Ego Consciousness & Believers/Disbelievers/Doubters of Occult.

Finally, the last article of the year 2016.

It is kind of usual for any Occultist to come in contact with people who out-rightly deny the role/impact of Occult Science on Human Life. I know that many fellow Astrologers/Occultists have come across these people. I have seen kind of Wars going on FB/Twitter Pages among these Questioners and Occultists. Although I find myself very lucky to not to deal with any such war so far on my FB/Twitter Pages but I have had my share of such discussions in personal life with people who keep different views on Occult. I agree that they have right to keep their views and I also know that for majority of them, this article won’t make any difference. Still, I would like to put across my views on Occult Science and how one should approach it for its proper understanding. Let’s cover this tricky subject on following points –

Belief/Disbelief as a Concept. 
Belief in Religion/God. 
Belief/Disbelief in Occult. 
Knowing God/Occult. 
Ego & Egoistic Desires
Lack of Time. 

Let’s see all the points one after the other – 

Belief/Disbelief as a Concept – Majority of our talks in daily life, regarding Religion/God/Occult revolves around two words, i.e. Belief or Disbelief. People either say that they believe in something or they don’t believe in something. And these two things are said in such a way that they are completely different or opposite from each other, but in reality, they are not. Belief and Disbelief are one and only one thing. Both concepts don’t need any knowing and based on mere assumption or presumption, or in majority of cases, only on the conditioning/upbringing of person who starts believing/disbelieving in anything. So, for both the concepts, you don’t need to know anything. You can simply say that you believe/disbelieve in anything. You neither know the reason behind belief nor you know the reason behind disbelief. That’s why, it is one and the same concept. They look polar opposites, but they are not. Opposite of Believing/Disbelieving can only be Knowing. So, I will start with this prima-facie view that belief and disbelief are one & the same thing and going forward I will only use word Believe to include Believe/Disbelieve both. 

Belief in Religion/God – Same concepts are reiterated by people day-in and day-out as they believe in this Religion or that Religion or in this God’s Incarnation or that God’s Incarnation. Again, there is no knowing involved. It is just a belief which is developed due to surroundings, social environment and upbringing. If I had been born in a Mohammedan or Christian Family, my beliefs would have been completely different based on my upbringing. As my birth in a particular religion is just a co-incidence, likewise my beliefs are also just a co-incidence due to my birth, surroundings and upbringing. My beliefs have no foundation of Knowledge. So, Theist/Atheist/Agnostic are not very different from each other. A Theist says that he believes that there is God. An Atheist says that he believes that there is no God. . An Agnostic also “believes” that you can never know God. So everywhere belief is at work. But all are focused on God. Concept of God is impacting all of them. And all are saying on mere belief. There is no knowing of God involved. One is running towards Temple and other two are running away from Temple, but both are running because of Temple. Temple is able to impact their mind. Hence, for me at least, believing/disbelieving is same thing and can’t replace the real thing, i.e. Knowing. 

Belief in Occult – This prelude was necessary as the discussions related to Occult Science also revolve around the concepts of believing in it. People who have questions over Occult Science directly jump on to the conclusion that Occult doesn’t impact Human Life, so we don’t believe in it. Likewise, there are people who believe in Occult Science. Again, both are incomplete with their concepts. Their viewpoint came from the same concepts of believing a Religion/God. Same concept is imported here in matters of Occult Science. As long as they don’t know the Occult Science, their belief doesn’t matter and they will know only when they invest some time in learning it and practicing it. Before that, any assertion will be a mere baseless statement. Here are few things we generally listen from disbelievers of Occult Sciences - 

  • Although, Occult Sciences are different branches of Study from Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry etc, but one common thing I came to know about most of them is that they all are planetary based. And that’s why historically, the most lame argument that is put forward by disbelievers against Astrology, in particular, is how planets can impact our life as they are so far from Earth?
Well, then how Sun impacts your life on daily basis when it is
so far from Earth? I am sure that everyone is aware that life
on Earth will end within 8 minutes if Sun stops burning right
now and we will survive those 8 minutes also because of the
Sun-rays which have left from Sun before it stopped burning. 

  • Another argument that is put forward against any Occult Science is that it is not full-proof, means sometimes predictions are correct and sometimes they are not.
Well, what is full-proof in this world? Anything which is handled by Human Being can't be full-proof or perfect. There will be some loopholes, which I call as areas of improvement. Can any Doctor say that he never made any mistake in his career or he was always able to heal his patients? If not, then do we question Medical Science? Don't we go to Doctor again next time after falling sick? One thing I never understand is that how failure of an Occultist is directly linked with failure of Occult Science, if failure of Doctor is not failure of Medical Science?

  • Yet another way of questioning or rather neglecting things like Astrology is to link it with some Religion. Let’s call it Hindu or Vedic Astrology, so that people who follow other religions can get an excuse to ignore it. 
By making such excuse, people only show their lack of
common sense. I won’t even say lack of knowledge. It is lack
of basic common sense. Astrology literally means Knowledge
& Science of Stars. Now, Can Stars be Hindu or Muslim or of
any other Religion? Also, the 1st Prophet ever was Zoroaster
who laid down foundation of the 1st Religion Zoroastrianism.
One of the facts with Zoroaster’s birth was that his birth was
predicted by Astrologers of that time. So, Astrology existed
even before formation of 1st Religion ever. So, it is incorrect
to link it as a sole-proprietorship of any religion. Astrology
exists in every religious book but only few people don’t want
to accept it. Given a choice, I will always embrace Universe
rather than individual entities. That’s why, in my analysis and
reports, I use almost every system of Astrology. I have
Teachers from all branches of Astrology. I have even used
Uranus, Neptune & Pluto when it was necessary for a
particular chart. 

