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Karmic Connection

As I received the shocking news of sad demise of Shri Rohit Shekhar Tiwari yesterday, who fought the long-drawn legal battle to prove himself as biological son of Late ND Tiwari, I contemplated on the kind of karmic relation these two had and for the reasons these two souls came in this world. The end-result is as always an article. Let’s cover this unique analysis on following points –

Case History

Views on Karmic Relation

My Views

Late ND Tiwari Chart

Karmic Relation.

Karma of an Astrologer


Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Case History – As per information available online, one-time high profile political leader Late ND Tiwari had an extra-marital relationship with a lady in late 1970s. The child born was Rohit Shekhar. ND Tiwari never recognized Rohit as his son publicly to safeguard his reputation but used to accept as such behind closed doors. Rohit came to know about his biological father, whom he was considering only as a family friend till then, in his 20s. In 2008, he filed a case against ND Tiwari to declare himself as Tiwari’s biological son. Few things are important here. It was the first case of its nature in Indian Legal History where a guy was actually requesting the court to declare himself as an illegitimate child of a high profile politician. Then even if you want to file an FIR against a politician then you would need 100s of approval and permission. In that situation, this guy had guts to take fight against a former minister/CM/Governor. So this effort of filing a case itself deserves great appreciation. Then somewhere in 2012-13 court ordered the tests of blood samples of both ND Tiwari and Rohit Shekhar. After much delay and deliberate attempts to avoid, ND Tiwari had to give his blood sample. Then court declared as per test reports that Rohit is biological son of ND Tiwari. Somewhere in 2014, ND Tiwari finally accepted in a press conference that Rohit is his Son. In Oct, 2018, at the age of 93 years, ND Tiwari passed away and 6 months after, in April, 2019, at the age of 40 years, Rohit Shekhar passed away due to cardiac arrest 

- https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/rohit-shekhar-tiwari-who-fought-to-prove-he-is-nd-tiwaris-son-dies-2024086

It was known fact that during his whole battle against his father from 2008, he had developed heart ailment due to continuous stress and actually suffered a massive heart-attack and brain stroke. Still, his sad demise was shocking.

Views on Karmic Relation – But this whole life story made me reflect on the karmic relation which these two souls had with each other. Normally, we get to hear in cases of romantic relations only that we get married or have relationship with someone only when we have some karma left with someone from past-lives but this true story, which is stranger than fiction, can make us think back if we can limit karmic relations to only romantic ones only? Also, it again initiates the popular discussion these days that if 2 people have some karmic relation then how far an astrologer/counsellor should advise them? Because then they say that if astrologer comes in between these 2 souls then he incurs a karmic debt and also, these 2 souls would have to come back again to serve their karma towards each other again? I think that this true story is an ideal platform on which we can discuss these issues.

My Views – You can treat this article as sequel of my earlier articles on the same topic - https://www.astrosaxena.com/karmicdebt and https://www.astrosaxena.com/karmicdebt2 . In this article, we have this true life story and few more examples to understand the concept of karmic relations. So, here we go –

  • As I see and as I have said earlier too, all people we meet in our life are somewhere linked to us in a karmic way. Not only your relationship partner but your friends, colleagues, bosses, people you interact with daily are somewhere linked to us from many lives. Some little more who become close friends and relatives. Some little less who become acquaintances and then we forget them after some time.
  • I have said it earlier also that I have some karmic connection with whomsoever I get into touch with my articles, videos and consultations. I must have talked to at least 5000 people so far in 4 years through my consultations but about 5-10 among them decided to stick with me as friend even after months/years of their consultation and it is sometimes crazy to see the similarities in planetary placements of their charts with mine. Like, I have my ascendant degree at 1.40 degree Scorpio and one of my very 1st clients contacted me when they were about to start Saturn MD and their Saturn was exactly at 1.40 degree Scorpio. Then there were other cases of similar Rahu, Ketu and Saturn positions, or someone having fully-loaded Scorpio sign or 8th house, or someone having planets in exact same sign positions and going through that planet’s dasha.
  • Also, when 2 people are born with very similar planetary placements and they somehow come into contact with each other then after that it is very tough to make them leave each other. Their similar planetary positions will work like a glue and they will stick with each other, no matter what is the situation.
  • All I want to say that even some strangers contacting me have some crazy alignments in charts with mine then it is obvious that other people in your life as relatives and friends or acquaintance will have some karmic connection with you. As I heard, the souls which take birth as twins have the most amount of karma with each other that’s why universe provides them an opportunity to be together always, so that they can exhaust that karma.
  • But still in my opinion, if we want to pin-point at planets among all the planets which shows a karmic connection then these are Ketu, Saturn and Rahu. As Ketu represents our past lives, it can indicate in our chart about our past life karmic connections with its placement. Like, I have Ketu in 4th house/Aquarius and I have no doubt that I robbed my mother in her past lives. :) Saturn represents our limited experiences of certain things in this life as we have already got those things in abundance in past lives. Rahu represents the things which we need to achieve in this life as we are carrying it as unaccomplished desires of past lives. Anytime any of these 3 planets impact a house or a planet, it shows that person has some karmic connection with people related with those houses or planets.

