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Understanding Marriage Consultation.

In recent times, somehow I felt that we need to understand what a consultation actually means, specially if it relates to Marriage. The reason why I am emphasizing on Marriage is that for other consultations like Career, Property, Promotion etc, generally only one person is responsible for the event and if that person puts right effort at right time in right direction then results can be expected as predicted. But when it comes to marriage then whole lot of group of people get involved and all have their own desires out of that one relation that is predicted. Some may say that by this article I am trying to hide my inability of predicting the right time of marriage but let's read through as to what I want to say then we can have a chat about it. 

Marriage as a Concept - Somehow, Marriage is developed as a concept in India, courtesy - Movies and TV Serials, which says that your happiness in life begins with the Marriage Day. In my considered opinion after reading 1000+ charts, Marriage & Happiness have no relation. Person who knows how to be happy, can remain happy even without marriage. See, house of happiness is 5th house and house of Marriage is 7th house. So, you can be happy even without marriage. Just follow what 5th house and 5th lord is indicating to you. At the same time, it doesn't mean that I am dead against the institution of Marriage. It has its own importance and I respect that but I am certainly against projecting marriage as the sole reason of your happiness and life. Somehow, happiness in human life can be understood with example that if you have lost a tooth and then your tongue automatically goes into the void that is created. Tongue doesn't care about 31 other teeth but its focus is why that 1 void is not getting filled up? Indian Society has developed Marriage as a similar void in our life. It is mandatory to get married after 25. So, the whole conditioning since childhood gives Marriage an utmost importance in life as if everything will turn into Heaven from the day of your marriage. As I understood, Marriage is more a responsibility and mutual dependence than anything else. If our society is standing at a cross-road in matters of relationships, where it is unable to understand why so many relations are breaking in present day & age, then it needs to introspect that how this institution is projected? You can also read my detailed view on marriage and how it changed through times here - http://astrosaxena.com/marriageissues and http://astrosaxena.com/relatinsight

Marriage & Astrology - Quite honestly, your marriage time predicted or a horoscope match done by an Astrologer is no guarantee of a happy life after marriage. That's why, 99% of times when I do horoscope matching, the answer is blunt NO. It made people reluctant to approach me for horoscope matching about which I DON'T CARE. Only thing you should check regarding marriage through horoscope and astrology is whether person is meant for relationship or not and what is the right time for marriage? After that, no matter how well charts are matching, there will be issues because Dashas will change, Dushthana Houses will get activated, Malefics will transit through marriage houses or planets at some point of time in life, about which you can't do anything. The biggest factor is that your spouse is as humane as you are and may have same sky-high expectations from marriage as you may have. That's where the real test is for marriage as to how they adjust with each other for common goal of prosperous marriage. Issues will be there, so only thing one should check is if person has relationship capacity or not. If both have capacity to support marriage then they can go through all ups and downs in life and make a good marriage together. 

What does a Marriage Prediction mean? - So, what does it mean when an Astrologer predicts your marriage time? Does it mean that anyhow marriage will take place? As I understand, marriage time prediction only means that during this time 7th house of your chart will be activated. It means that during predicted time, either you will have a relationship (love marriage case) or you will get good alliances for marriage (arrange marriage case). Now, turning of that relation or alliances depends on lots other things which I will deal with but if you have a relationship or you got good alliances or even your marriage got fixed but later could not be manifested then it is NOT a failed prediction. 7th house is only about meeting and dealing with other people and your partner happens to be one of them. So, relationship happened, marriage alliances came or marriage got fixed means 7th house gave its results. Now, if that could not be manifested in marriage then it may be because of many reasons as given below. 

Social Environment - As Marriage is seen as a once in lifetime event, desires are sky-high from both sides. The main issue which I have seen why marriages could not be manifested, for the charts I saw, even after getting good alliances is that either or both sides have sky-high expectations and to fulfill those expectations, they are willing to let go of what good alliances they have in hand, in hope of getting even better. And this hope never expires. After getting better alliance, they will again see if there is anyone even better available and it goes on and on and on. Their hope won't expire but time of getting good alliances will definitely expire in this hunt. So, it is important to not to put sky-high and unrealistic expectations as after 1 year the whole hype of marriage will be down and you will be left to live a normal life again. Somehow I feel that marriage predictions can be true for Western Societies and those who are here for Love Marriage, as they are happy with their partner and don't look for much more than getting married. Sustenance of Love Marriage for a longer time is another point here but right now, I am only talking about turning relationship/alliance into Marriage. 

Social Expectations - Besides expectations of Individuals and Families, I think where people miss the point in converting good alliances into marriage is in the BS of Society like Status, Wealth, Caste, Religion, Language and all. If we can stay away from all these criteria, then things can manifest easier and faster. Again, this is the reason why marriage predictions are more accurate for Westerners as they don't look for all these things. Someone may say that does it mean Social Environment is able to over-rule the planets? No, it is not. Society rules our mind. Mind is represented by Moon and Moon is one planet which easily gets impacted by other factors/planets. So, if Social Environment is impacting our mindset or predictions in Astrology then it is also because Moon & Astrological Principles allow it to do so. 

So, we will do better with manifestation of marriage if we can get rid of our sky-high expectations and the BS criteria we follow for marriage and only see if both individuals will be happy with each other after marriage or not. And if you have reasons to feel assured that both will be happy then I don’t mind even if you don’t match their horoscopes. 

Saturn & Marriage – Last but not the least. Understand Saturn’s role in Marriage. It represents 2 things in marriage, i.e. Delay and Stability. It is like delay is condition and stability is promise from Saturn. If Saturn is impacting your marriage related houses/planets, then it is condition from Saturn to delay your marriage and then only it will manifest its promise of stability in marriage. You can’t say that I will get married in early 20s and now Saturn should stabilize my relation. Another thing which Saturn asks is realistic approach and being practical in marriage. Normally, these 2 words are interpreted as you need to be very intelligent in your approach after getting married. Well, that’s true but you need to show equal intelligence and maturity in getting married too. You have to look beyond Caste/Religion and Language barriers if you are not getting good responses in alliances. 

Recently, a guy of 40+ years had shown me his chart for marriage and said that last girl he refused to get married is because her family was not willing to give dowry as he wished. Now, if you have such criteria of refusing alliances then you can’t complain about delayed or even denial of marriage or predictions not coming true. When Saturn is impacting marriage then person needs to be thankful for getting married anyhow. There can’t be any condition. And it is not very rare to find Saturn impacting marriage. In 90% cases, marriage must be delayed for this reason only. So, we have to show the maturity, intelligence and practical approach in matters of marriage when Saturn is somehow impacting marriage. 

I hope this article helps people in understanding the real meaning of predicted marriage time and what steps need to be taken to convert a relation/good alliance into marriage. 

Hope this is helpful. Please let me know if there is any query through comments. 

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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  • @ AS - Please check articles and videos on ascendant. it may help.

  • Sir please write some thing on qualities of zodiac signs and some basic predictions through zodiac only in horoscope

  • @ Aleksandra - For me, relationship is the base and foundation. if 2 ppl are in committed serious relationship for a good enough time like 1 or 2 years at least then it is like a marriage for them.

  • Hello! What is considered "marriage" in astrology nowadays? taking into consideration the fact that people can live together for years without registering their union in a legal way. Thank you

  • @ SK - if breakups occur regularly then everything is not normal.

  • What if the breakups occur consistently despite of having everything normal? The moment commitment comes into motion, breakups is assured. Marriage is far fetching idea if 7 times a person falls from a cliff

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