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Lajjitadi Avasthas of Planets.

Vedic Astrology comes up with so many unique tools, tricks and techniques to decide the true dignity & results of planet that sometimes I give a thought that which technique is more or most unique. It is a shame that most of these tricks are still not known to us and least utilized by people in predictions. Today, we will discuss one such technique, which is known as Lajjitadi Avastha. 

Every planet has its own role in Astrology and in a particular chart. This role is decided by the things planet is karaka of in general and the houses which it rules & sits in a specific horoscope. In some charts, these planets sit in good positions and get further boost by friendly planets; hence they are able to manifest their goals easily. In other cases, a planet may be conjunct with enemy or malefic planets and in such cases, planet which is in weak dignity will get sacrificed in favour of the planets in good dignity in same conjunction. And it’s not that these times of conjunctions are part of Layman’s life only. Even the most successful people in the world can have few trashed planets and actually, most of the richest people of the world have seen the worst of times in their early life. So, we all have our shares of happiness and grief. Vedic Astrology gives ways to analyse these situations in horoscope where a planet can become completely weak in comparison with the planets it is conjunct with. Here, natural relationships between planets are important to understand their Avasthas, like Sun-Saturn are Arch-Enemies and Moon-Jupiter are Best Friends. These ways are known as Lajjitadi Avasthas. Lajjit means Ashamed, Adi means Etc and Avastha means States, so Lajjitadi Avastha literally means Ashamed Etc States of planets, by which we can decide the dignity, strength of planets involved over each other and also the strength of house involved. 

Total number of Avasthas under Lajjitadi Avasthas are 6 and as they start with Lajjit Avastha, they are named as Lajjitadi Avastha. Following are different Avasthas of Planets – 

Lajjit Avastha or Ashamed State.
Garvit Avastha or Proud State. 
Kshudhita Avastha or Starved State. 
Trishita Avastha or Thirsty State. 
Mudita Avastha or Delighted State. 
Kshobhita Avastha or Agitated State. 

Now, let’s see, what causes each Avastha?

Lajjit Avastha/Ashamed State – 

"If a planet in the 5th house and joining Rahu or Ketu, or conjunct the Sun/Saturn/Mars, then such a planet is in Lajjit Avastha".

So, it can be caused due to 2 reasons – 
  • In 5th house – Any planet (except Rahu & Ketu) is conjunct with Sun/Saturn/Mars. 
  • In any house – Rahu/Ketu is conjunct with Sun/Saturn/Mars with any other planet. 
So, this Lajjita Avastha takes place when a planet is either joined with the Sun/Saturn/ Mars in the 5th house, or joined with Rahu or Ketu along with Sun/Saturn/Mars in any house. 5th house is 8th house (death) from 10th house (fame). So, 5th house is seen for defamation, which is equivalent to ashamed state. Now, the better the dignity of the Sun/Saturn/Mars, the greater is the shame of the Lajjita Graha, which is getting conjunct with any of these planets. While the Graha in Lajjita Avastha can produce, but it will never feel good about itself and so while possibly being productive, the Lajjita Graha will never be happy. Basically the planet, which is thus conjunct, and its karakas will be sacrificed in person’s life or they will cause shame to person. Like, someone has Moon conjunct Sun in 5th house, then person will feel ashamed due to his Mother or Mother side relatives. 

Garvita Avastha/Proud State 

"A planet being in Exaltation or Mool Trikon Sign causes Garvita Avastha".

Garvita Avastha is in effect when a Planet is in Exaltation or Mool Trikon Sign. Such planet feels a positive sense of pride & confidence in respect to its accomplishments. Here, it should not be misunderstood as Egoistic State. 

Kshudhita Avastha/Starved State

"If a planet is in enemy’s sign, conjunct enemy, aspected by enemy, in that case starvation is caused to the planet. It can also happen when Saturn conjuncts a planet"

