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Mars in Aquarius.

Mars in Aquarius.

A thing to remember here is that these posts are strictly meant for the particular planet position. Like, today we are looking at Mars in Aquarius, so the description given here may change for you if your Mars is although in the sign of Aquarius but with conjunction with or aspected by other planets.

So, lets see what Mars can do in Aquarius without any conjunction or aspect from any other planet. 1st lets see what these 2 things represent --

Mars represents our will power, courage, ability to take actions, aggressive nature, anger, our fighting ability, brother, male friends, a boy friend for a girl, a soldier, an athlete and real estate etc.

Aquarius is 11th sign of zodiac belt, hence it signifies the things and energy related with 11th house of horoscope, such as Gains, Desires, Hopes and Wishes, Large Organisations, Network Circles etc. Besides this, Aquarius also represents Scientific Thinking & Research, Uplifting the Society, Higher Goals & Rewards for all. Aquarius is made of another set of 2 and half Nakshatra, i.e. Dhanishtha, Satabhisha and Purva-Bhadrapada. Aquarius Lord is Saturn & Rahu.

Although Mars is exalted in Saturn's earlier sign Capricorn, but in this sign of Aquarius Mars is in enemy sign. It is because Mars represents impulsive actions whereas Saturn represents sustained action. So, when person tries to do something impulsively, Saturn may put block here and Mars feels frustrated. This is what they need to learn in life, i.e. to plan for sustained actions. They can be very much interested in working for common goal or higher purpose. They can be very technology-savvy people. But everything will give results with delay and perseverance. This is what they need to learn. 

But the extent of this impact will always be as per the Nakshatra Mars is in. In Dhanishtha Nakshatra, it will be somehow little comfortable as it is its own Nakshatra. In Satabhisha Nakshatra, Rahu will impact Mars' functioning. In Purva-Bhadrapada, Jupiter will have its say in Mars' role in Aquarius.

Also, as the lord of Aquarius, Saturn's & Rahu position will have highest impact on Mars, more so as Saturn is strong enemies of Mars.

Tomorrow, Mars in Pisces.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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