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Karmic Connection Series

After Planetary War Series, I was thinking of what new and unique I can write? Then a person happened to comment on one of article on site to write more articles like that one. It was the article titled Karmic Connection (https://www.astrosaxena.com/kcnct) where I discussed charts of Late ND Tiwari and his son Late Rohit Shekhar.

This made me think that we can have a series of articles in which we can discuss the karma involved between two people who happened to cross each other’s path and happened to play important roles in not only in their respective lives but also in lives of other people who came in touch with them.

So, I would like to cover this series of articles on the basis of following points –



Planetary Positions of both charts.

Relationship Synastry between both charts.

Dashas activating Karma.

Positive and Negative Karma.



Introduction – The basic idea for any such article or series of articles came in my mind when I was going through my customary research on Serial Killers, Cult Leaders and other heinous criminals. I happened to think that what makes parents kill their own child or the child to kill their own parents? What makes someone like Josef Fritzl (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritzl_case) to keep his own daughter as captive for 24 years? What type of karma between souls makes a father kill his daughter in the name of honour killing?

But then it is not only up to personal level. During same time, I was also reading the book of Maa Anand Sheela (Don’t Kill Him) about her life with Osho Rajneesh and I again thought that what was the karma between these two people that they crossed each other’s path and created such a great panorama at Oregon, USA. Not only they impacted each other’s lives but they together also played a huge role in other people’s lives and we all know that their names are inseparable. Their names will always be taken together.

So, this series of articles will be an effort to understand the difficult karma, almost a toxic relationship, between two souls which they had with each other and the reasons behind it.


Planetary Positions of both charts – For analysing this, we need to take planetary placement of both the charts and try to find the common grounds in both charts. In this analysis, Nodes, Saturn and Moon positions become the most important but other planets are also important. We stress on Nodes, Saturn and Moon as they represent our karmas from past lives one way or the other. So, if two charts have these planets in some combination with each other then it shows a good amount of karma towards each other. Also, if two people are born during same month or week then it means that majority of planets will be in same position. Now, if these 2 persons somehow happen to meet with each other then it will be almost impossible to separate them. They just get glued with each other due to identical planetary energy in both charts. It doesn’t mean that it will be an awesome relation or friendship. It only means that they won’t be able to leave each other in any case, no matter if their connection is positive or negative.


Relationship Synastry between both charts – Earlier this year, I have written articles on Relationship Synastry and Planetary Relationship Synastry 


Those articles are going to be useful in understanding this series of articles as they will tell us as to what karma two people are bringing towards each other in this life. So if you like, you may go through those articles.


Dashas activating Karma – As always, it is the dasha which activates their respective karma towards each other and they happen to cross each other’s path to exhaust that karma. So, we have to keep an eye on dashas too.


Positive and Negative Karma – Then it can be positive karma or negative karma both. Two people can come together to commit a crime or two people can come together to invent something new which is going to serve humanity. So, we will have articles/examples on both positive and negative karmas. We can talk about what happened when two serial killers came together and we can also discuss what happened when Sigmund Freud & Carl Gustav Jung came together?


Conclusion – And this is also one of the things I wanted to delve into. If we are really able to understand this series of articles and karma of people with each other then we may realize that there is nothing like good or bad and positive or negative. These are all fragmentations of mind. In the end, it is only manifesting itself and destroying itself. Same energy can be utilized positively by people for creating something and same energy can be utilized negatively by people for destroying something. And everyone will utilize the same energy as per his evolution level.

We love to say that now world has gone into horrible state but let’s face it that there was no time in world when there was no crime or no deception. Likewise, there will always be a time in this world when there will always be one or the other nature of crime. There will always be people at lower level of evolution who will find pleasure in their mean actions and there will always be people who will try to guide others on spiritual path. This conflict between polarities of life will always be there and this is what we would try to understand because if negative energy is sustaining itself with all the destructive activities then positive energy should also sustain itself with all the creative activities. So, this is just a positive utilization of same energy.

We will start with charts of Osho and Maa Anand Sheela. I have charts of Sigmund Freud & Carl Gustav Jung also in mind. If you have any other suggestion then please feel free to comment. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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