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Is everything destined?

Everything is destined but no one knows whose destiny is what? Destiny can only be seen in hindsight. We cannot see it before hand.

Understand it like this,

a. If I had continued in my job setup work then also I would have reached somewhere and that would have become my destiny.

b. Now, as I am in business setup work, now also I would reach somewhere and that would become my destiny.

So, one destiny is always ready for us. Whatever we do in life, we will reach somewhere and it will be our destiny and people would say that he was destined to reach there. It is interesting to note here that Destiny is root word of Destination. Whichever path you tread, one destination is bound to be there.

As I said that destiny is always seen in hindsight. None can know it beforehand as to what is his own or anyone else destiny. No one, including me, knew 10 years ago that I will be working as an Astrologer. Likewise, no one, including me, knows that where I will be after 10 years from now.

Hence, everything is destined but we have no idea what is that which is destined?

In ignorance of that destiny, we are supposed to continue to take our conscious actions with perseverance to reach our destination. So, we can say that whatever we get after putting our best efforts, utilizing our resources and exhausting our ego, is our destiny.

As long as you have this feeling in mind that “If I take this action too then things would change”, then understand that Ego is not yet exhausted and you have not reached your destiny.

Destiny = “Whatever we get after putting our best efforts, utilizing our resources and exhausting our ego.”

Before that, it is our mind playing tricks and games. :)


Swami Premanand Bharti

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