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Remedies - My Views - General Rule & Exceptions.


Let me put a full stop at least from my side on questions on remedies through this article. I have already written 2 articles on remedies, i.e. Astrological Remedies (http://astrosaxena.com/remedies) and My take on Astrological Remedies (http://astrosaxena.com/remedy). Again, truth of the moment is that you can consider this article as sequel of earlier articles and my final word on remedies. I will take ample help of Osho Rajneesh in making you understand this concept of remedies. Let's break this article on following points - 

My views on remedies. 
Positive Thinking. 
Ego Boost. 
General Rule. 
Concept of Re-incarnation. 
Good Souls and Bad Souls. 
Destined Results. 

So, let's start this journey :) - 

Remedies/Gemstones - Being an astrologer, it is very common for me to see people asking for remedies and gemstones for resolution of their problems in life. And I can understand it. None wants to live a miserable life throughout and want to try anything possible to make situations better. But where it becomes irritating is when people totally become remedy-dependent and sole reason for worshiping God becomes fulfillment of their desires. As we know that there are thousands of remedies, worships and gemstones prevailing in our society. To avoid over-writing, I will only use the word Remedies for all. These remedies can range from normal to mindless. I also know people who have spent millions on these remedies. 

My views on remedies - My personal view on remedies have always been consistent that they are waste of time, money and energy. It is not that it is my mere belief but it is my knowledge. I have spent 10 years of my life doing all possible remedies told by many people but to no avail. So, it is my experience that they won't work. Actually, no-result from remedies was one of the reasons why I started learning Astrology. Also, if we accept that remedies do change our lives and we can change the direction of life through remedies then actually we are saying that remedies over-power astrology itself. Because if remedies are so powerful and effective then what is the problem? Have 9 remedies for 9 planets and then your life should be all Rosy, there should not be any problem, suffering, pain and challenging times in life because you just did 9 remedies and caught hold of all the planets, right? Anyone can afford that much. As I have always said, I again say that if life will change or situation will improve, then it will happen due to your change in dasha and transits. So, I start from this general rule of mine but I have an interesting "Osho Exception" too. So, lovers of remedies may continue to read. 

Positive Thinking - As long as remedies are used to keep your mind positive and to look at problems of life constructively then I have no issues. If parents are worried about health of their kid and performing a small worship at a temple makes them feel good, then I am all for it. Remedy giving positivism to person is fine. But here also, that positivism can't be generalized through a remedy. I mean to say that everyone may have a different way by which he may feel positive in life. I may feel positive after reading a book of Osho and you may feel positive after listening to spiritual song sung by Lata ji. My remedy is Osho and your remedy can be Lata ji. So, here also we can't generalize it as one remedy for all to feel positive. But still, if aim is to make someone positive in life then I am fine with it. 

Ego Boost - But in majority of cases, this is not the situation. Normally, if I tell someone about bad dignity of any planet, natural or I should say spontaneous response from him is what I need to do to make it better? LOL. As if you can do anything. A planet which has seen you from insect to human form, you think that you can do anything to make it better or worse. No, I just want to please the planet. Planets are incarnation of God and God can never get angry to anyone as anger in itself is a vice. How can God have any vice? And at times, I have even heard people saying that now I have done this remedy, so planets/God are bound to give me the result as per my desires? LOL. This is where I feel that remedies are just a tool of ego satisfaction. After performing a remedy, person feels that he has over-powered the planets. 

General Rule - So as I said, general rule for me regarding remedy is that they don't work and I don't follow or recommend any remedy to anyone,except meditation. If anyone wants to follow any remedy then it is completely his wish and his freedom to do it. I am not part of that trip. But as always, every general rule has an exception. 

Exception - And exception comes from astrology itself. If I say that everything in world is under astrology and everything that happens is under the planets' purview then remedies would be under astrology too, right? If someone is following a remedy that means he must be under that type of dasha/transit which makes him believe in these things. That's why I only say that I don't follow/recommend any remedy, if person wants to do some act as remedy then he is free for it. My planetary positions and dashas suggest that it is useless to do any remedy but his dashas may be making him believe in it. Then who I am to stop him from following what his planets are telling him to do? Another exception is what I heard from Osho Rajneesh in his preaching Geeta Darshan for which we need to understand process of re-incarnation. So now, Osho takes over. (All the italicized portion is Osho's). 

