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Meaning of Mercury’s Transit

Today, we will try to understand Mercury’s transit and its impact on Human Life. Let’s see the things important for understanding this – 

Mercury - Mercury represents communication skills, marketing, calculative ability, younger siblings, hobbies, skills with hands, intelligence, quick decision making, logical thinking, youthfulness etc.

Transit Time – Mercury transits through a sign in about 20 days. 

Mahadasha/Antardasha – Person will be most impacted by Mercury’s transit if he is also under Mercury’s Mahadasha or Antardasha. 

Mercury’s Dignity – First important thing to see is Mercury’s dignity in Birth Chart. If it is well placed in Own/Exalted/Friendly Sign then it shows a strong foundation for Mercury and Mercury related things. 

Transiting Sign – Likewise, we have to be sure of Mercury’s dignity during transit. If Mercury is transiting through Own/Exalted/Friendly sign then good results are expected. 
House Ruler – One of the most important thing is to keep in mind as to which house Mercury rules with its signs Gemini & Virgo signs in your chart. For Aries Ascendant, it will rule 3rd house and 6th house house but for Virgo Ascendant, it will rule 1st house and10th house. Now, wherever it goes into transits, Mercury will bring the energy of the house it rules in your chart. Like, if you are an Aquarius Ascendant then Mercury rules 5th house with Gemini sign and 8th house with Virgo sign. 5th house is Education, Children & Creativity and 8th house is Sudden Events, Occult, Mysticism and Secrecy etc. So, wherever it goes in transit, person will be feeling the energy of 5th house and 8th house in transiting house. Like, Mercury going into 2nd house, person will be interested in communicating about 5th house and 8th house matters within Family as 2nd house relates to Family. 
Impact of Mercury’s Transit – Here, we need to keep in mind few things – 
  • Mercury’s transit lasts about 20 days. It is not a big enough time period to make a profound prediction. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that Mercury doesn’t do anything in those 20 days. But by the time we start getting/noticing results of Mercury in a particular house or it starts setting stage for any important event, Mercury moves to another house. So, to use Mercury in prediction, it is necessary to see when Mercury is going to retrograde in transit. At that time, it stays in a sign for about 3 months. Then we can use Mercury in making prediction. Mercury retrograde happens at least 3 times in an year. 
  • Another thing is that Mercury is a neutral planet. Even gender wise, it is Eunuch or Transgender. So, it doesn’t have any trait or characteristics of its own which can be called as benefic or malefic. So, in birth chart or during transits, Mercury doesn’t impact other planets but it gets impacted by them. If it is sitting with benefics like Jupiter and Venus, it becomes a benefic, and if it is with malefic like Saturn or Ketu, it becomes a malefic. If it is alone, then as per the nature of planets aspecting it. If no planet is aspecting, then as per the nature of the lord of the sign it is in. Another way of understanding is that Mercury is basically communication. Now, we communicate as per our surroundings. If we are in company of movie buffs then we talk about movies and if we are in company of people with political interests then we communicate about politics. This is the way Mercury gets impacted by its surroundings. 
  • Last but not the least, as I said Mercury is basically our communications. It is also our curious nature. So, whichever house it transits, person becomes curious about the things related to that house and starts collecting information regarding that house. Then person also communicates about the same things to others, as it is our basic nature to share information and knowledge with others. It is the simplest way to understand Mercury’s transit. 
So, here we go – 
  • In 1st house – Mercury is in 1st house and person is curious about himself, his life path and if he is making good progress on that or not. Person will educate himself for self-development. He will collect information as per his interests or as per the nature of the sign in ascendant and then communicate about the same things to other people. 
  • In 2nd house – Now, the person is very curious and calculative about his wealth aspect. He will check if he has enough resources or how he can increase his wealth and better support his family. Person can be very miser in this time period. He will be aware of his family and financial conditions. 
  • In 3rd house – Here, person will be inclined towards communication, counselling, teaching and travelling. This is indicative of time when you can be very talkative. You will like to collect lots of info and then spread it. A business idea can come in mind. You can inclined to counsel or teach someone.
  • In 4th house – Now, all communications are happening inside home and with mother. This is the time when you want to communicate with your mother or in home environment. You may even be inclined to get information about Real Estate. Overall, in this time, person will share the information within home or with mother. 
  • In 5th house – Study time. Either you will suddenly become serious for your education or children’s education or you will be interested in developing some creative skills, hobbies or talents. This can be a very creative and education oriented period. 
  • In 6th house – Mercury is exalted in Virgo and 6th house has same energy of Virgo. Here person becomes very calculative, perfectionist and almost cunning in his communications. This time is about dealing with your obstacles, hurdles and competitors in a very clever and cunning way and defeating them. 
  • In 7th house – Now, person wants to communicate with spouse, partner or in a relationship. Nature of the sign involved will decide the nature of communication. But for this time, it is all about communications related with other people. Person may be inclined towards Business and dealing with other people. 
  • In 8th house – This time is about curiosity towards Occult, Mysticism and Secret Matters etc. Person will dig deep and research about all hidden information and then he will communicate about it. Here, collection of information has no end because research has no end. 
  • In 9th house – Now, person wants to collect info about Religions, Philosophy, Ancient Texts. He wants to interact with his Gurus. This time can also bring long distance travels and interaction with people of different ethnicity. Person will collect lots of informationin educational matters. 
  • In 10th house – Now, time for Professional and Serious Communications. Person is either communicating with Govt, Law Agencies, Boss or Father, all serious communications. Person may be curious to know about a Govt Procedure or Legal System. This can also be a time of communication with Boss over Career Progression or Appraisals. . 
  • In 11th house – This is time to interact with your friends, elder siblings and network circles. Now, communications are going from professional to somewhat casual. At the same time, person will be calculative about his earnings and income and also would check if he is earning at par with his colleagues. 
  • In 12th house – Time to collect some spiritual information or travelling to a spiritual pilgrimage. This time can also bring a Foreign Travel. Communication and interaction regarding spirituality, foreign lands and foreign people is common during this transit. 
So, this is how Mercury’s transits through all the houses may work but lots will depend upon dasha, dignity of Mercury in birth chart & transit and planet it is transiting over. 

Hope this helps. Please feel free to post comments and queries, if any. 


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer 

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