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Impact of Transit Planets over Natal Chart Planets

There was a request to write about “How to interpret a transiting Planet’s impact over Natal Planet?” For example, if a person has Mercury in Capricorn in birth chart and right now, Saturn is going through its transit in Capricorn sign then how we should interpret Saturn’s impact during transit over Natal Position of Mercury?

Let’s understand it under following points –

Planets as Individuals – As I always say, always try to understand Planets as persons; as you and I. The way we behave or react is the same way how planets behave or react. Suppose you are sitting alone in a room, busy in your own dream world and doing your own thing. Suddenly, someone else enters in that room. How you will react? Your whole appearance, behavior/persona will change and you will start behaving in a completely different way.

Duality is Trouble – Presence of another person in itself is a trouble. Pay attention to this word “Dual”. From ancient times, this word is used to indicate about some fight between two people. So, first thing we can understand that when one transiting planet is transiting over another natal chart planet then there will be some disturbances caused to the natal planet as its basic environment is interfered. Another example to know this that you are sitting on a road-side bench and a person passes-by driving in a Car. You will try to protect yourself even if that person is still far away from you. So, one planet transiting closer to another natal planet is bound to create some friction between them and it is a potential time of some events to take place in life.

Normally people ask about the troubles in their relationship life and ask as to when the troubles will be over? If you see things from this perspective then you may realize that presence of another in itself is a trouble. So, troubles are bound to continue as long as the other one is present.

Natal Planetary Positions – Now, we need to understand that planetary positions in Natal chart are for whole life. They bring results throughout life. Quality of the results change as per our evolution or consciousness level. For example, if Saturn is impacting 7th house then obviously difficulties will be there in relationship matters but if person and partner both are adjusting with those difficulties and taking more mature decisions in their relation then they can still have a sustainable relation. But important thing is that you are impacted by planetary positions of birth chart for whole life.

Transit Planetary Positions – Now, the planetary positions in chart during a particular transit during the year is for a limited time. It is not for whole life. Like, even with Saturn (longest duration transit in Vedic Astrology) transiting a particular house/sign, it is there for 2.5 years at max. So, even Saturn’s results during a particular transit is going to be there for maximum 2.5 years only, not for whole life.

So, first major difference is this that Natal Chart Planetary Positions impact us for whole life and Transiting Planetary Positions impact us only for a particular time period.

Now, how to judge impact of transitory planets over natal chart planets? Well, it would depend on a few things –

Dashas – As we know, before trying to judge transits we should always check the dashas we are in. Transits of Mahadasha/Antardasha planets are always more important to the person.

Duration of Transits – Then planets with longer duration of transit in one sign are also more important than planets with shorter duration of transit. Saturn transiting in a sign is bound to give some results in 2.5 years but Moon transiting in one sign for 2 days 6 hours may not even come in our notice.

Hierarchy Among Planets – First of all, we should know hierarchy among planets as to which planet impacts which planet –

  • Moon - As it remains the most gentle planet, it can't impact any other planet. It gets impacted by all other planets.
  • Mercury - It impacts Moon but gets impacted by other planets.
  • Venus - It impacts Moon & Mercury but gets impacted by other planets.
  • Sun - It impacts Moon, Mercury & Venus but gets impacted by Nodes and Saturn.
  • Mars - It impacts Moon, Mercury & Venus but gets impacted by Nodes and Saturn.
  • Jupiter - It impacts Moon, Mercury & Venus but gets impacted by Nodes and Saturn.
Exception - I would consider Sun, Mars and Jupiter equally strong and they can impact each other. Hence, end result depends on the chart and which planet among them is in better dignity in a particular chart.

  • Nodes - They impact everyone, except Saturn.
  • Saturn - As the Big Boss, it impacts everyone and no one impacts it.

Nature – First of all, we have to see the basic nature of the natal planet and transitory planet both. If they are natural benefic or natural malefic planets? We can also look at their functional benefic/malefic nature for a particular chart or person but natural benefic/malefic matters most.

Now, a malefic planet transiting over another malefic natal planet is obviously troublesome.

A malefic planet transiting over another benefic natal planet can reduce or influence the results of that benefic planet and during the time of transit, person may feel reduced or influenced results of benefic planet. So, malefic planet is going to impact benefic planet.

A benefic planet transiting over a malefic natal planet shows that some awareness or direction related to that planet can come up during the transit and if person starts working on it then he can expect better results. But it can only be said about Jupiter. Other benefic planets like Moon, Venus and Mercury are too gentle to impact any malefic planet like Saturn or Nodes.

For example – Jupiter transiting over natal Saturn can show that during that transit, person can get some guidance/knowledge/wisdom about his duty or responsibilities. Whether he acts upon that wisdom or not still depends on whole chart and his free will.

A benefic planet transiting over another benefic natal chart planet can be termed as the best possibility here. There we can expect some good things coming in life.

Dignity – Then it is also important to see that what is the dignity of the natal planet and transiting planet in that particular sign of transit? If both are in good dignity then we can expect benefits coming. If natal planet is in good dignity but transit planet is in bad dignity then the benefits of natal planet can be blocked/reduced/delayed for the duration of that transit. If natal planet is in bad dignity but transit planet is in good dignity then person can get some benefits of natal planet for the duration of that transit

Joint Impact – Then most importantly, everything is in addition. There can be other transits happening too. Like, right now, Virgo sign is flooded with planetary energy where Mars-Mercury are placed, Sun will enter in Virgo in next few hours and then Rahu-Jupiter are aspecting Virgo. So, Virgo sign is flooded with different benefic/malefic energies and we need to consider all of them together.

Annual Transit Articles – It would help people in interpreting transits of various planets if they go through articles of annual transits written at different times - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Transit_of_Planets.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • J - I prefer dignity.

  • Hi SPB, how to read the transit if the ashtakvarga/SAV score is good (above 5) but dignity is not good? And vice versa.

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