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Need for Remedies

I think everyone is well aware of my views on use of Astrological Remedies & Gemstones. I don't follow or recommend any remedy. You can read my views on remedies here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/remexp. As these views haven’t changed so far, I am not going to repeat anything from that perspective. But I just had a thought that if we realize that why we feel the need of remedies and gemstones then may be this riddle will be automatically resolved as to how much Remedies or Gemstones help us?

Let’s cover this topic under following points –

Picture Perfect Scenario.
Different Paths.
Need for Remedies and Gemstones.
Sheep Mentality.
Ego Satisfaction.

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Picture Perfect Scenario – We all can agree on this point that society has created a Picture Perfect Scenario for our lives. It has not only tried to compartmentalized life but if we see it closely, Society has given us criterion which says that your life can be considered as successful only when you fulfil these criterions. The Picture Perfect Scenario at least in India is that a Husband-Wife standing outside their own house with a couple of kids around them and a Car standing in side, and obviously they both are smiling. As per Society, this is the perfect life for which everyone should strive for and if someone is not able to achieve this Picture Perfect Scenario then he is missing something in himself or his life.

Different Paths – But thankfully, Universe doesn’t work as per the wishes of Society. Universe doesn’t have any such concern to follow Societies’ compartmentalized way of living. As per Society, the kid should be studying in a school at a given time but Universe can feel that this kid is already set for Fame and Recognition in the world and hence we get Billie Eilish, Justin Weiber and Sachin Tendulkar or Universe can also decide that Kid has already done his job in this life and ready for next incarnation. Universe/God/Energy doesn’t align with Social Rules, thankfully.

Need for Remedies and Gemstones – Now, if we just reflect back and ask ourselves that when we even think of getting some Remedies or Gemstones? It is at that time when our life is not falling in line with that Picture Perfect Scenario. When you are not getting a sustained relationship in life or you are not getting promotions at work or even a good job offer or when you have some family related or finance related issues. So, in a way, we can say that we look for remedies and gemstones when our life is not falling in line with criterions set by society. But your life goes largely as per your free will and your birth chart. Anyways, it is not supposed to go as per social criterions. Universe or God didn’t promise that you are going to live your life as per the wishes of Society.

What I am trying to tell is that we look for remedies when our life is not going as per Picture Perfect Scenario and some Astrologers start telling us that because of some planetary placements in our chart, we are not able to achieve success in life as per societal standards. Then these Astrologers start telling us that if we perform some remedies or wear some gemstones then our life will become successful in eyes of society.

So, if we see it closely then the efforts of making you follow remedies and gemstones is devised to first make you feel that you are lacking something in life because of your planetary placements and then to make you fall into remedies so that you can have a hope that your life will be better in everyone else’s eyes. Then obviously, if 10 people perform a remedy and even if 2 persons somehow get result, for any reason whatsoever, then it is enough for the Astrologer to advertise himself.

Sheep Mentality – Beyond this, the main reason behind following remedies and gemstones is sheep mentality that everyone should marry, everyone should have a home/car, and everyone should have children. This type of thinking makes people follow remedies and gemstones. And we don’t even realize that beauty of this world is in the fact that we all are so different from each other and yet we all are manifestation of same energy. Even 2 shades of same color are never identical and here we are trying to make all humans to live an identical life. I feel that if we realize that we all have our different paths and we can serve each other from those different paths then there will be no need for any remedy or gemstones. We need to realize that not all people are supposed to get married, not all people are supposed to live a family life and not all people are supposed to be Saints either. Beauty of this world is in its diversity.

Ego Satisfaction – Then obvious ego satisfaction is always there with remedies and gemstones.
  • “I have done this remedy or wore that stone. Now planets would have to give me results. “ – As if they are our servants and we have total control over them because of a remedy or stone.
  • “My life is not going as per my wishes. Tell me some remedies.” – Well, who are you to even ask that your life should go as per your wish? This Earth has about 7.9 Billion people. Can we even imagine that what a chaos it will create if everyone’s life goes as per his wish?

Conclusion – As I always say, align yourself with your chart’s energy. There is only one reason behind your suffering that you are not going in direction indicated by your planetary positions. No remedy is going to change your planetary positions and if you get aligned with your planetary placements then all the stress/frustration/anxiety will automatically go away and you won’t need any remedy.
Last but not the least, if at all you want to do any worship or Pooja then do it for gratitude. When you add a demand to your worship, which we add while performing remedies, then it is not worship. Then it is only a bargain with God or even bribe to God.

Hope this helps. Thanks,
Swami Premanand Bharti

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