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Normally, we will find people complaining about being exploited or manipulated by a few people in Spiritual World, like by Monks, Sages, Con Mans and by Astrologers too. We get to hear daily stories about people complaining about one or the other cheating or fraud played upon them by some Con Man or Fraudster due to which they lost lots of money and their peace of mind (in case, they had any). Result is the obvious complain that most of the people working in the spiritual world are not honest.

In recent times, I reflected back on this phenomenon and had following realizations –

a. Most people might be aware that I do weekly Q&A Sessions on Saturday evening IST time in which I try to respond to people’s conceptual questions around astrology, planetary positions in general or in specific chart. In these sessions, almost every time I have to repeat that I am not looking at individual charts, as it takes considerable time to give individual predictions, and questions must remain limited to concepts of astrology.

b. Then most people are also aware of my views on marriage as a social institution and remedies but still during these sessions many a times “a few people” asked about their marriage timings and various remedies I can recommend them.

c. I thought that people who are asking these questions are new to channel or site and they might not have read my views on Astrology and Marriage or on Remedies. Hence, from last few months I started using the video title – “Live Astrology Q&A Session - No questions on Marriage and Remedies please”. I also gave all the links of my articles on astrology and marriage & remedies.

d. Somehow I was thinking that questions on marriage and remedies will stop now and I won’t have to waste my time during session on these useless questions and if people are interested in knowing the reasons behind my reluctance in taking such questions then they can easily check any of my articles given in description to understand my point of view.

e. But now I feel it was too much to expect because questions on marriage and remedies continued during session. I mean, how can anyone miss the title of video and all the article links in description, if they have any bit of awareness.

This made me reflect back on the situation and I realized following things –

i. So, here is a person who is honestly telling people that he cannot help with questions on marriage and remedies. He is also giving the reasons why he is saying so? And still then, the questions on marriage and remedies continue?

ii. Well, people who ask these questions still need to ask themselves now, are they really looking for an honest astrologer? Because they are not appreciating someone’s honesty. Have they ever reflected back on this fact that this astrologer is sitting in India, which remains the biggest marriage market, and he is saying astrology and marriage have no connection with each other!!! So, how much of a business he is losing out of his own hands. We should at least pay some attention to why he is saying this and destroying his own business?

iii. And then what is the problem if they get into hands of an astrologer or occultist who is dishonest? He sells them some dreams in name of marriage and he sells them some remedies which only benefit him; and then they cry loud that they are cheated and exploited by this or that person. Well, they were looking for that only, weren’t they?

iv. One of the basic principles on which this Universe functions is Demand and Supply. You ask for something and it will be supplied for you through Universe. You ask for remedies and you will find someone selling you remedies. You ask for marriage dream and you will find someone selling you that dream too. May be the reality looks so harsh that we prefer to stay in one or the other dreams.

v. This is one reason why I am never bothered when I am told that this or that person is fraud or con man or charlatan!!! Well, there is a demand for him, that’s why; Universe had to create him.

vi. Always remember this that if people feel they met with some fraud or charlatan then just be aware that it was their mistake. They were looking for a fraud only; hence they got one. You chose him. Because language of honest person, no matter how clear it was, was not understandable for them. Blame self, rather than anyone else.

vii. This is also why I feel that an act of fraud, cheating, betrayal, exploitation or manipulation is not altogether and always wrong. May be, the person needed it. If he wakes up even after that exploitation then exploitation served a great purpose for him. May be, that charlatan or con man did a great service to person by waking him up.

viii. But overall, this is a very sad state of affairs where we are so desire-blinded that we can’t even read a clear guideline on a video title. And if we are really so blinded then we surely need someone to wake us up, even at the cost of exploitation.

I can only hope that we can open our eyes before it is too late.

“It is true, I exploit people. I exploit them because that is the only way to wake them up. Exploitation is not necessarily evil. I exploit their stupidity, their idiotness”. – Osho

Hope this wakes-up. 

Swami Premanand Bharti

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