Sadhe Sati, Dhaiya & Other Transits of Saturn

It is kind of unbelievable for me to realize that I have written so much about Saturn in last 2 years but I have somehow missed writing about its two most feared transits, i.e. Sadhe Sati & Dhaiya. Better to be late than never. May be it is destiny attached with Saturn that something or the other will be delayed. So, here it is, Sadhe Sati & Dhaiya. Let’s cover these two topics under following points – 

Saturn Transits
Sadhe Sati 
Saturn & Moon Position in Birth Chart. 
Signs involved. 
Saturn’s Dasha. 
Maturity Age. 
Other important Transits of Saturn

Let’s cover all points one after the other – 

Saturn Transits – Generally speaking, Sadhe Sati & Dhaiya transit of Saturn are most feared ones and the main reason behind fear is unawareness. Astrology and specifically all the malefic planets are utilized by some people as tools for making quick money and hence, they spread fear revolving around all malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn & Mars. Saturn transits like Sadhe Sati and Dhaiya are given a bad name as being transits which bring bad results and misery in life. But if you are worried about Sadhe Sati and Dhaiya transits of Saturn as being hard transits then actually you should be worried about every transit of Saturn as Saturn’s basic nature is malefic and it is supposed to make us work hard in life. So, 1st general rule with Saturn and it’s any transit is that hard work would be needed in that particular area of life where Saturn is transiting. There is no exception to it. Saturn is all about Hard Work and facing challenges in life. Hence, I am not going to give any consolation here. Saturn is going to bring hardships and will make you work multiple times more but if you are ready to take challenges and put hard work into practice then rewards are also guaranteed by Saturn. With this prelude, let’s see Sadhe Sati & Dhaiya. 

Sadhe Sati – Sadhe Sati is normally referred as 7.5 years of miserable time a person goes through when he is under impact of Saturn. Well, if you are alive and breathing then you are under impact of all planets, including Saturn. Then what is Sadhe Sati? Transit of Saturn in one house/sign takes about 2.5 years. So, when Saturn is transiting in sign before your Moon Sign in birth chart, then in sign of your Moon Sign in birth chart and then in sign after your Moon Sign in birth chart, that makes 3 transits of Saturn in total. So, 2.5 x 3 = 7.5 years, which is called in Hindi as Sadhe Saat Saal and hence it becomes a Sadhe Sati period. Like, if I am born with Moon in Sagittarius then my Sadhe Sati will have 3 phases. 1st phase is when Saturn enters Scorpio, then 2nd phase is when Saturn enters Sagittarius and then last phase will be when Saturn transits through Capricorn. Like this, my Moon/Mind of birth chart will be under constant pressure of Saturn. As it comes to 7.5 years in total when person’s Moon/Mind is under the effect of Saturn, it is projected that this time period brings a lot of misery and person’s peace of mind is vanished due to Saturn’s transit over Moon. But as always, we need to consider a lot of things before finally deciding anything – 

