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Frauds, Charlatans or Genuine Guru

Normally, we will find people complaining about being exploited or manipulated by a few people in Spiritual World, like by Monks, Sages, Con Mans and by Astrologers too. We get to hear daily stories about people complaining about one or the other cheating or fraud played upon them by some Con Man or Fraudster due to which they lost lots of money and their peace of mind (in case, they had any). Result is the obvious complain that most of the people working in the spiritual world are not honest.

But somehow, I never cared for these complaints, for people making these complains and for people against whom complaints are made. Somehow, I am coming to realization with every passing day that everything is perfectly placed in this world.

  • As I said in one of my recent articles (https://www.astrosaxena.com/Exploitation), this Universe works on the basic principle of Demand and Supply. So, if there is a demand for anything or anyone then Universe will supply for that. If people are seeking a Messiah then there will be a person who is projecting himself as a Messiah. And if that person doesn’t confirm with your expectations of a Messiah then blame yourself rather than that claimed Messiah.
  • I think at least this thing we all will agree that each of us are at different levels of evolution. A few people like me are at the basic/foundational level of evolution and a few people can be at a very high level of evolution. Likewise, the whole humanity is standing at their respective step on the ladder of evolution.
  • Now, a person who is at the bottom step of ladder of evolution can obviously see up to a very minimum level of height and others above him can see at higher levels.
  • What I am trying to say that a person at the lowest level may not be able to understand the concepts given by a Guru who is at highest level. So, we can understand if he doesn’t find any connection with the higher concepts of Guru at the highest level.
  • So, it is understandable that such a person finds connection with a Guru who is not much different than him. This is where Osho says that it is fine if you cannot understand some of the things, traits, behaviors or words of your Guru. It is because those traits are beyond your level and through those traits only; your Guru will try to pull you up from your level to his level. 
  • So, guidance is that don’t look for a Guru who is speaking words which you like to listen or who is just talking of stuff of your level only as that person cannot help you in any way in evolving. Actually, you and that person are not very different from each other. This is also why they say that let Guru search for you rather than you go on search for Guru because how can you search and find right Guru as you can see only things up to your level.
  • But the main problem is that we go on search for a Guru, a Teacher or a Messiah. And when we demand, obviously there will be a supply. So, if I chose a fraud or dishonest person as Guru then rather than blaming him, I should look within and ask if I was honest myself? If I was really searching for a Guru or I was searching for a person who can confirm my opinions and beliefs and who can satisfy my ego or at least console me?
  • If I was looking for any of these ego satisfactions then it is obvious that I was not honest with myself and hence I attracted another dishonest person in my life. But the main problem is that most of us are only looking for ego satisfaction even when we are looking for a Guru.
  • So, people who followed Rev Jim Jones cannot be very different than him. If I have dishonesty within me then only I will get a dishonest Guru. If I am honest and genuine then obviously honest Guru will come into life.
  • Gurus are available at every consciousness level. They are very much necessary for that evolution level. But if someone is really looking for a Guru who can help him then be receptive towards a Guru of higher consciousness level as and when such person enters in life, no matter how awkward that person is looking or behaving like.

Hope this helps. Thanks,



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