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Karmic Impact on Astrologer through Astrological Services.

As I am into Astrological Services regarding Horoscope Reading etc from a good enough time now, I came across many views from many different Astrologers regarding what an Astrologer should look into horoscope and what they should not. The talks go to the level that if an Astrologer gives some supposed-to-be prohibited services then he incurs Karmic Debt upon himself. I came across few more sites which quote the least amount as fee and say that by doing this; there will be least karmic debt on both sides.

In my considered view, all these assertions just show how gloomy or misunderstood the concept of Karma and Karmic Debt is. This is courtesy of our so-called Religious Gurus and so-called Enlightened Beings, who misinterpreted concept of Karma to give a completely different meaning from what it was supposed to be. And from there, these misinterpretations spread in society and accepted by so-called religious people. 

Let’s consider it on following points – 

1. Prevailing Concepts/beliefs regarding Astrological Readings. 
2. Concept of Karma and Karmic Backlog. 
3. Role of an Astrologer. 

Let’s take all points one after the other. 

1. Prevailing Concepts/beliefs regarding Astrological Readings – As I said, there is so much talk on karmic debt which an Astrologer incurs while reading a chart. Some say that don’t do Horoscope Matching as those two souls may have some karmic backlog towards each other and by interfering in it, Astrologer will take on Karmic Debt. Some say that don’t make negative predictions, always show Rosy side of Chart. Some take the minimal amount to minimize the karmic debt. Some say that don’t share your chart and birth details in public platform or online as it will reduce the power of chart. All Non-Sense & Egotistical Thoughts. And here are the reasons – 

a. Horoscope Matching – As our society has changed in last 15-20 years and as we have become more and more independent and less accommodating, Horoscope Matching is an important tool by which we can know who can adjust with us and with whom we can adjust. The concept, which says that two people may be meant for each other or they have some karmic backlog to go through from past lives, is applicable only in matters of Love Marriage. And I agree on that part. If 2 people have already decided to marry then there is no need to look for horoscope matching. Not that planets won’t affect their lives but any advice will be useless. They will never listen to it and it can be understood in matters of Love Marriage. But even then I would like to do my Karma of advising them and would leave it upon them how they take my advice? At least they wont have an excuse later that none advised them else they would have done this or that. But moreover, we are still a Society where 90% of Marriages are Arrange. What if a person has no one in life and looking for arranged marriage? What then? Person is seeking advice as to which chart is better for him/her. How can you say No to such a person? On what basis? Where is Karmic Backlog here when person is trying to choose from 3-4 charts? And my view is that if a person is coming to me for advice, then 1st of all I have Karmic Debt towards him/her. That person may have advised me in some past life and now it is chance for me to pay off the Karmic Debt by giving right advice. Refusing a person seeking Astrological Advice is like a Surgeon telling Patient; "See, this may be your karmic debt to suffer pain. So, I don’t want to interfere in your Karmic Debt as it may create Karmic Debt for me and hence, I won’t do your surgery". 

b. Showing Rosy Picture of Chart – When a person reaches mid 30s and you try to show Rosy Picture, then at some moment person is bound to say that if everything is so good in my chart then why my life is a mess? So, at some point of time in life you need to show mirror to the person. Recently, I had a chart of a person who is Ph.D. in Law, in his mid 30s and not happy with his job. Designation was Principal of Law College and Salary was 10K. Now, I have to tell him to utilize his shop and start your own Business. Nothing is going to happen in job as Paap Kartari yoga is involving 10th house. Now, at least he got a direction. Showing him Rosy Picture again would keep him under illusion for few more years. Likewise, if a person has gone through a Divorce, then let him/her know that marriage is not best option and they should look to live a more meaningful life. Now, again no one will listen this at the time of 1st marriage. So, again you should know when to show the mirror. After that how person takes it, is his wish, At least, he can't say later that I didn/t get this advice. Actually, showing Rosy Picture is one of the reason why people start doubting and disbelieving Astrology. They are bound to feel that Astrology doesn’t work as chart is so good but my life is a mess. 

c. Minimum Fee – I have come across a site which says fee is low so that minimum karmic debt will be generated. This is hilarious. This is a highly egotist thought which says that I can decide the amount of my karmic debt and that too based on Money. I have no issue with people taking whatsoever fee they want to take but there is no point in linking it with Karmic Debt. These people have no idea how one incurs a Karmic Debt, which I will discuss going further.

d. Sharing Charts & Birth Details – There is also a concept which says if you share your birth details and charts with people and specially online then power of chart reduces. Well, then why these Celebrities, Politicians and Sports Person enjoy life long success? Their charts are available online on almost every Astrological site. Many Astrologers, including myself, do Celebrities Horoscope, which is then read by many thousand people. By this rule, Sachin’s career should have crashed in early 2000s after Tennis Elbow injury and Amitabh should not have come out of financial mess of late 1990s. These 2 charts are most talked about charts in India. This is again an egotistical thought that we, the mere mortals, are so powerful that we can change/divert the energy of planets in the sky. 