  • 1st phase/1st 2.5 years of Sadhe Sati – So, Sadhe Sati begins when Saturn enters in the sign before your birth Moon Sign. Like, I gave example that 1st phase will be when Saturn enters Scorpio for someone with Moon in Sagittarius. Now in 1st phase, Saturn is transiting 12th house from Moon Sign (Scorpio is 12 houses away from Sagittarius). As 12th house is house of Ending/Closing Things, it shows that when person has 1st phase of Sadhe Sati, person will finish up the pending matters of long time in which he is mentally/emotionally involved/exhausted (as it is transit related with Moon/Mind). So, it will remain a closing time or Saturn will at least give an indication that you need to close few things/relations in life as they are not fruitful for you in long run. One good thing about Saturn is that since it is a slow moving planet, nothing happens suddenly. It gives many indications/signs and advices through people in lives. The event will happen only when we remain blind and deaf to all the indications and symbols. So, this phase kind of sets the stage for the next phase. If person is pro-active, he can finish/close matters now only and won’t wait for Saturn to bring its results.
  • 2nd phase/Middle 2.5 years of Sadhe Sati – 2nd phase is the one which brings the actual results of Sadhe Sati. If someone really wants to be careful and aware then it is this time period when Saturn transits right over your birth Moon sign. Like in our example, 2nd phase is when Saturn enters Sagittarius and transits over birth Moon in Sagittarius. This is when stress really becomes part of life as Saturn is transiting right over the Moon sign. So, mind feels constant pressure in this time. As Saturn represents major changes in life, this time can bring some huge changes because of which mental state becomes stressful. But don’t forget the 1st phase here. Saturn was giving us indications in 1st phase which we might have ignored. Hence, now Saturn will have to take things in its own hands and start changing/closing things which we didn’t changed/closed at 1st place. So again, it is all in our benefits only as those things/people were not supposed to stay for long time anyways. Health wise also, this is the time to look after. As Moon also represents Mother, it may be the time when you may want to look after Mother’s heath. So if you ask me the most important time during Sadhe Sati then it will be this time of middle phase. As one door closes and another opens, Saturn closes the old things in life and makes new beginnings in life. 
  • 3rd phase/Final 2.5 years of Sadhe Sati – Final phase of Sadhe Sati is when Saturn enters/transits in the next sign to birth Moon Sign. Like in our example, final phase of Sadhe Sati will be when Saturn transits through Capricorn with birth Moon sign being Sagittarius. Now, Saturn will be transiting 2nd house from Moon sign as Capricorn is 2nd sign from Sagittarius. 2nd house is house of Wealth and Values. Now, Saturn will give us rewards/gains of the first and middle phases of Sadhe Sati. Now, Saturn, i.e. The Lord of Justice, will judge our actions of last 5 years of its transits. It will see how responsible, hard working and receivable we were to the changes and transformations that Saturn has brought in last 5 years. Did we accept the challenges or did we run away? Did we heed to advice or we neglected advice? Did we become humble (as it is the very main job of Saturn to make us humble) or did we remain egoistic/arrogant? So, when Saturn is in the final phase of Sadhe Sati, it checks the balance sheet of our karma and according to that decides our rewards/gains of Sadhe Sati. So, if you ask me about how to negotiate through Sadhe Sati, then 1st of all be humble, then accept the changes & challenges, be careful about health issues when Saturn is in middle phase of Sadhe Sati and be in the state of Let-Go for things & people who leave you in this total transit of Sadhe Sati. There is no other remedy which I know of at least. 

Dhaiya – Dhaiya is another Saturn transit which is feared-off generally. In contrast to Sadhe Sati, it is only 2.5 years period. This happens at 2 occasions. 

  • Saturn transiting 4th house away from birth Moon Sign – So, if I am born with Moon in Taurus, I will have Dhaiya transit of Saturn when Saturn is transiting Leo, as Leo is 4 houses away from Taurus. The reason is that Saturn’s 10th house aspect becomes effective over Moon. From Leo, Saturn’s 10th house aspect will be in Taurus which is my Moon sign. So, Saturn’s 10th house aspect directly falls on Moon. Saturn’s 10th aspect is about Duty & Responsibility and as its aspect is coming on Moon, it shows that mind feels stress as new duties and responsibilities come upon individual. Now, the nature of duties will be as per house involved. Like, if Saturn is in 5th house and aspects Moon in 2nd house, then it may be responsibility of Children, Education, Love/Romance and Wealth related issues. 
  • Saturn transiting 8th house away from birth Moon Sign – So in same example, if I am born with Moon in Taurus, I will have another Dhaiya transit of Saturn when Saturn is transiting Sagittarius, as Sagittarius is 8 houses away from Taurus. The reason is that 8th house is house of transformation/changes and Saturn is the karaka of changes/8th house. So, when Saturn transits 8th house from Moon, then mind feels stress due to some big changes in life. Again, nothing is going to have sudden change with Saturn. Saturn will always indicate & warn and when we don’t listen to that then only it will bring transformation. Again, changes will be related to the houses Moon and Saturn are in. If Moon is in 7th house and Saturn transiting 2nd house (8th house from 7th house), then things will transform in matters of relations and family. Like this, Sadhe Sati and Dhaiya works. 

