniences. So, Saturn will represent our inconveniences. Just like, Venus is beneficial in any house, any sign or in any chart (at least in matters of non-living significances), likewise, Saturn will be malefic and bring misery in any house, any sign or in any chart. Another way to understand Saturn is through mythology where Saturn was discarded by father-mother and un-loved by siblings. Now, you can give to others what you have. As Saturn only received suffering from others, it can give only suffering to others. In a way, it is easiest to interpret Saturn because its results are always going to bring challenges, difficulties and hardships to people. In signs like Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio, it can become more challenging but it can never become less challenging or convenient for us. At the same time, Saturn is the only one planet which wants us to become perfect and legend in our field. Saturn represents repetitive efforts and perseverance. So, it wants us to pick one work and do it so repetitively over the longest period of time that we should become perfect at it. This is the only benefit of Saturn that it has the potential to make us legend. Last but not the least, another illusion spread is that Saturn matures at 35 and it becomes mild after that. Well, Saturn is already matured as it is in sky for God knows how many years, it just that we become matured after 35 and start understanding and co-operating with Saturn energy in a better way. So, if someone is immature at 50 then Saturn can still bring its harsh results and if someone is mature at 20 then Saturn can still be mild. So, what matters is maturity of person and not of Saturn.


As I see, following results will be apparent as Saturn transits into Aquarius –

  • If there is any position of Saturn which is little better to us where it sheds away its basic Tamasik nature even by 1% then it is this one. As Aquarius is Mool Trikon Sign of Saturn, this is where it becomes little better towards us, but only little.
  • If in other signs it makes you work hard till mid-30s before it gives any result then in Aquarius, it will do so till you are 32-33. So, it is almost same, just a little bit of difference.
  • Here Saturn makes a person work hard towards serving humanity or serving a higher cause. Here, person will either work in large organizations or he will be working hard in serving a higher cause.
  • Aquarius is sign of serving humanity and we are certainly in phase where we have to serve humanity, so that we should be on our feet again. Saturn will teach us the ways to devote ourselves for higher cause rather than living a selfish life.
  • Aquarius is sign of Entrepreneurship. Saturn in Aquarius transit can create situations where people would be forced to start their own business or entrepreneurship. It means that stress in job setup work can come, so that people can be pushed towards business setup work.
  • As Saturn represents Technology, Saturn in Aquarius people are very much inclined towards new-age technology, scientific inventions and serving humanity through technology or scientific means but may be later in life after putting best hard work and efforts. In initial life, Saturn in Aquarius people can be very reluctant to work with new technology.
  • Aquarius is natural 11th sign which has 11th house energy of desires and gains. Saturn transiting through Aquarius can give situations where people would feel lack of resources and lack of manifestation of desires. It means that they need to put an extra hard work to get their desires and ambitions done.
  • This fact can be seen from the transit of Saturn into Dhanishtha Nakshatra, as it is nakshatra of finance and wealth. This again means that people should work on savings and avoid overspendings.
  • Then natural results of Saturn will always be on fore where Saturn transit will teach us lesson of being organised, structured and hard working. Saturn will put us in circumstances where we need to be very disciplined, hard working and practical in life and then only we can expect some benefits to come from this Saturn’s transit.
  • Aquarius is also sign of rewards and recognition. So, this transit can bring rewards and recognition but above two conditions are primary. Whoever is putting his best efforts with perseverance is going to get the rewards from Saturn.
  • In personal life, if Saturn is going to impact your relationship oriented houses or planets then relationship can sustain only on the ground of practicality and realistic approach. Dream romance may not work here. Maintaining a long distance relationship during this transit is not a bad idea in such cases.
  • So, challenges and changes will be there during this transit too but whosoever is facing those challenges heads-on that person can receive some rewards from this transit.

Transit Period – As I said, Saturn will enter into Aquarius from its current position of Capricorn on 29th April, 2022 where it will remain till 12th July, 2022. Then Saturn will go back in Capricorn for about 6 months and re-enter Aquarius from 17th Jan, 2023 to stay there till 29th Mar, 2025. Saturn transit in Aquarius sign between 29th April, 2022 to 12th July, 2022 will give us glimpse of Saturn in Aquarius transit and the full-fledged results will be at display from Jan, 2023 to Mar, 2025. Like this, Saturn will complete its about 2.5 years transit in Aquarius on 29th Mar, 2025.

Saturn Retrograde – During these 3 years, Saturn will retrograde 3 times. These are –

  • June, 2022 to Oct, 2022.
  • June, 2023 to Nov, 2023.
  • June, 2024 to Nov, 2024

As Saturn represents our duties and commitments in this world, when Saturn retrogrades, we tend to reflect back on our duties and commitments. These will be the time period when we will question our work and commitment in life. Again, if we are on wrong path, we can switch back to the right path but if we are on right path, we will continue on it. Also, as retrograde planets are closer to Earth, we will see these results of Saturn with higher intensity. Retrogrades are actually time during the year when we are forced to take actions over things which we were neglecting/ignoring over long period of time.

Saturn Return – People born between March 5, 1993 – Feb 16, 1996 will go through their Saturn Return (http://astrosaxena.com/satreturn). Likewise, people who are around 58-60 years of age and 88-90 years of age will have their 2nd and 3rd Saturn Return respectively.