2. Concept of Karma and Karmic Backlog – Then what is the scene? How to understand Karma or Karmic Debt? So, Karmic Debt is not incurred by merely doing or not doing of any act. It is incurred with the knowledge that you are the Doer. Whenever we act with the thought that I am doing it or not doing it, it creates a karmic backlog. So in that sense, even running away from your duty in life also creates a karmic debt. As an Astrologer, you were supposed to read charts and help people. That’s your karma. How can you even think of running away from it? And will that save you from Karmic Debt? If yes, then tell me what else you will run-away from? Because any Karma with the thought of being the Doer creates Karmic Debt. So, will you not do anything in life? So, the best way is to act with the profound understanding that we are only an instruments. The Doer is God or Universe. We are just playing our parts and we need to play it to the best of our ability. 

The biggest research work done in field of Karma is Bhagvad Geeta and it is on the same concept where Lord Krishna keeps on telling Arjun same thing in 18 chapters through different ways that Arjun should become a non doer. He should leave himself in the hands of God and work as an instrument of God. It is not that if he doesn’t fight then War won’t take place and his relatives and Gurus won’t be killed. Someone else will kill. So, when anyways he can’t change the end result then why to keep Ego in between. Just become an instrument of God with no Ego of his own. 

Actually Geeta deals with this concept of running away from Karma in a specific way in Chapter 3 Verse 5 – 

“न हि कश्चित्क्षणमपि जातु तिष्ठत्यकर्मकृत् |
कार्यते ह्यवश: कर्म सर्व: प्रकृतिजैर्गुणै: || 5||” 
which means – “There is no one who can remain without action even for a moment. Indeed, all beings are compelled to act by their qualities born of material nature (the three guṇas).”

Things can’t be more clear and precise than this which says that we all are compelled to perform actions as per our qualities. But those who want to run away from Karma have misinterpreted Geeta and other Scriptures as per their convenience. And that misinterpretation was then spread over centuries in generations after generations. That’s why, we have line of people from generations after generations who tried to leave karma and move into mountains as so-called Sages. 

The concept of karma, karmic backlog and non-doer is very well explained by Osho Rajnish in one of his preaching which is reproduced herein – 

This is a much talked about concept since long time that we all have Karma in Credit & Debit and we have to reincarnate until everything balances out. We are all Businessman. We always deal in profit and loss in every matter. Whenever we think of doing something, 1st thought which come into mind is what is the benefit I am getting? So, we love dealing in Debit and Credit. Hence, we think that God or Universe is also a Businessman and keeps the accounts of all of us in Ledger Books, but luckily this may not be the case all the way. Although, there may be a record keeping of all actions somewhere but God also provides a short-cut to get rid of all karmic debts. 

So, suppose you have sown a seed today with the hope of getting some fruits from the tree after some years. For next 10 years, you watered that seed initially and then plant. After 10 years, you realised that fruits are not good for health. Now, what you will do? Will you serve poison to Tree for next 10 years so that it may die (debit/credit way)? Or you will cut off the Tree from Root itself? I am sure, you will cut off the root. 

Likewise, you have done an act for some years or in any other life, now its results are haunting you. What to do? Cut the root. What is root? Where is root? Root is in your “I”. Your illusion that I did it, so I am suffering. You must have heard the word “Ahamkara”. Normally, people refer it as False Ego. But the easiest meaning of the word can be understood by dividing the word in 2 parts, i.e. Aham and Kara. Aham means I and Kara means Doer. So, Ahamkara means I am the Doer, which is an illusion, right? Doer is someone else. We are only puppets because we all wanted to do many things in life but couldn't do. We could do only those things which were allowed by God. That’s where comes the concept of non-doer or non-duality. So, if you cut this root cause that you have done anything and that’s why you are suffering, then everything falls off. Now, how it can be done? Simply by Meditation. This is the only way I can dissolve and there remains no duality. Then nothing hurts or suffers us as “I” is nowhere left to suffer. Only Ego gets hurt and only Ego gets puffed up. If Ego is no more, no question of any sufferings. You are above pain and suffering. Others may still treat you badly, but you are no more in the body to receive that treatment. You are gone and only IT remains”. 

Hope this clears much fog. 

Only question which is generally asked here by people that if we leave everything on God as a Doer then there can be a situation where a person may commit a crime and he can leave it on God as God did it? Here, we have to understand that any negative act is done to satisfy the ego. I need money then I may commit theft. I have some ego clash with someone and I may try to harm him. But here we are talking about a situation where a person leaves his ego completely and surrenders to God's will. In such cases, even if person is starving, he will treat it as God's will. So, there is no question of such a person doing any negative act. 

3. Role of an Astrologer – I have always considered the job of an Astrologer like the job of a Doctor. It is our duty to heal and for healing, even if we need to operate, inject or give bad-taste medicine, we must do it. That’s our duty and Universe has given us this duty. There is no point in running away from it. I can very well understand that we all are at different stages of Spiritual Evolution and many Astrologers won’t agree with what I wrote here. It is more so because of their upbringing or their conditioning. They may be too emotional while reading horoscopes of people and might like to tell only the rosy picture. But that doesn’t mean that it should be made a rule for all and connected with Karma & Karmic Debt. Actually, by linking their non-duty as a way by which they can escape Karma, just shows their misunderstanding and misinterpretation of Karma and Karmic Debt. 

Hope this helps. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer. 

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