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Preventive Steps for 2016.

I wanted to make this post somewhere in 1st week of January but thought it will be better to alert people at an earlier stage than delayed.

Though I am never into time-based predictions like weekly, monthly or annual horoscope and last year during same time I had given my reasons for not doing time based predictions in this article - http://www.astrosaxena.com/TimeBasedPredictions .

But planets forced me to make an exception and that exception is coming year 2016. Expect 2016 to be one of the most trans-formative year of recent times. Transformation will take place where Scorpio (8) and Leo (5) falls in your horoscope. So, in your chart wherever you see 8 and 5 written in particular houses, things related to those houses will be transformed a great deal.

Like, take my own example. I am Scorpio Ascendant. So, Scorpio (8) is my 1st house/Ascendant and Leo (5) is my 10th house. Now, 1st house represents Life Path, Physique, Appearance and Overall Health and 10th house represents Career, Fame in Society, Status, Duty, Father, Government etc. So, I can expect transformation taking place in these two areas of life in 2016. And here are the reasons -

1. Saturn is transiting through Scorpio since November 2014. In 2016, it will be joined by Mars in February and Mars will stay there till September. So, it is almost whole year, right? So, 2 strong malefics are joining in the sign of Scorpio. Saturn represents transformation/change. It also represents Movement. Mars is the significator of Vehicles. Scorpio is sign of Sudden Events like Accidents. So, things are setting up for accidents. Be very careful about how you travel? Please don't go on long distance journeys on 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler. Please keep all safety gears with you. Please drive slowly.

2. Now, another aspect coming into picture is Rahu-Ketu transit in Leo-Aquarius sign respectively from 30th January. Ketu will be in Aquarius. It will receive aspect of Mars from Scorpio. Now, things take a turn in meaning. Scorpio represents Surgeries. Mars represents Bloodshed, cuts and injuries, Ketu represents research (surgery is nothing but research). So, Surgeries are again an indication for 2016. Please eat healthy. Avoid Tamasic food and life-style. Please avoid Alcohol, no matter how little you consume. Please avoid taking food outside. Please eat home-made food. Please go through regular health check-ups.

3. Mars and Ketu aspect also suggest explosions. Again an indication towards accidents.

Normally, I refrain myself from making such negative posts but I just happened to receive news of a relative being admitted and awaiting Surgery in next week. So, it is all more necessary for me to alert you guys beforehand. As Buddha said - "Those who know will always feel compassion for those who don't know".

Please take all necessary and possible care you can.

Now, I know the only question which is in mind right now is that if it is good or bad? Then it all depends on your Mahadasha & Antardasha someone is going through. If you are going through MD of benefic planets or if Saturn/Mars and Ketu are well placed in your chart then it can be a very benefic transformation too. Whatever be the case, we need to take these steps to safeguard ourselves.

Have a safe 2016. 

Vishal S Saxena, Astrologer. 

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