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Life Path through Astrology

In my articles and sessions, I have told this repetitively that we just need to be aligned with path shown by our chart. If we are aligned with it then we will be living a happy and content life, otherwise there can be lots of frustration in life. Whenever you feel stress or frustration in life then it is sure that you are trying to go against the planetary energy of your chart. Your planets want to send you in right direction whereas you are trying to go in left direction. Hence, the frustration in life.

Someone requested me to write about how to find life path as per Astrology? Although I have spoken a lot about it but there is no harm in putting everything in one article here. As I understand, this is largely about life path in career related matters. Let’s cover this topic on following points –


Ascendant and Ascendant Lord Position.

Ascendant Nakshatra and Ascendant Nakshatra Lord Position.

Position of 2nd house and 11th house lords.

3 or more Planets in 1 house.

10th house and 10th house lord position.

Rahu’s Position.

Bhrigu Bindu.

Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka.


Business Vs Job.



Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Ascendant and Ascendant Lord Position - Ascendant shows the life path of a person and Ascendant Lord’s position shows the direction of life path one needs to take. Now, it all depends on which sign it is in Ascendant, which planet is ascendant lord and in which house/sign it is placed? Hence, we can’t make a generic rule for all here. Venus ruling 1st house with Taurus sign is much different from Venus ruling 1st house with Libra sign. Ascendant Lord Saturn sitting in 4th house/Aries is a lot different from Ascendant Lord Saturn sitting in 4th house/Taurus. So, it all goes back to the individual chart as to which direction of life path one should take.

Ascendant Nakshatra and Ascendant Nakshatra Lord Position - If Ascendant lord shows the life path, then Ascendant Nakshatra and its lord shows the life pattern one would go through. Difference between Life Path and Life Pattern is that Life Path can go through many changes but your Life Pattern is the activity underneath your Life Path which remains consistent. For example, I have been in 4 different professions so far but underneath all those professions, I was always counselling people or sharing my knowledge. That is my Ascendant Nakshatra Vishakha ruled by Jupiter. Again, it depends on which is an individual’s Nakshatra, Nakshatra lord and its position. That would decide his life pattern.

Position of 2nd house and 11th house lords - Now, whatever we do in life, it should give us some money in return, so that we can continue that work over a long period of time. Suppose if I start giving free consultations to everyone then how long I would be able to survive in this profession or even overall? This is where 2nd house and 11th house become important as they are the houses of Money. 2nd house is house of wealth and 11th house is house of income. So, we need to look at these houses to know from where person’s money is coming in life. Again, it depends on the signs involved, sign lords, their positions and planets in 2nd house/11th house. This would show the activities which can bring money in person’s life.

3 or more Planets in 1 house - Anytime 3 or more planets are in 1 house of chart, person’s life focus remains things related to that house/sign. It is because any dasha will keep at least 1 of these planets active and person will be always engaged in activity related to that house/sign. This article may help you in understanding as to how we should interpret a stellium - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Jim .

10th house and 10th house lord position – 10th house is main house of career and work. 10th house and its lord’s position shows that in which environment we should work. Like, 10th lord in 3rd house is clear indication that person should be in business and self-efforts whereas 10th house lord in 5th house may suggest work in education/creativity related matters. Again, it depends on the sign involved, sign lord, its position and planets in 10th house.

Rahu’s Position - Rahu is the reason why we take birth. Rahu represents our desires of past lives which we could not achieve. So, we are here to achieve those things in this life. Rahu makes us gravitate towards the house/sign where it is sitting.

Bhrigu Bindu - There is an Astrological Software named Jagannath Hora. It gives information of something called Bhrigu Bindu. It refers this as person’s destiny point. It means whichever house of horoscope is mentioned as Bhrigu Bindu, person’s destiny will always revolve around things related with that house. So, we need to check person’s Bhrigu Bindu House/Sign and its lord’s position too.

Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka – Then we also need to check person’s Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka. Atma Karaka is planet with highest degree in chart and Amatya Karaka is planet with 2nd highest degree in chart. Atma Karaka is our destination in life and Amatya Karaka is the planet which is helping us in reaching our destination. Again, it depends on the planets which are Atma Karaka/Amatya Karaka and their position/dignity to know the destination and the path both.

Mahadasha/Antardasha - Now comes the most important portion. The time period of particular planets. So, a horoscope can show tremendous promise as a whole but those promises will not come as result unless person goes through Mahadasha of the planet important to you. So, we need to look at Dashas which can bring awareness to the person about his right life path. Till then, person may be living a life of illusion. He may be following a different path other than his right life path. Like, I was following many different paths till the awareness struck in Jupiter-Saturn dasha for me that I should ideally be working as an Astrologer.

Business Vs Job - Those who have taken consultation for me would know that I normally guide people to do their own work as it is the natural way of working. Understand that we all are born to be free but in job setup, no matter what is your position/designation, there is always a person who is sitting over you. Also, understand that traditionally we all were working in our trade. A Farmer’s Son used to be a Farmer and a Carpenter’s Son used to be a Carpenter. So, everyone was following their trade or skills they were good at. Concept of Jobs came from Colonization. It is when Colonizers entered in different countries in the name of doing business and started recruiting people of that country on salary. So, if you see logically, concept of Job is from concept of Slavery. That’s why; our employer never leaves a single chance when he can remind us of our slavery. Hence Astrologically, it is always better to follow the life path of a business person.

Conclusion – This is how I normally look into someone’s right career/life path. Additionally, I would confirm my findings of D-1 chart from D-9 and D-10 charts. They may look like many different points but if correctly analysed then they are always giving the same indication.

Finally, this is also why I tell people to not to ask about career related questions in a comment as I can’t respond in a comment, even if I want to help you. Career determination is always a long process.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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