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Sharing Birth Details Online

An important and interesting question was asked, which is –

Having someone's birth details with exact time shared, could be used for a person's downfall? Could anybody with malign intentions look at the current dasha and identify the most vulnerable thing for the person for a certain dasha time and initiate certain events to entangle him? I have seen many astrologers reluctant to share their birth time details or even the nakshatra placements of planets in their charts. Is this a safety measure?”

In a way, I have covered this question in one of my earlier articles - https://www.astrosaxena.com/karmicdebt but the main topic of this article was different. So, it would be good if I talk about this topic specifically here under following points –

First of all, it is someone’s individual choice whether they want to share their birth details anywhere or not. Without any doubt, a person’s birth details and birth chart is extremely personal information which if he doesn’t want to share then none can force the person. At the same time, different people can have different views. Hence, there can be people like me too who like to do all important analysis on own chart (https://www.astrosaxena.com/Astrologer) and have no hesitation in sharing them at public platforms. I think it should remain like this only; i.e. an individual’s choice.

Now, coming to the main question – “Having someone's birth details with exact time shared, could be used for a person's downfall?

I don’t think so. And reasons are as follows –

We all take birth with our individual destiny for this life. Our birth chart shows the possibility of unfolding or not of that potentiality. Birth Chart can show the timing of certain good and bad events in life but I don’t think that some X person can bring my downfall by using my chart, if I am not already destined to face a downfall.

Understand it like this – if I am supposed to go through a terrible event in life then only some other person can become an instrument for bringing that terrible event. We need to accept that we all are puppets in the hands of God and we are playing some roles in each other’s life. So, we can become tool or instruments in the hands of God to fulfil the purpose but if there is no purpose as such then we can’t do anything on our own.

What I mean to say that if I am supposed to see a downfall then only some other person can see my chart for that purpose and can become an instrument to bring that downfall, else none can do anything. Another thing is that if I am supposed to see a downfall then Universe can create any tool or instrument or reason to bring that event, if not through X person then Y person.  Universe can create any reason to serve that purpose.

To better understand this, let’s go towards Mahabharat/Bhagvad Geeta where Arjun was perplexed over killing his “own people” and Krishna responded by saying that “even after complying with all conditions of Duryodhan and accommodating with him up to the maximum possibility to avoid this war, if these two armies are standing in front of each other then it looks like the destiny of this dynasty to kill each other. Now, don’t think that if you don’t fight the war then war will not happen and your “own people” will not be killed. Someone else will kill them.”

This is what I am trying to convey here that just be sharing birth details, there won’t be any downfall. And if there is any downfall in destiny then my sharing or not sharing doesn’t matter. That event will come in any shape.

A similar thing was asked to me time and again that if Black Magic works and if anyone can cause any harm to others through Black Magic.

In this post - https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostnov2219, I shared a life-story of a known person where some Black Magic was performed on the person when he was only in the womb of his mother. Background story was that soul of this person wanted to live the life of misery as a measure of penance. Hence, Black Magic and person performing Black Magic became the tool. If soul had not decided to live this miserable life then even the best Black Magic practitioner can’t do anything. So, the basic thing is that we all should accept each other as medium/tool/instrument of God rather than considering ourselves as cause/doer of any event.

Let’s go back to Mahabharat where Ganga had flown away her 7 sons in the river and Shantanu couldn’t stop her as they were supposed to get rid of curse as soon as they take birth - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Dhannaksh. But when it came to 8th son Dev-vrat, Shantanu couldn’t stop himself as Dev-Vrat was supposed to live the whole curse. So, we are only becoming tools for each other and helping each other on this path through any action whatsoever.

So finally again, it is an individual’s choice if he/she wants to share any personal information with others or not but nothing good/bad is happening just because of sharing that information. If at all something is supposed to happen then it can happen by any means.


Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti

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