Late ND Tiwari Chart – And that’s what we can see in attached ND Tiwari’s chart as available online (18th Oct, 1925. 5 am. Nainital). It shows him as Virgo ascendant with Mars in 1st house, Sun-Moon-Mercury-Saturn in 2nd house/Libra, Venus in 3rd house/Scorpio, Jupiter in 4th house/Sagittarius, Ketu in 5th house/Capricorn and Rahu in 11th house/Cancer. There is another Aquarius ascendant chart available for ND Tiwari but as I see, his high profile political status is seen more clearly from Virgo ascendant then from Aquarius ascendant.

Now, the main thing to observe here is Ketu in 5th house/Capricorn ruled by Saturn. So, Ketu and Saturn both impact his 5th house of children and now we can say that he will always be remembered for his issue with his Son. Although Ketu also represents letting-go but it is something which we need to learn. In actual way, letting-go of things or people of the house where Ketu impacts our chart is not easy. That’s why, although ND Tiwari never accepted Rohit as Son publicly but inside 4 walls, he was always attached and connected with Rohit.  

Karmic Connection – But what makes me to reflect so much on this matter of Father-Son karmic connection is the timing of Rohit’s sad demise. It looks as if his soul had incarnated in this human life only to settle some score with his Father Late ND Tiwari. His birth and whole life revolved around Late ND Tiwari. And then as the paternity case was decided in his favour and with ND Tiwari no more in this world after Oct, 2018, it seems that Rohit’s soul had no other purpose to serve in this life and within 6 months, it also decided to leave. It just shows some huge karmic connection between these two souls from many past lives.

Karma of an Astrologer – And this is where I think we can have a better understanding on the concept which says that an Astrologer/Counsellor should be careful while counselling people with such huge karma involved with them. It is said that if a counsellor interferes in their karma then he incurs karmic debt himself and moreover those souls may have to come back again in another life to pay-back the same karma. I disagree with it vehemently on the basis of following points –

  • First of all, no astrologer or counsellor invites anyone to take counsel from them. If you have contacted a counsellor then it is his duty to give you the best possible consultation as per his ability. How you take his advice is completely your level of understanding?
  • At the same time, a counsellor should just put his views and shouldn’t force anything on client. Leave it to client if he accepts it or leaves it.
  • Also, a counsellor should be always available. Even if a client refuses to accept his advice in 1st instant and then after sometime if he comes back then a counsellor must counsel him again to the best of his ability without holding any grudges.
  • I feel that a counsellor will incur more karmic debt if he doesn’t do his karma of counselling people genuinely than whatever he will incur by interfering in karma of 2 souls, if at all there is any. Reason is the same that he didn’t invite any client to take his counsel. Clients have come to take the counsel on their own.
  • A childish argument is given how a counsellor is sure that what he said is right? Well, then how you are so sure that everything he said is wrong?
  • Basically, if there is a really huge karmic connection like these 2 souls in this true life story then they will not listen to any counsel. Do you think that if Rohit or ND Tiwari had been advised by any counsellor to compromise the matter on amicable terms and withdraw the case then any of them would have listened?
  • So, my point is very simple that if people are following their karma as per their path then why should an astrologer or counsellor be told what to counsel and what not to counsel? He should also follow his path and do his karma as a counsellor. If you are not happy with his counselling then move on and go to that counsellor which makes you happy. But how sensible it is to tell a counsellor to say only those things which client wants to hear? It is just like telling a Doctor to not to convey about the illness to his patient or his family, else they may feel bad about it. Then what for the Doctor is there? And how you are supposed to be back in good health if you are not even aware of your illness.

Conclusion - So, I don’t think that if real karmic backlog is there then people would listen to any advice. Hence, it is better that everyone should perform his karma to the best of his ability. About this life of Rohit, I can only say that “Truth is stranger than Fiction”. RIP Rohit Shekhar Tiwari.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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