Saturn’s & Moon’s Position in Birth Chart – Now, an important aspect related with results during Saturn transits is Saturn’s & Moon’s position in Birth Chart. If these two planets are well placed in birth chart then there is a great chance that person will go through the Saturn transits and may even be benefitted as he will be able to see the indications which Saturn is giving and will be receivable to advice of people which Moon/Mind is getting. Another thing that can help here is Meditation to keep a balanced mind. Real problem may come when Saturn & Moon both are badly placed in birth chart with no support of benefic planets or other yogas. 

Signs involved – Another important factor is that which sign Saturn is transiting? If Saturn is transiting in exalted, friendly or neutral sign, then things may not be much stressful. But if it is in enemy or debilitated sign, then things related to the house it is going through may have some real stress going, if no further benefic impact or yoga is there. 

Saturn’s Dasha – One big factor remains during Saturn transits is whether person is under Saturn MD/AD or not. If person is also under Saturn Dashas, then things are bound to be further intense, which doesn’t mean that person will be screwed but it only means that results will come to him more intensely. If a change/transformation of Dhaiya for someone in Jupiter MD will start manifesting in 2nd year, then change/transformation of Dhaiya for someone in Saturn MD may begin right from the day of transit. Actually, I have a client who has Saturn in 8th house (Occult) and he sent his request for consultation the very next day of beginning of his Saturn MD. So, it can be as quick as this. 

Maturity Age - Saturn's maturity age is 35 years. So, anyone having these transits after the age of 35 years will have little mild effects of Saturn, but only little mild, nothing more than that. 

Other important Transits of Saturn – As I said, if we are scared of Sadhe Sati and Dhaiya transits, then we should be scared of every transit of Saturn because, as it is karaka of transformation, Saturn will bring some change in the area of life where it is transiting. Hence, it is very important to look at other important transits of Saturn, which are as follows – 

  • Saturn’s transit over Ascendant – I am just completing this transit, so right now none knows about it better than me I guess, lol. Ascendant is your life path, so Saturn’s transit will bring changes in your life path, if only you are following the wrong life path. Ascendant also shows Appearances, when Saturn goes through Ascendant, appearance changes. Person may take up new hair style or may be involved in Gym etc. 
  • Saturn’s transit over Sun – As Sun represents Career, Health and Father etc, Saturn’s transit over Sun means the person will go through some changes in Career. It is also the time to take care of own health and Father’s health. There can be stressful situations with people in authority or Bosses or Govt. 
  • Benefic Transits – For a change, Saturn has benefic transits too. It is when Saturn transits 3rd house, 6th house and 11th house away from Moon. So, if someone has Moon in Leo then Saturn’s transit through Libra (3rd house from Leo), Capricorn (6th house from Leo) and Gemini (11th house from Leo) will be benefic. Benefic in what sense? During these 3 transits, person will come to know about a new thing/skill and if he clings on to it during the whole transit, then same thing/skill will be beneficial for him throughout other difficult transits of Saturn. Like, I learnt Astrology when Saturn was in Libra (6th from my birth Moon Taurus) and somehow I got hang of it and stuck with it during whole of 2.5 years of Saturn in Libra, then when Saturn came in Scorpio, same skill helped me to take Astrology as a Profession. So like this, Saturn always brings something new when it transits 3rd house, 6th house or 11th house from birth Moon Sign and if we are receivable to it, cling on to it & ready to work hard, then during other difficult transits of Saturn, same thing will help us. But rest assured, there is no substitute of working hard with Saturn. 
Conclusion – So, scared of Saturn transits? Well, what can we do? We can’t stop it from transiting, right? Then, let’s face the fear. Let’s take all the challenges which Saturn throws up to us, as anyways we have no other option, so that when Saturn transits are over, we can be rewarded by Saturn. Actually, there is a research done which suggests that 90% of US Presidents and Indian PMs were given oath during their Saturn MD or Sadhe Sati. Latest inclusion is US President Elect Donald Trump who is going through Sadhe Sati and who actually took the challenge of President’s Election during middle phase of Sadhe Sati. So, take all the challenges to get all the benefits. Be Humble, Be Meditative, Be Responsible and Be Courageous is mantra towards dealing with any Saturn Transit. 

Hope this helps. Thanks,



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