Sadhe Sati – First phase of 2.5 years of Sadhe Sati (https://www.astrosaxena.com/ssdt) will start for people born with Moon in Pisces. Middle phase of 2.5 years of Sadhe Sati will start for people born with Moon in Aquarius, which is actually the most impactful 2.5 years from the whole Sadhe Sati as Saturn goes directly over Moon and brings stress. Last phase of 2.5 years of Sadhe Sati will start for people born with Moon in Capricorn.



Dhaiya – Many people also take Saturn’s Dhaiya (https://www.astrosaxena.com/ssdt) in consideration. This is when Saturn transits 4th house/sign or 8th house/sign from birth moon sign. As always, it shows the transit of changes. So, people born with Moon in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio will go through their Dhaiya Transits.



Benefic Transit – More or less every Saturn transit brings stress and changes related to the sign and house involved. Even when it was in Libra, between 2011 to 2014, a sign of relationships where it is exalted, it caused many break-ups and divorces. But during my study and research, I have come to know that whenever Saturn transits 3rd house, 6th house and 11th house from birth Moon sign, it brings something new in life, like some new interest, skills and hobbies. If we can cling on to these things and work on those skills then it can be useful during other transits when Saturn goes through other houses from Moon. It means those skills will help you in earning or gains if you could cling to them. Like, for Sagittarius, Virgo and Aries Moon sign people, Saturn will be transiting in 3rd house, 6th house or 11th house respectively. Hence, it will bring some new knowledge, talent, skills to these people which can be nurtured, and with time, people can take benefit out of it, Like, I started learning Astrology when Saturn was in Libra, 6th house from my birth Moon sign Taurus. I could somehow understand it and could cling on to it, which helped me during Saturn’s transit into Scorpio. So, at every transit, these planets want to prepare us for the next level in life. But again, things will happen as per Saturn’s nature, i.e, hard work, perseverance and delay.


Other important transits – Besides these, if Saturn is transiting over Ascendant, i.e. if you are Aquarius Ascendant, or Saturn is transiting over Sun then it is equally important transit.



Houses – Now, Saturn will transit in Aquarius but for every ascendant Saturn rules different houses and hence takes shape of planet ruling a different area of life. Like, for Aries Ascendant, Saturn rules 10th house (Capricorn) & 11th house (Aquarius), hence Saturn is Career & Income related planet for Aries people but for Cancer Ascendant, Saturn rules 7th house (Capricorn) and 8th house (Aquarius), so it becomes a relationship centric planet for Cancer Ascendant. Also, Saturn will be in different house in every birth chart. So, during this Saturn transit, not only we need to work hard and take responsibilities related to Aquarius nature, as discussed above, and the house it is transiting but also we will see results of things related to the houses Saturn rules and house where it sits in a chart. We need to keep in mind where Capricorn and Aquarius falls from a certain Ascendant or Moon sign.



Saturn’s Aspects – Now, important thing is not to forget the aspects of Saturn. Besides the normal 7th house aspect, Saturn also has 3rd house and 10th house aspect. So, during transit too, Saturn will aspect at these 3 houses from the house it sits. Let’s see, what these 3 aspects mean –

  • 3rd house – As 3rd house is house of Efforts and Actions, Saturn’s 3rd aspect shows where we need to put extra effort and take actions as per birth chart or during a transit like this, as the case may be.
  • 7th house – Saturn’s 7th aspect as per the birth chart or during transit, as the case may be, shows where we feel that we have got limited results and we need to show patience and perseverance to get its results.
  • 10th house – As 10th house relates to Duties and Responsibilities, Saturn’s 10th aspect shows where we need to perform our duties and responsibilities as per birth chart or during a transit, as the case may be.


Dashas – As Saturn’s transit is 2.5 years long, it really doesn’t matter whether you are under Saturn Dasha or not. Saturn will catch you at any time during this period, but yes if someone is under Saturn dasha then things will be much more intense.

Nakshatra – During this transit, Saturn will transit over all 3 nakshatras of Aquarius, i.e. Dhanishtha, Satabhishak and Purva Bhadrapada. Saturn will be putting its limitation, delay and hard work factor over the things represented by these nakshatras. 


Planet in Aquarius – Now, if someone has planet in Aquarius in birth chart then results related to that planet will also be seen during this transit as Saturn will be going back and forth over that planet. Any time transiting planet going over birth chart planet is indication of concrete events happening. Like, I have Ketu in 4th house/Aquarius and I am expecting Saturn transit in Aquarius as an eventful one for me in matters of home, real estate and mother etc.


Other Transits and Joint Impacts – Then we also need to take care of transits of other planets and joint impacts they may make with Saturn. Like, Saturn was in Capricorn from Jan, 2020 but we saw its results with the highest intensity during 2021 when Saturn was joined by Jupiter in Capricorn and Sun-Mercury-Venus also followed Jupiter in Jan-Feb, 2021. This was the time when pandemic reached its peak. Likewise, we need to keep an eye on various different transits of other planets over next 3 years and what combinations they are making with Saturn. This is something which we can cover periodically when such transits happen. Everything can’t be covered in 1 article. As we go through those transits, we will study them in separate articles.

Ascendant wise Analysis in Part - 2 - https://www.astrosaxena.com/SatTrAqua2223-2

(Swami Premanand Bharti)

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