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Chart of Pablo Picasso


It is always good to find a unique chart every now and then which defies every astrological rules/logic and hurts the ego of astrologers like me. The chart I am going to discuss today is one of that unique category; i.e. Chart of Pablo Picasso.

Let’s cover his chart on following points –



Birth Details and Birth Chart.

Important Points of Chart.

Group Discussion.

Pablo Picasso’s life and his chart indications.

Other Astrological Rules.

Consciousness Level.

Lessons from such chart.



Let’s cover all points one after the other –


Introduction – In case, someone doesn’t know about Legendary Pablo Picasso then He was a legendary Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and theatre designer who spent most of his adult life in France. For more info, please check - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pablo_Picasso.


Birth Details and Birth Chart – When we get into these types of scenarios where person’s life is not getting aligned with his chart at any count then the only question (excuse) we astrologers raise that “probably birth details are not correct?” Somehow it hurts the ego of an astrologer to accept that divine has played a cruel joke with him. But when someone’s even time of birth is available on Wikipedia and they gave references to his birth certificate then there is nothing left to substantiate that excuse too. As per the online information available, Pablo Picasso was born on 25th Oct 1881 at 11.15 pm at Malaga, Spain. As per these birth details, he became Cancer ascendant with Venus in 3rd house/Virgo, Sun in 4th house/Libra, Rahu-Moon-Mercury in 5th house/Scorpio, Saturn in 10th house/Aries, Jupiter-Ketu in 11th house/Taurus and Mars is in 12th house/Gemini.

Important Points of Chart – Now, what is important in this chart? Well, none of the planet is in good dignity.

  • Sun is exactly debilitated at 10 degree in 4th house/Libra where it also loses his directional strength.
  • Moon is debilitated in 5th house/Scorpio. Moon is further conjunct with Rahu and enemy Mercury. Normally, such combinations are seen with criminals.
  • Mars is in enemy sign in Dushthana 12th house/Gemini of losses.
  • Mercury is in enemy sign in 5th house/Scorpio, although creating a Parivartan Yoga with Mars.
  • Jupiter is in enemy sign in 11th house/Taurus.
  • Venus is in debilitation again in 3rd house/Virgo.
  • Saturn is in debilitation again in 10th house/Aries at very near to its deepest debilitation point.
  • I don’t consider Rahu-Ketu as exalted or debilitated but if someone wants to consider it then even Nodes are debilitated in Scorpio/Taurus respectively.

It means that this native had no planet in good dignity. Forget about exaltation of any planet, no planet is even in neutral or friendly sign.

So, if we go by normal logics of astrological rules then this guy should have been doomed for life but thankfully there are some higher forces at work than man-made astrological books and interpretations.


Group Discussion – This chart was shared in our whatsapp group of astrology classes and as you can expect almost all of us failed at predicting this chart completely, except on the points of personal relationship. This reminded me of Osho’s quote on Astrology from book Hidden Mysteries, “The heaviest blow of astrology is upon the ego. If astrology is right, the ego is wrong. Let us understand it this way: if astrology is wrong, then nothing remains to be right but the ego. If astrology is right then the world is right, and only I, as an island, am wrong. I am only an infinitesimal and trifling part of the world -- I am so minute that I cannot even be included in the count. If astrology is right, then I am not there. There is a huge flow of forces in which I am only a small ripple.

Well, if the heaviest blow of Astrology is on ego then it would include Astrologer’s ego too. Charts like this one actually do that job. They remind astrologers like me that someone else is running the show.


Pablo Picasso’s life and his chart indications – Now, if we look at the way Picasso’s life has gone through and the planetary positions he had in his chart, we may find very little alignment. Like,

  • We can understand that he had troubles in personal relations as 7th house lord Saturn and Venus both were debilitated. Even his Dara Karaka Jupiter is in enemy sign with Ketu and under Paap Kartari Yoga between Saturn and Ketu. So, this part of life is very much aligned with planetary positions in chart.

But then contradictions –

  • 4th house lord Venus and Moon both debilitated.
  • Saturn debilitated in 10th house/Aries with 10th house lord Mars in 12th house/Gemini. Moreover, Sun is exactly debilitated at 10 degree in 4th house/Libra where it also loses his directional strength.
  • Despite having all these difficult placements in chart, he got support from both parents and good supportive home environment for upbringing. His Father proved to be his 1st teacher.
  • Another thing is that despite all these difficult planetary placement, Pablo Picasso proved to be a Child Prodigy who was making eye-catching paintings from pre-teenage. Also, he actually refused to study Painting in any institution despite getting admissions as he thought they were teaching too bookish things and he went to the streets to paint something alive. He cleared the examinations within a week which normally used to take about a month to clear.
  • This clearly shows that Picasso was a legendary talent born to Paint and may be this was Universal Conspiracy that he also got best possible environment and support from people around him despite having all these difficult planetary placements.

Other Astrological Rules – People can bring other astrological rules here that two debilitated planets aspecting each other behave like exalted planets and vice-versa. So, people can say that his debilitated Sun and Saturn actually turned into exalted planets and that’s why, he got all support from parents and home.

Well, we all know that this rule doesn’t work in most of the cases. Even in my case, I have 2 exalted planets aspecting each other (Jupiter and Mars) and 2nd portion of same rule suggests that two exalted planets aspecting each other behave like debilitated planets. Hence, by this rule, they should become like debilitated planets but I don’t think I am getting results of debilitated Jupiter in my current Jupiter MD.

So, as per me, we can’t justify Picasso’s home life, support from parents and early talent/success from any popularly known astrological rule. Here, I accept that there is always a chance that I may not be aware of many different astrological rules which is preventing me to make a proper prediction in this matter. That’s why I am saying that “as per me, we can’t justify Picasso’s home life, support from parents and early talent/success from any popularly known astrological rule.”

Consciousness Level – These are the situations where I started having a view in recent times that evolution/conscious level of native is more important than planetary placements in chart. I have talked extensively how people like Mark David Chapman and Rev Jim Jones had good planetary placements in chart but they spoilt their own and other people lives, as they were people of lower consciousness level. At the same time, Helen Keller and Ram Dass had difficult charts but still pulled-off a great life due to their higher evolution level and timely support by others. We can easily keep Pablo Picasso in later list.

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Lessons from such chart – There are two-fold lessons from these types of charts –

  • For Astrologers like me, these charts humble down the ego and we can put our head down to study further and we can also stop at being so adamant about our predictions.
  • For Clients, these charts and people like Picasso, Helen Keller and Ram Dass are great examples that no matter how your chart looks like and no matter what any astrologer says about your chart, if you are inclined to do something of higher purpose then always follow your path. If you are on your right path and putting your best efforts then you are bound to get success.
  • Most of all, these charts teach us the best lesson that this is a divine science but still interpreted by humans and humans are bound to commit mistakes. So, we can say that fallible humans like me can never claim to be giving the more perfect predictions. There will be a few examples like Picasso which Universe has placed who are going to humble us down.

Conclusion – As I said, Astrology is a divine science but it is still interpreted by humans who have their own limitations. So, don’t take astrologers’ word like God’s word and keep working on your chosen path especially when it is minuscule astrologer like me.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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