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Horoscope of Ram Dass - Debilitated Planets

Let’s look at Chart of Ram Dass today.

Introduction – Ram Dass was a Spiritual Teacher in USA. He was also a Yoga Teacher and Author. His book Be Here Now in 1971 was one of the bestselling book in West. Overall, he was considered as the brightest shining light in spiritual realm in Western World. Enlightened Master Neem Karoli Baba was his Guru. He happened to keep correspondence with another Enlightened Master Avtar Meher Baba too. Ram Dass had a big impact on western minds in matters of spirituality. Netflix has a beautiful documentary on Ram Dass titled Ram Dass Going Home - https://www.netflix.com/title/80209895. For more information on Ram Dass, please check this - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ram_Dass.

Introduction of Birth Chart – As per online information available, Ram Dass was born on 6th April, 1931, 10.40 am at Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He was a Gemini ascendant with Jupiter in 1st house/Gemini, Mars in 2nd house/Cancer, Ketu in 4th house/Virgo, Moon in 6th house/Scorpio, Saturn in 7th house/Sagittarius, Venus in 9th house/Aquarius, Rahu-Sun in 10th house/Pisces and Mercury in 11th house/Aries.

As I normally cover celebrity charts on some specific topic, I chose this chart to discuss the Debilitated Planets. Let’s begin –

As we can see that Ram Dass had Mars debilitated in 2nd house/Cancer and Moon debilitated in 6th house/Scorpio. Moreover, both the planets are getting further malefic aspect of Rahu from 10th house/Pisces and there is no benefic aspect on Moon and Mars to provide even little bit of support.

Normally, planetary debilitations are something which people are really scared-of and even astrologers don’t think debilitation as anything positive. Having further malefic aspect or conjunction is considered as more troublesome. Ram Dass also went through Mahadashas of Moon and Mars both. In that case, Ram Dass did a great job after having Moon and Mars both debilitated.

Most important thing is that Moon is debilitated in Mars’ sign Scorpio and Mars is debilitated in Moon’s sign Cancer. So, we can’t say that they would have got help from their dispositors as Moon and Mars are each other’s dispositors too.

One can argue that there is a Parivartan Yoga between Moon and Mars but this Parivartan Yoga is of no benefit at all because Parivartan Yoga is helpful when the planets involved in Yoga share something between them. For example, Parivartan Yoga between Jupiter-Mercury is helpful in knowledge sharing related matters as Jupiter and Mercury both represent Teaching. Likewise, , Parivartan Yoga between Sun-Saturn is helpful in Govt and Law related matters as Sun and Saturn both represent Govt and Law.

Here, the problem is that Moon and Mars don’t share anything between them. Moon is all receptive and flexible planet which is ready to accommodate with everyone and Mars knows nothing about being flexible. Mars is all about dominating and controlling others. Hence, this Parivartan Yoga between Moon and Mars in Ram Dass Chart is of no use.

Then how come Ram Dass could live such a legendary life and could become role model for many?

It is for two reasons –

First Reason Any planet can give you good results if you involve yourself in matters related with the house/sign/nakshatra that planet is sitting-in. Consider a zodiac sign/house as a flower pot, a nakshatra as the soil inside the pot and a planet as a plant. Now, the stronger the pot & the better the soil, more the plant will grow. So, the more you are engaging yourself in works related with sign or nakshatra, the better chance you are giving for planet to give you better result.

Moon – Moon is sitting in 6th house/Scorpio/Anuradha Nakshatra. Moon is about taking care and nourishing others. 6th house represents Healing. Scorpio is sign of Occult/Mysticism. Anuradha is nakshatra of Service and Devotion.

Ram Dass devoted himself to service of people through Spirituality and occult knowledge of Yoga. Hence, he got better results of Moon as he was engaged in all activities related with Moon’s position in chart.

Mars – Mars is in 2nd house/Cancer/Pushya Nakshatra. Mars represents actions and efforts. 2nd house is house of wealth and securities. Cancer and Pushya both represent Nourishing Others.

Ram Dass actions went into nourishing people again. Hence, he got better results of Mars.

Of course, Moon and Mars MDs brought some negative results too in other areas of life. For example, in Mars-Saturn dasha in 1997 brought him a Brain Stroke which left him paralyzed from one side. But involving himself in Mars and Moon’s positions related activities safeguarded him from other losses in his life, career and finances (Ajeeva Karakas) etc.

This is what I always say that a Planet, a House, a Sign or a Nakshatra represents 1000s of things or people in your life. You get to choose where you want to focus. 12th house represents expenses, spirituality, meditation, imagination and sex etc. It is you who needs to decide that where you want to invest your energy in. Whatever you focus on, that thing starts giving results, either good or bad. Another thing is that you will focus on things as per your evolution level. If X person is at lower evolution level then he may not get any attraction towards Meditation. He may find Sex attractive.


Second Reason – And this is the Second Reason. Because Ram Dass was at higher evolutionary level, he could focus on higher or more evolved significances of 6th house and 2nd house rather than petty conflicts and disputes of mundane life. Also, our evolution is always in our hands. Our thoughts decide our evolution level and what we want to think about is always our choice. We can switch to a more evolved thought at any point of time. So, there can’t be any situation that a person is supposed to live at same evolution level throughout life. In real life, we see many people going from extremely diabolic life to a life of a Sage in no time and vice-versa. We see habitual criminals surrendering before Law to leave their devilish life to get transformed in to a much better life. So, our evolution is always in our hands.

Dignity of Planets and Life Events – Coming back to our main discussion about dignity of planets in chart. Understand that Chart is only a potential or possibility or seed. Planetary Position in a chart are also only a potential or possibility or seed. Although we pay so much importance to dignity but take my words that having debilitated planets in chart doesn’t mean that your life is doomed. Likewise, having exalted planets in chart doesn’t mean that your life will be most awesome.

As I always say, everyone born along with Gautam Buddha didn’t become Gautam Buddha and everyone born along with Ted Bundy didn’t become Ted Bundy.

We need to understand that we are considering everything; i.e. the planets, the houses, the signs, the nakshatras, the aspects and the conjunctions etc, but we are not even looking at the individual who is going to utilize these planetary combinations. Will he utilize them or he will be utilized by them? In majority of cases, it is the planetary energy which utilizes the individual.

Again, understand it through this example –

You may love to have very strong horses (exalted planets) arraigned in chariot (the birth chart) but then it is equally important that charioteer (native) also has strong shoulders else those strong horses can take the charioteer anywhere they want. This is what is happening with majority of people.

This is also possible that if chariot driver is skilful and intelligent then he can drive the chariot with weak horses at slower speed and eventually he may reach his destination. This is what happened with people like Ram Dass and Helen Keller - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Keller. Skillful charioteers reached their destinations even with weak horses.

This is also the reason why we should never judge an individual through his chart. It will be like assessing the strength and skill of charioteer by looking at strong horses on a beautiful chariot.

Conclusion – Again, chart is only a potential or possibility or seed. Individual utilizing the chart energy is the real thing. With Debilitated Planets, Helen Keller and Ram Dass could serve humanity and with 4 exalted planets, Mark David Chapman (https://www.astrosaxena.com/chapman) ended-up in killing John Lennon.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti

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