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Horoscope of Jim Carrey – The Monk in Hollywood

After a long time, we are going to look at a celebrity horoscope today, i.e. Horoscope of Jim Carrey.

I always felt that Jim Carrey has two separate identities, one as a Hollywood Celebrity and Legendary Comedian in front of people’s eye but underneath it, he is a Spiritual Monk. I feel that he is a misfit to the professional society he represents, or at least we think that he represents. Actually, if someone doesn’t know that Jim Carrey is a Hollywood Celebrity then it may be very difficult to believe the same after listening to his speeches and reading to his writing. That’s why, I feel that Jim Carrey is a Monk in Hollywood.

As I like to cover Celebrity Charts on a specific question, I like to cover Jim Carrey’s chart on the question as to how to interpret a stellium in 1 house/sign? It is because his chart gives a very interesting sight as he has 6 planets in Capricorn sign.   So, let’s begin –


Chart Details – As per information available online, Jim Carrey was born on 17th Jan, 1962 at 2.30 am at Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. This makes him Libra ascendant with Mars in 3rd house/Sagittarius, Sun-Mercury-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Ketu in 4th house/Capricorn, Moon in 8th house/Taurus and Rahu in 10th house/Cancer. There is another chart floating online with 12 Noon as birth time but I feel that we can believe western astrology sites more when it comes to the chart and birth details of Hollywood Celebrities.

Now, let’s understand Jim Carrey’s Chart –

Libra Ascendant – Ascendant is Life Path and Libra is sign of Masses. This makes him a people’s person and one who desires to connect with people. Libra’s lord is Venus and he followed a Venusian/Creative life path.

Vishakha Ascendant Nakshatra – As Vishakha represents split directions of life, this can be the reason behind his split or separate identity in public which is very evident. His on-screen image is of a hilarious comedian but his off-screen avatar is of a spiritual person who talks about energy, manifestation, spiritual/mystical experiences and everything which we can’t relate to his on-screen image. So, Vishakha is certainly playing role in his life.

Mars in 3rd house/Sagittarius – This makes his hyperactive and energetic with his work, both on-and-off-screen. Mars-Jupiter (lord of Sagittarius) is again making him interested in working towards higher goals of life.

Rahu in 10th house/Cancer & Moon in 8th house/Taurus – This made him to put his efforts to gain fame and public recognition through his work. As Rahu co-rules 5th house/Aquarius of creativity, it shows that his creative pursuits were reason behind his fame. Needless to say that Rahu itself represents movie world, fame and other illusions of life. Cancer’s lord Moon is exalted in 8th house/Taurus which made it possible for him to achieve his ambition. Moon in 8th house is considered as Moon’s marana karaka position due to nature of 8th house of instability but as Moon is exalted in 8th house/Taurus, it shows mind was balanced and strong while going through all kind of major instabilities in life.

Stellium in 4th house/Capricorn – The reason why any conjunction of 3 or more planets in 1 house/sign becomes important is that person may go through any dasha in his life, at least 1 of the planets of stellium will be active anyhow and will keep that house/sign active. So, person will always be engaged in activities related to that house/sign. Let’s try to understand 6 planets in 4th house/Capricorn for Jim Carrey –

4th house – It is a Moksha Margi house which brings spirituality in life. Apart from this, 4th house represents home, home land, peace of mind and private places etc.

Capricorn – It is sign of authority and recognition. It is also sign of Govt, Law and hard work etc. It is ruled by Saturn.

Sun – Sun itself represents career, authority and recognition. Sun rules 11th house/Leo of serving humanity and entrepreneurship. Sun in 4th house/Capricorn shows that his authority and recognition in career is coming by way of serving humanity through own entrepreneurship.

Mercury – Mercury represents business, communication and acting skills. Mercury is important for a Comedian as it represents sense of humour. Mercury rules 9th house/Gemini of far distant lands, people of different ethnicity and 12th house/Virgo of imagination, spirituality and foreign lands. Mercury in 4th house/Capricorn shows that he served people of foreign lands through his talents and work of imagination.

Venus – Venus represents service, wealth, relation and creativity etc. Venus is main planet for career in acting or any creative field. Venus rules 1st house/Libra of life path and 8th house/Taurus of serving other people. Venus in 4th house/Capricorn shows that he followed the life path of serving other people through his creative pursuits.

Jupiter – Jupiter represents religion, spirituality, knowledge and guidance. Jupiter rules 3rd house/Sagittarius of business and communication. It also rules 6th house/Capricorn of daily work life. Jupiter in 4th house/Capricorn shows that his daily work life is about serving people through his own business and communication. Although Jupiter is debilitated in Libra but as it is with Saturn, it gets a neech bhang raaj yoga. This will help in professional life.

Ketu – Ketu represents research, spirituality and mysticism. Ketu co-rules 2nd house/Scorpio of family and wealth. Ketu in 4th house/Capricorn shows past-life expertise at dealing with matters of home, family life and wealth. It can also be an excellent position for spiritual growth.

Saturn – Finally, Saturn holds the key of this stellium, not only because Saturn naturally controls every other planet within its orbit but all these planets are in Capricorn ruled by Saturn. So, all the planets are working under the limitations of Saturn. That’s why, his initial rise to fame came in his 30s, in mid-1990s, although he was working as a comedian since 1980s. As always, Saturn made him work hard on his creativity (5th house/Aquarius co-ruled by Saturn only) and then from 30s it started giving fame and recognition he deserved.

Sun-Venus-Saturn are in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra which makes him highly ambitious, at least in his initial career when he wanted to achieve big and wanted to prove himself.

Jupiter-Mercury in Sravana gave him ability to be a good guide to people. Someone, who can guide and counsel others through his writings, speeches and shows. Sravana is important nakshatra for acting too as it is nakshatra of disguising.

Also, Bharani, Ashlesha, Vishakha and Sravana Nakshatras are of outcaste Varna. So, if these nakshatras are prominent in someone's chart then person can be a misfit to his society. This can also be one of the reasons why Jim is kind of outcaste from the Society/People/Industry he represents professionally.

Ketu in Dhanishtha shows his isolation/separation from material wealth as it is something he has achieved in his past-life too.

Now, if we divide results in Jeeva Karaka and Ajeeva Karaka - http://astrosaxena.com/jkak , between professional & personal life –

Authority and Recognition – With 6 planets in Capricorn, he got the recognition which he should have got as per the planetary positions but due to Saturn’s effect, recognition and fame came after delay, hard work and perseverance, from his 30s.

Home Land – He was born at Canada but due to Saturn-Ketu in 4th house/Capricorn of home land, he was separated from his home land.

Personal Life – Due to Jupiter debilitation and presence of Saturn-Ketu-Sun with relationship oriented planets (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury), his relationship life was difficult where he had gone through couple of divorces and a few separations.

Spirituality – As Jupiter was debilitated, it seems even his spiritual views developed with time. At least he shared them with people after a considerable delay. We can say that, as it should happen, his spirituality developed when his ambitions of materialistic desires manifested and he realized the futility of same. As he said once, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer”.

These are clearly the words of someone who has realized the futility of materialistic success.

Conclusion – As I understand, this is how we should analyse when there is a stellium in chart. Let me end the analysis with his own words – “If it's so easy to lose Jim Carrey, who the hell is Jim Carrey?”

Hope this helps. Thanks, 

Swami Premanand Bharti

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