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Fate Vs Free Will - Revisited, yet again.

I hope you all had a good time on Deepawali with your family and friends.

This is the 4th article I am trying to write on the much debated topic of Fate Vs Free Will. I have already written 3 different articles at different times in which I gave different opinions every time on this topic of Fate Vs Free Will. These are as follows –

  • Fate Vs Free Will & Soul’s Evolution - https://www.astrosaxena.com/ffwse - In this article, I concluded that everything is fated.
  • Fate Vs Free Will Revisited - https://www.astrosaxena.com/ffw2 - In this article, I concluded that Free Will is available for a person only at the very initial stage of any action. After that initial stage, everything is Fated.
  • Fate Vs Free Will Revisited Again - https://www.astrosaxena.com/ffw3 - In this article, I concluded that everything is Free Will, there is nothing like Fate.
  • Then I wrote another article on similar lines - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Destiny - In this article, I said that Destiny or Fate can only be realized after putting the best efforts. If someone is not even giving his best efforts for a cause then he can’t say that the results he got were fated. Such an approach is only called Laziness, not surrender towards Fate.

I would suggest people to go through these aforementioned articles first before reading this current one, which “may be” the last one on this topic. A few things can be understood while going through these articles, which are –

  • Logic has no loyalty and commitment. If you are good with vocabulary and logic, you can prove anything.
  • My evolution level at the respective time of writing these articles. I understood things as per my evolution level at that time and accordingly written these articles.
  • It can also be said that I am not a reliable person. I can change my opinions at any point of time. I am just moving with time and I am fine with it. As I earlier said, I have no problem in changing my views if I find out some new facts and logic. As Osho said, “Only dead man is consistent, an alive person will always be inconsistent.”

With this introduction, I deep dive again on this widely discussed topic of Fate Vs Free Will on following points –

Concept of Fate Vs Free Will – As we know that it is a long debated topic among people where people keep giving arguments and counter-arguments as to whatever is happening in our life is already fated or destined or it is the result of Free Will of individual. Another way of putting the same thing is that whether we can live the life we want or we are just supposed to go through the life we are given by some higher power which we call as God.

In recent times, I have become a strong advocate of Free Will and this is what I preach, practice and counsel others too that your life depends on your conscious actions.

Different Levels - Now, what I feel is that we are limiting ourselves up to the Free Will of Individual only in Physical Incarnation. Free Will of Individual is not really of the Physical Body but it is the Free Will of the Soul.

Now, understand it like this. A Soul left the body at the time of death and had some non-manifested desires which it wanted to manifest. It wanted to go through some experiences for which it needs another body and another physical incarnation. Hence, Universe provided another birth/life/body as per the desires to experience then but with one condition that through every experience of life, either good or bad, the Soul needs to consciously evolve further so that sooner or later after going through a few/some/many lives more, Soul can be liberated from this vicious cycle of birth, death and re-birth.

So, if we look at it from this angle then all the events and circumstances we go through in a particular life is not actually the Free Will of Physical Body but it was Free Will of the Soul while taking the Womb. As per that Free Will of the Soul, events are happening in life of a person which we understand as either Free Will of Physical Body or Fated Events.

So, what we consider as the event either from the Free Will of Physical Body or as the event fated from higher power, is actually the event from the Free Will of Soul.

I hope I am able to explain it in a way which can convey the message. All I am trying to say is that we are trying to decide Fate Vs Free Will at Physical Plane but all these things were actually decided at Higher Planes. An Individual is facing the events in this life as per the Free Will of the Soul.


Then what is going wrong? - Only one thing is missing that after taking birth we forget the condition of consciously evolving through all life events as we go through them as per the Free Will of Soul. This is where individual ego gets developed with the support of society and people around us and rather than consciously evolving through our life events, we start getting involved in boosting our ego and fulfilling our egoistic desires. We forget that soul has taken birth to actually evolving through all the good or bad life events instead we get engaged in acting impulsively or unconsciously in a way which satisfies our ego rather than helping in soul’s evolution.

Here, when I use the word WE, obvious indication is towards all of us except those very few evolved ones who take every action consciously. Most of the time, we don’t even know what we are doing?

This is how all the wrong actions, crimes/killings, frauds, wars etc. happen in this world. Obviously, Soul wanted to evolve through events in life. So, there is no question that Soul would want to be part of any crime or war or even the smallest of wrong action. Soul is always Pure but Physical Body and Society developed Mind gets engaged into fulfilling egoistic desires impulsively and unconsciously.


Agreement Broken – And once the agreement of consciously evolving between Soul and Divine Energy is broken, the mind and physical body is bound to go in wrong direction. End result will be that even this life will be spent in fulfilling egoistic desires and Soul will be asking for another life/body to manifest further desires and yet again, it will promise to evolve through the experiences and life events. And this goes on and on and on…….


Evolution of Soul – Now, what does it mean to consciously evolve through life events? It means that don’t get into ego-centric actions or desires. Normal understanding is that if someone is doing bad to you then don’t react or respond to them.

But my understanding is little different. I feel that whichever event of life impacts our ego, we should be conscious of that event. If someone curses at me then I should be conscious of not falling to his level but even when someone praises me, I should be conscious that that praise shouldn’t boost my ego. That’s why; I am always more careful with those people who contact me for 1st time and start praising me abundantly. I don’t mind anyone cursing me or defaming me. I can simply ignore that person but if someone is praising me then it is difficult to find if praise is genuine or fake. This is where I like to be careful and conscious.

These two events look like opposite events but they are one and same. By praising, someone is boosting your ego and by cursing, someone is hurting your ego. Response to both events will be ego-centric. This was just an example on how we can consciously evolve through life experiences by not getting into ego-centric desires and actions. You can find out many more examples in your daily life. A Thief stealing Money is certainly not God’s plan or Fated event neither it was Free Will of Soul, it was an action taken by Physical Body in totally unconscious state of mind to fulfil the ego-centric desires. I just gave the easiest of examples for you to understand it. You can apply the same rule in any event happening around you or in any action taken by you.

Evolution Level of Soul - Finally, in one of the recent articles, I said that we can’t decide the Evolution Level of Soul through someone’s Birth Chart - https://www.astrosaxena.com/SELC and this is the reason. Understand that Soul’s desire of going through specific life events in next life itself shows the evolution level of soul. What are those life events which soul wants to go through? If Soul is interested in becoming the richest person in world or it is interested in buying big properties in next life or Soul wants to control others by being in dominating position? If desires are of this level, then Soul is working at Tamas (Body) and Rajas (Mind) Level. If Soul wants to guide others and counsel others for some higher purpose then it is working at the highest level of Sattva. So, the Soul’s level of evolution is decided on the basis of desires it has even before its conception in womb. So, there is no way we can find sol’s evolution level of Native through his birth chart?

Does it mean that everything is destined as per Free Will of the Soul at the time of birth?

Everything is destined but no one knows whose destiny is what? Destiny can only be seen in hindsight. We cannot see it beforehand. Please read this - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Destiny.

Conclusion – So, the real question is not whether events in life are out of Free Will or are they Fated? The real question is whether we are conscious of our actions or not.

If we are conscious of our actions in life and evolving through life events then Free Will of Soul before taking this birth will be manifested as Fate.

If we are unconscious of our actions in life and not evolving through life events then Free Will of Soul before taking this birth will be forgotten and unconscious actions will be taken and we will unconsciously think that these events were Fated. Understand that an unconscious person will never take responsibility on himself. So, he will blame the fate for every wrong thing happened in his life. He is not so conscious to take responsibility of his own actions.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 

Swami Premanand Bharti

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