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So, this picture is representation of the story which I posted in Mythology Section. Mohini incarnation of Lord Vishnu cutting the head of demon through Sudarshan Chakra. Head was called Rahu and the body remained Ketu. Today, we will see what all things Rahu represents in horoscope and life.

1. First of all, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, all three are planets which show our Karmic backlog. The difference is this -

a. Saturn shows the things which were easily accessed by us in past life but we didn't treat them too well. As Saturn represents delay, those things will be delayed in this life, so that we realise the value of those things.
b. Rahu represents the things which we undertook in past life but we could not accomplish them. So, things related to the house where Rahu is sitting become a priority tasks in this life as we are carrying them from past life.
c. Ketu represents the things which we have completed successfully in past life and we are not interested to take over those tasks now.

2. Rahu represents obsession, things for which we are obsessed about.

3. Rahu represents illusion as it is an illusive and imaginary planet. So, anything which creates an illusion is Rahu. Examples -
a. Fame, Wealth & Success,
b. Foreign Land (as it is an illusion that everyone is happy in foreign lands),
c. Medicine and Drugs (as it creates drowsiness after consumption and that state is an illusion),
d. From Movies to Television to Online World (all illusion),
e. Cheating (Wherever Rahu is placed, people related with that house may end up in cheating you), as we are under illusion when someone cheats and lies.
f. Any type of intoxication is an invitation to Rahu.

4. Rahu also represent unusualness or uniqueness in our life. It can make a person to think out of box and take up tasks which none else wants to touch.

5. As such, Rahu also represents someone who breaks the set traditions of society and follows his own rules.

Nature - Now, here is one interesting thing. Although Western Astrology doesn't recognizes Rahu and Ketu, but when they take Rahu into consideration, they take it as a benefic planet, whereas for our astrology it is a malefic one. Reasons are here - Western Society is mainly a materialistic society. Success, Fame and Wealth are very important for them. That's why Rahu is benefic for them. Our ancient society (at the time of development of Vedic Astrology) was a very Spiritualistic Society, which thought of things like Fame, Success and Wealth as a hurdle in attainment of main purpose of human life, i.e. Moksha. That's why, it was malefic for us. Now, in 21st century, where Success, Fame and Wealth drive the human race crazy, it is hard to avoid Rahu and its impact.

Maturity Age - Rahu matures at the age of 42 years.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • Very informative article

  • @ Pallavi - please check other articles on nodes. this information is there.

  • Beautifully put together. Could you also add which in which sign it is exalted, debilitated and which sign it owns.

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