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This section will inform reader about the concepts of Astrology specifically for him/her.

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  • Will I marry a beautiful girl

  • @ Baljit - please apply for consultation thru consultation tab.

  • Date of birth 2.10.1996 time 5.40 pm sir explian 2 marrige yog my kundli how i am delte this yog only one marrige and my futre wife predction and carrir

  • @ Dilshad - Pleae email me at Thanks,

  • My d.o.b 13-3-1983. Time; 22.10 Place: mangalagiri , guntur , andhra pradesh, india. My marriage is dusturbed. I was given triple talaaq by my husband. I have house in in laws place. My finances lil disturbed. I want to know about my future finaces, profeession.

  • @ Atul - please apply for consultation through consultation tab.

  • Respected sir please tell me about my future / rashi/and isht my date of birth is 23/09/1979/00:20 bathinda punjab.

  • @ deepika - pls apply for career consultation.Thanks.

  • Dob...22 10 1991 birth place ..ludhiana.. .11am tuesday Muje ias banna hai...see my carrer...see my aim..see my all future..plz see job

  • @ sharboni - pls apply for consultation here -

  • Sir i want to know about my career When i will get a job...and Is college teacher job suitable for me?

  • @ Himanshu - please apply for consultation here - Thanks,

  • I am unemployed when I will get a job and what type of job profile it will be

  • @ Siddharth - please apply for consultation here - Thanks,

  • DOB 07/03/1992 15:50PM Solapur Maharashtra India I would like to know at what age will I get married and will I have love or arranged marriage and how will be my career?

  • @ gajendra- pls apply for consultation here -

  • When will I get married?

  • Thanks Arun Sir. God bless you and your family too.

  • Hello Vishal Thank you for all your predictions ,analysis and education. I wish you guuide people correctly witb the force and conviction of truth and honesty. God bless you and your family.

  • @ deepak - pls apply for consultation here -

  • Dob 25/11/1969 Place dehri bihar Time 23:15

  • @ sharlin - pls apply for consultation - .

  • My dob is 17.12.1985. I want to settle down with my boyfriend of 2 years. His name is leonilo tejidor Limon. His dob is 28.12.1972. But there are lot of obstacles. Is there a remedy and how is our future together?

  • @ Ramakanth - Congratulations!!! Happy to know and happy that I was of some help. All the best and God bless you always. :)

  • Hi, Vishal Bhai, This is Ramakanth. i had contacted you last year with regard to my Career change. I was quite worried as at my age i thought i would not be offered a corporate job, or i would not at all fit into a 9 to 6 job and the current proffession was not paying well. At that time Bhai, you checked my horoscope for proffessional querries and you pridicted that I will be offered a Corporate job and it would be good and paying well, and that all this will happen at a certain period. Bhai i am very happy now as your prediction came true to your last word. I have been offered a job with a nice pay, right at the time period you predicted and now i am much a happier man. My family is also very happy about it. Thank ypoy Vishal Bhai.

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