It is not that my or anyone’s, who is in Occult field, arguments start or end at these basic ones but majority of things will need a detailed study, which majority of believers/disbelievers are not ready to do. I can talk whole day on how Astrology impacted Human Life on the basis of various horoscopes, dashas and transits (sometimes hitting to the exact degrees of planets) but I would like to know that how much time someone is ready to dedicate? And it is not that people don’t have time to spend and understand Occult Science, but real reason for ignorance/neglect lies somewhere else, which I will discuss later. 

Knowing God/Occult – Here, it should not be understood that I am against belief/disbelief. They are very necessary as they give you the base/foundation to live your life. All I am saying that belief/disbelief is no replacement for knowledge. Biggest problem happens with people who “believe” in a Religion is when they come face to face with a person who “knows” the same Religion. Just imagine, a person giving reference of Vedas again & again and suddenly someone asks which chapter & which verse of which Veda? Let’s discuss what it actually means? That’s why, people who knew Religion/God were always disliked by those who merely believed in Religion/God.

Believing in anything is so easy. It just needs repetition over a long time. But I have only one problem with concept of belief, i.e. if you can believe in God (The Supreme Being), then why can’t you believe in other smaller things/events of life? If you can believe in God, then believe that you got good job, believe that you got good salary, believe that you got promotion, believe that you got married, believe that you got children, believe that you got good health, believe that you went to Foreign Travel & actually returned back, believe that you got a big home, believe that you got good wealth. What is the problem in believing in all these things, if you can believe in The Supreme Being? Why you need actual manifestation of all your desires? Why you want to see, know & experience every event in life happening? When God can be believed, then these things are far lesser in importance. And if you want to experience all your egoistic desires then why you don’t want to experience God?

Ego & Egoistic Desires – And this is the main reason why people let ignorance spread all over them and why they don’t want to know God/Religion/Occult? It is Ego and Egoistic Desires. So, it is not that people don’t have time to understand Occult Science but their biggest fear is that if they understood it and somehow Occult indicates that their egoistic desires are not going to be fulfilled, then what will happen to Ego and Egoistic Desires? Where will Ego go then? Just imagine, a Man is all set in his desires to make his Son a Judge but chart of his Son indicates that he will be a Priest, then? Where will Ego go then and what to do with Egoistic Desires? Just like what happened with King Shudhdhodhan, father of Gautama Buddha. He wanted his Son to become King but Sage Aseeta predicted for Gautama Buddha becoming a Saint. Now, father is bound to refuse occult in such conditions. Not only he will refuse but he won’t ever look towards Occult Science anymore. It is safe for his Ego and Egoistic Desires to run away & say that he has no time for such non-sense. That’s the only way he can protect and safeguard his Ego. Same thing goes with God. It is safe to just believe in God but if somehow I find God and realize that God’s desires for me are exactly opposite to my desires, then what will happen? So, let’s just play purely safe by believing in God and calling myself highly Religious and at the same time following my egoistic desires. That would always be a better option for Ego rather than Ego getting hammered due to knowledge of Occult/God. That’s why, ignorance seems to be a blessing for Ego. 

Lack of Time – Of course, you need time to learn anything and if you are ready to question something then better also be ready to give your head in it to find the answers, but it seems that they don’t have time to find answers after raising questions. There is no point in raising queries/doubts and then running away by saying that I don’t have time to find answers. Well if you are really so busy, then how you got time to raise questions? I don’t think there is any lack of time. We always make time to do something which we really want to do. An example here is that as I write this, there are about 500k people commenting on 10 top trending topics on FB and equal number of Tweets can be seen for top 10 trends on Twitter. We can include other social media platforms too in the list. So, people always get time to do what they want to do or bring them happiness. Here, problem is that happiness is not guaranteed. My study and research, in the end, may prove to be painful for my desires only. So, it is best to avoid/ignore/neglect in the name of lack of time, so that at least for some time I may be able to nourish my desires. 

Conclusion – Finally, I never have any problem in people questioning/doubting Astrology, any other Occult Science or even God. Questioning is the 1st step towards knowing. But then I expect people to take 2nd step too. I want to know that how much time they are ready to spend in listening to my responses. It is unfair, to raise questions and run away, towards someone who has spent years in knowing all these things. Even if you want to ignore/avoid it then I would appreciate if you can cite the main reason of Ego & Desires, rather than lame excuse of lack of time.

I will conclude with this important paragraph of Hidden Mysteries by Osho Rajneesh – 

“The heaviest blow of astrology is upon the ego.If astrology is right, the ego is wrong. Let us understand it this way: if astrology is wrong, then nothing remains to be right but the ego. If astrology is right then the world is right, and only I as an island am wrong. I am only an infinitesimal and trifling part of the world -- I am so minute that I cannot even be included in the count. If astrology is right, then I am not there. There is a huge flow of forces in which I am only a small ripple.

Sometimes as we ride a big wave, we are under the illusion that we too are something special, and we forget about the big wave. This big wave is also riding upon the ocean of which we are completely unaware. If the ocean disappears below it, the wave will disappear and we will also disappear. Without any reason we become unhappy about the possibility of our disappearance, only because we have contrived to be happy through our belief in our own separate existence. If we had realized that there is only a big wave and the vast ocean, and that we are not -- that it is the wish of the ocean that we arise on it, that it is the wish of the ocean that we die....

Hope this helps. Thanks, 



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