Concept of Re-incarnation - While explaining Chapter - 7 of Bhagvad Geeta in his preaching Geeta Darshan, Osho speaks about importance of worshiping for God itself Vs Worshiping for small desires like wealth, marriage & car etc. He says that if you are performing some rituals to get something from God then you are only concerned about that thing and you have nothing to do with God. Then he says, but the biggest problem is that some times these rituals to get something prove fruitful and at other times they don't. If none gets desired results from rituals/remedies then there is a chance that whole humanity will ignore it. But when some person gets result then it automatically creates desire in another person's heart to do the same remedy and he should also get what he desires. So, it is very important to understand if the results of remedies are given by God or by someone else. 

For this, we need to understand the concept of re-incarnation (http://astrosaxena.com/incarnate) and understand that stage when a soul has left body and is waiting for another body as they still have some karma to see through before achieving liberation. Osho says, as so many deaths take place everyday in this world, there are many souls who leave a body and start looking for new bodies. Now, an average soul of an average human being readily gets a new womb as so many average people get involved in sexual intercourse daily. It may be surprising that problem is getting a new body is faced by those souls who are either too good, i.e. a saint type person, or too bad, i.e. a dictator type of person. A good soul would have to wait till 2 good persons get into sexual intercourse and the good soul gets an opportunity to enter the womb. Likewise, a bad soul would have to wait till 2 really bad persons get into sexual intercourse and the bad soul gets an opportunity to enter the womb. Until that time, both souls (good & bad) wander.

Good Souls and Bad Souls - Now, while waiting for their new body, both of these types of souls have some desires. Good Soul wants to do some good act or help anyone and Bad Soul wants to do something bad. 
  • Bad Soul - A bad soul wants to do something bad & harmful and searches for such a person who has such negative desires. And when they find such a person, bad souls help that person in doing that bad action as those souls also want to perform such actions. This is the reason why we see that so many criminals are unable to believe after committing the crime that they have done such an act. It is because they were possessed by these bad souls. 
  • Good Soul - A good soul will wander near the places of worship or near the other enlightened being. When we say that Buddha had a Halo around him then that Halo is nothing but the positive aura of good souls around Buddha or any other enlightened being. Now, wandering thus, if they happen to see a person performing any worship or remedy for a genuine cause or concern, they help the person in achieving that goal. So, in reality, the act is done by a good soul which just by-chance happened to wander around the place where person was worshiping but person feels that remedy worked and soon that remedy is popular among others too

So, this is the way our remedy or our ritual works but courtesy that good soul and nothing else. And this is the reason I can not advice about which remedy or ritual to do at what time as I can never know where/when a good soul may be wandering to satisfy your desires, lol. Only choice is that you keep on performing remedy 24/7 and hope for your luck to shine. 

Destined Results - But the same chapter 7 again says that even these good souls can't give you anything more than your destiny fixed by God. Somewhere we have to accept that whatever Good/Bad happens in this world would have sanction of God. We feel that how a kid can die or how an old person is living a miserable life, if God is just? But we have to accept that weall are paying off our karma and everything has a God's sanction. That's why eastern philosophy has the concept of God Creator and Destroyer both because if we accept destroyer as a different energy then it would mean destroyer is more powerful than creator as it is destroying what was created by creator. So, even when good souls/bad souls are doing anything then it is as per destined plan for individual. We can't get anything more or anytime earlier than our destiny. 

So, this is how remedy works at some special time but I will remain with my general rule that their no point wasting time/money/energy in remedies. Same time/money/energy can be used in taking actions with regard to the same desire. 

Conclusion - Thankfulness has been the ideal prayer/worship/ritual for me. I don't find need to do anything more. Also, if someone can meditate then it will help them. Not that your problems are going to be resolved due to meditation but it is just that you will stop treating them as problems and may consider those problems also as God's blessings in disguise.

"Go to your God as a lover, not as a beggar". - Osho.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have. 


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • Suresh - You are right. Thanks,

  • if no remedies are going to work, then why we need to learn/understand the astrology? Why Astrology is required. I think we all need to focus on our life to resolve our problem and just pray to god with all heart. Not discuss about what has happened or about to happen, through astrology. Can anybody tell me that why we learn astrology?

  • Very helpful article in understanding how our faith and our Karmas are interwoven to shape our destiny..

  • Yes, it is 100% correct that remedy do not work. it is the weakness of the mind that one goes on performing the remedy in the hope of getting some good result out of it at any point of time. The performer of the remedy knows himself the result but the temptation force him to surrender to remedy. If problem is there, it will be sorted out only with the passage of time, putting the effort in solving the problem.

  • very good

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