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Karmic Connection Series - Casey Anthony & Caylee Anthony

This is next article in series of looking at Karmic Connection between two souls towards each other. Please go through the introductory article here 

Today, we would look at a very difficult karmic connection between a Mother and her infant Daughter. Let’s look at chart of Casey Anthony and her daughter Caylee Anthony 

So, let’s begin –


Birth Details – Following is her birth details available online –

Casey Anthony was born on 19th Mar, 1986 at 15.10 pm at Warren, Ohio, USA.

Caylee Anthony was born on 9th Aug, 2005 at 7.14 am at Orlando, Florida, USA.

Chart Introduction – Following are their chart details –

Casey was born as Cancer ascendant person with Ketu in 4th house/Libra, Saturn in 5th house/Scorpio, Mars in 6th house/Sagittarius, Jupiter-Mercury in 8th house/Aquarius, Sun-Venus in 9th house/Pisces and Moon in 12th house/Gemini.

Caylee was also born as Cancer ascendant with Saturn-Sun-Mercury in 1st house/Cancer, Venus in 2nd house/Leo, Ketu-Moon-Jupiter in 3rd house/Virgo, Rahu in 9th house/Pisces and Mars in 10th house/Aries.

Association – Now, if someone doesn’t know about these two individuals then here is a small introduction. Casey Anthony trial is known as one of the most popular trials in US Criminal Justice History. It was certainly the most popular after OJ Simpson trial. Casey was a single mother at the time of incident. Caylee Anthony was her 2 years old daughter. Caylee was last seen alive on 16th June, 2008 in custody of Casey. As per Casey, Caylee had gone missing on that day and for one month she was searching Caylee on her own as she was scared about Caylee’s life if she informs the police. As Casey was away from her parents for this one month, they never came to know about this development. When Casey came to her parents home after one month and when they pressed her about Caylee’s whereabouts, Casey told them the same story that Caylee had gone missing on 16th June, 2008 and for last one month she was searching Caylee on her own without informing the Police. Finally, Police was informed and proper investigation started. But to great surprise of Police Officers, all of the information given by Casey about herself and her daughter proved to be false, even her basic employment related information and information about the person with whom she left Caylee for a few hours.

This led to a suspicion on Casey. Then Police investigated further and found out that during the last one month, Casey had gone to many parties and celebrations with her friends. So, she was not looking like a grieving mother and didn’t even put any effort in finding her daughter. Further investigations led to the fact that Casey was unwilling to give birth to Caylee as she didn’t want to live the life of a single mother in her 20s when she wanted to enjoy her life but she gave birth to Caylee on insistence of her parents.

This led to a theory by Police that Casey killed Caylee and buried her body, in order to live a life free on parenting responsibility. Murder Investigation started with Casey Anthony as accused. After full trial, Casey was acquitted by court, although the popular view remains that Casey killed her daughter and got away with it.

Here, we are not going to decide if she did it or not but we are here only to see what caused such a difficult karmic relation between these two souls.

Important Points - Here are some important points in both charts in respect with this matter –

Casey Anthony – Important points in Casey’s chart -

She is Cancer ascendant. Cancer ascendants are normally seen very motherly and caring/nourishing people but the actions taken by Casey cannot be considered as very caring towards her child. Even if we accept that Caylee had gone missing, as a concerned Mother, Casey should have at least informed her family members and take their help in finding Caylee but she didn’t do that. It is because Cancer lord Moon was in Ardra Nakshatra. This impacted her caring nature. 

5th house of 1st child has Scorpio sign. Saturn is also placed there.

Saturn in 5th house/Scorpio is enough to show a very difficult relation with her 1st child.

But things go further. Scorpio lords are Mars-Ketu. Ketu is in 4th house/Libra and Mars is in 6th house/Sagittarius. This creates a Paap Kartari Yoga for 5th house. It shows very limited happiness from 1st child.

Saturn in 5th house/Scorpio also shows chaotic events related to 1st child. It shows a very strong karmic relation between her and her 1st child.

Caylee Anthony - Important points in Caylee’s chart -

She was also Cancer ascendant. More importantly, both had ascendant degree between 26-27. This itself shows a huge karma between them.

Cancer is sign of Mother’s Care and Nourishment. Saturn-Sun in 1st house/Cancer shows lack of nourishment from Mother.

Cancer’s lord Moon represents Mother. Caylee had Moon with Ketu in 3rd house/Virgo. As Moon is with Ketu, this also shows strong past-life karma between the two.

Then 4th house/Libra is house of Mother. Its lord is Venus. Venus is in 2nd house/Leo. Now, Saturn-Sun are in 1st house/Cancer and Ketu is in 3rd house/Virgo. This again creates Paap Kartari Yoga for 4th house lord Venus. It shows very limited happiness from Mother.

So, we can see that both charts are indicating similar things.

Mahadasha and Annual Transits – Now, the important thing is dash and transits -

Casey Anthony – She was under Saturn-Mercury-Ketu dasha. It was very much activating 5th house/Scorpio of 1st child and possibility of some chaotic event around 1st child.

Caylee Anthony – She was under Moon-Jupiter-Mercury dasha. Now, pay attention to the synchronicity among their dashas. Casey’s dashas are indicating towards events related with 1st child. Now, Caylee’s dashas are activating houses and planets related with her Mother. 3 planets in 1st house/Cancer and 3 planets in 3rd house/Virgo were active for her during this dasha.

Annual Transits – As they both are Cancer ascendants, transits will be identical for them on 16th June, 2008 and looking at the transits and degrees –

Most importantly, Mars-Ketu were transiting 1st house/Cancer and guess what? They both were at 27 degree. What were the ascendant degree for Casey and Caylee? Between 26 and 27. Needless to say that Mars gets debilitated in Cancer and its exact debilitation is at 28 degree in Cancer. This shows a really troublesome time for both of them.

Now, Mars is also lord of 5th house/Scorpio of 1st child for Casey. It was transiting at exact same degree with Ketu which represents separation in its debilitation at exact same ascendant degree of both Casey and Caylee. This was trouble.

As Caylee had 3 planets in her 1st house/Cancer, it was a bigger trouble for her.

Casey was in Saturn MD. Saturn is 7th house and 8th house lord for both of them. Saturn was transiting through 2nd house/Leo. Saturn ruling a maraka house (7th house) and transiting through another maraka house (2nd house) while ruling most malefic 8th house was another difficult transit for them.

Last but not the least, their ascendant lord Moon was also debilitated in transit in 5th house/Scorpio.

It was a difficult time for both of them and we can easily see some huge karma between them.

Conclusion – Again, the purpose here was not to check if Casey did it or not? Purpose was only to see their mutual karmic connection and we can easily see it as per this analysis. This is also a result of their mutual karma that regardless of whether Casey did it or not, her name will forever be associated with Caylee. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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