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Vimshopak Strength of Planets in Divisional Charts.

Vedic Astrology comes with unique tools of Divisional or Varga Charts. Divisional Charts are actually the expansion of different houses of the main birth chart based on different rules to see a specific area of life in more detail and accuracy. These D-Charts are from D-1 (Main Birth Chart) to D-144 (Dwadashamsha - Dwadashamsha). I don’t claim here that D-144 is the last. There might be more which I am unaware of but this is the last chart I have seen. From these 144 charts, 16 divisional charts are given very high importance and these were called Shodashvarga Charts. From these 16 charts, further separation was made for Shadvarga (6 D-charts), Saptavarga (7 D-charts) & Dashavarga (10 D-charts) to look at specific areas of life. 

Then the system of Vimshopak Strength was included in analysing these 4 categories of D-charts. Vimshopak Strength can be understood as strength based on 20 points. So, the basic aim was to analyse the strength of particular planet in all the D-charts on the basis of these 20 points and see how many points it is getting so that we can know how much supportive is the planet for growth of individual in different groups of divisional charts. Like, if Sun has low point in Dashavarga Charts (10 D-charts) but high points in Shadvarga Charts (6 D-charts), it means Sun is more supportive to the cause and reasons of those 6 D-charts which are part of Shadvarga Charts rather than 10 D-charts of Dashavarga Charts. Here, I will only cover the different groups of charts and the point system. If we include as to how each particular divisional chart is made, then this article won’t ever end. So, let’s leave it for future. 

First let’s see, which charts make combination for which group – 

Shadvarga Charts – This group comprise of 6 D-charts, i.e. Birth/Ascendant Chart (D-1 for Overall Life), Hora Chart (D-2 for Wealth), Drekkana Chart (D-3 for Siblings), Navamsa (D-9 for Righteous Path), Dwadasamsa (D-12 for Parents), Thrimsamsa (D-30 for Misfortunes). 

Saptavarga Charts – This group includes Saptamsha Chart (D-7 for Children) in addition to the 6 D-charts above to make it a group of 7 D-charts. 

Dashavarga Charts – This group further includes Dashamsha Chart (D-10 for Career), Shodhashamsha Chart (D-16 for Vehicles) and Shastiamsha Chart (D-60 for General Well Being) to the 7 D-charts above to make it a group of 10 D-charts. 

Shodashavarga Charts – Finally, this group includes all the 16 highly important D-charts as declared by Sage Parashara. It further includes Chaturthamsha Chart (D-4 for Luck), Vimshamsha Chart (D-20 for Religious Inclination), Chaturvimshamsha Chart (D-24 for Education), Saptavimshamsha Chart (D-27 for Strengths), Khavedamsha Chart (D-40 for Auspicious Results) and Akshvedamsha Chart (D-45 for General Well Being) in 10 D-charts to make it complete list of 16 D-charts. 

Now, Vimshopak Strength System.

Total points of strength a particular group of Varga can get is 20 points, may it be Shadvarga, Saptavarga, Dashavarga or Shodashavarga. Total number of points assigned to analyse the strength of planet will be out of 20. Distribution of these 20 points among different groups of D-Charts are as follows – 

  • Shadvarga Charts  - D-1 – 6 points, D-2 – 2 points, D-3 – 4 points, D-9 – 5 points, D-12 – 2 points, D-30 – 1 point. Total - 20 points. 
  • Saptavarga Charts - D-1 – 5 points, D-2 – 2 points, D-3 – 3 points, D-7 – 1 points, D-9 – 2.5 points, D-12 – 4.5 points, D-30 – 2 points. Total – 20 points. 
  • Dashavarga Points - D-1 – 3 points, D-2 – 1.5 points, D-3 – 1.5 points, D-7 – 1.5 points, D-9 – 1.5 points, D-10 – 1.5 points, D-12 – 1.5 points, D-16 – 1.5 points, D-30 – 1.5 points, D-60 – 5 points. Total – 20 points. 
  • Shodashavarga Charts - D-1 – 3.5 points, D-2 – 1 points, D-3 – 1 points, D-4 – 0.5 points, D-7 – 0.5 points, D-9 – 3 points, D-10 – 0.5 points, D-12 – 0.5 points, D-16 – 2.0 points, D-20 – 0.5 points, D-24 – 0.5 points, D-27 – 0.5 points , D-30 – 0.5 points, D-40 – 0.5 points, D-45 – 0.5 points, D-60 – 4 points. Total – 20 points.
So, as we can see that every group of chart is given total number of 20 points. 

Now, following is the way to decide point-wise strength of a particular planet in each of these D-charts, except Hora Chart, i.e. D-2 chart. These are called Varga-Vishwa Points.

If planet is in – 

Exaltation/Mool Trikon/Own Sign – 20 points, Great Friend Sign – 18 points, Friend Sign – 15 points, Neutral Sign – 10 points, Enemy Sign – 7 points, Great Enemy – 5 points, Debilitation – 0 points. 

Rules to see point-wise strength of a particular planet in Hora Chart. 

  • If D-2 chart has Cancer Ascendant – Sun, Mars & Jupiter will get 0 points. Moon, Venus & Saturn will get 20 points. 
  • If D-2 chart has Leo Ascendant – Sun, Mars & Jupiter will get 20 points. Moon, Venus & Saturn will get 0 points. 
  • Mercury will get 20 points in either cases. 
Other factors of deciding point-wise strength : - Besides these criteria, the planets condition in chart as per conjunction, aspects (Sun aspecting a planet will increase its strength), being combust or not, degrees of planets, planets in Kendra-Trikon Houses or in Dushthana houses etc, all become factors in deciding the total point-wise strength of planet in these group of D-charts. 
Now, how to calculate points of strength?

Suppose you want to see the strength of Sun in Shadvarga Charts. You need to see the condition of Sun in each of the D-charts which are part of Shadvarga. Suppose it is exalted in D-1, Own sign in D-2, Debilitated in D-3, in Friendly sign in D-9, in Great Enemy sign in D-12 and in Neutral sign in D-30. Now, we need to give points as per the criteria of points given above for Hora Chart and Other D-charts. Points thus arrived for planet will be Varga-Vishwa points for that particular planet. 

Finally, multiply the figure due for full strength of the division (like D-1 – 6 points, D-2 – 2 points etc) by the Varga Vishwa points thus arrived for each division and divide by 20 to get the exact strength of the planet. 

If such total is below 5, the planet will not be capable of giving auspicious results. If it is above 5 but below 10, the planet will yield some good results. Later on up to 15 it is indicative of average result. A planet with above 15 will give best results.

Like this, you can find the point-wise strength of all planets in Shadvarga, Saptavarga, Dashavarga and Shodashavarga. Then we can see which planet has more strength in which group of D-charts and can analyse its results as per the criteria given above. 

Hope this helps. Please feel free to post comments and questions, if any.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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