This state is when a Planet is in an enemy’s Sign/conjunct with an enemy/aspected by an enemy; or when conjunct by Saturn. So, there are four ways that form Kshudhita Avastha/Starved State. 
The four ways are hereunder – 
  • Planet in Enemy Sign - A planet in an enemy’s sign becomes inauspiscious. It is in Sushupti Avastha/Sleeping State and becomes weak to manage its affairs. In such cases, other malefic impacts on such a planet can make it further weak.
  • Planet conjunct by an Enemy – If a planet is conjunct its enemy and enemy happens to be in good dignity, then it will accomplish its own purposes and planet conjunct feels starved. Like, Sun-Saturn in Libra. Here, Saturn will enjoy exaltation and person may feel that he didn’t get any mentionable benefit from Father or Career (Sun).
  • Planet aspected by an Enemy – Same concept applies when a planet is aspected by an enemy planet. The stronger the enemy, more it will look for its own goals to be preformed and will starve the planet thus aspected.
  • Planet conjunct Saturn - Saturn always starves the planet it joins. The stronger Saturn is, the more it starves the planet thus joined.
Starved State is the most comman way in which a planet may fail in the production and fulfilment of its goals, unless it has Garvita Avastha and Mudita Avastha influences too.

Trishitha Avastha/Thirsty State

"A planet in a Water Sign and aspected by an enemy planet, with no auspiscious Graha aspecting is said to be Trishita Avastha/Thirsty State".

This state is in effect whenever a planet is in a Water Sign and it gets aspected by an enemy planet. But if, a Gentle Planet (Mercury/Venus/Moon) aspects here, it strengthens the planet in Water Sign. This Avastha is only for the aspecting enemy planet that will cause Trishita/Thirst. This state shows that a planet in a watery Rasi can still be productive even when aspected by enemies, though it will not be happy. As the name “Thirsty State” implies, it indicates the lack of emotional fulfillment that a planet experiences.

Mudita Avastha/Delighted State 

"If a planet is in a friend’s sign or joined with a friend or aspected by a friend, or that joined with Jupiter is called Mudita Avastha/Delighted State"

It is clear from explanation itself that a planet will feel delighted when it is in friendly sign or friendly planet conjuncts/aspects or it is joined by the biggest benefic planet Jupiter. We can understand planet’s delight in such cases. 
  • Planet in friendly sign - A planet in a friendly sign is productive, and the stronger that friend planet, the more productive it will be. 
  • Planet conjunct by a friendly planet - The friend of a planet will naturally support the planet that it conjuncts as it is friendly towards that planet. The stronger the conjunct friend, the more support the other planet gains. 
  • Exception-1: Saturn joining is never treated as a friend in respect to this Avastha, since Saturn joining forms the previously mentioned inauspicious Kshudhita Avastha/Starved State. 
  • Exception-2: Likewise, the Sun joining does not form Mudita Avastha even when it is a friend; instead, the Sun forms the inauspicious Kshobhita Avastha/Agitated State mentioned next.
  • Planet aspected by a friendly planet - The friend of a planet will always support the planet that it is friendly towards, depending on the degree of its aspect and strength. The closer, degree-wise, the aspecting friend, the stronger aspect, the more support the planet gains.
  • Planet joined by Jupiter – Jupiter, being the most benefic planet, always supports the Graha that it joins. The stronger Jupiter, the more support it grants to conjunct planet.
As Mudita Avastha is one of the positive states, it shows that planet will be able to fulfil its role, if there are no other negative avastha impacts on Mudita Avastha planet. 

Kshobhita Avastha 

"If a planet is conjunct by Sun or it is aspected by Enemy Malefic Planets then it should always be known as Kshobhita Avastha/Agitated State". 
  • Planet conjunct by Sun – As Sun has the fire in it; any planet joining Sun suffers the same fire and gets burnt/combust. It makes the conjunct planet feels agitated or frustrated as it is unable to perform its role due to being burnt off. 
  • Planet aspected by enemy malefic planet – If a planet gets an aspect of enemy malefic planet, it causes Kshobhita Avastha. As the malefic planet won’t care about its enemy, the planet thus aspected feels agitated. Like, Moon being aspected by Saturn, which is a natural malefic and also Moon’s enemy. In that case, Moon will be in Agitated State as it is unable to perform its function due to Saturn’s aspect. 

As we can see that there are so many Avasthas, both good and bad, and a chart will have many of them together. Like, if I think of my own chart then I think I have 5 out of 6 avasthas stated above. Positive Avasthas will help the planet to accomplish its goals and negative avasthas will restrict the results. In Astrology, nothing cancels anything and everything is in addition. So, it is not that if you have one planet in wrong avastha that means that planet is doomed or you won’t get any result out of it. There will be some other conjunction/aspects going on that planet which might be creating a positive avastha. So, everything in Astrology should be read in its entirety, rather than in the most micro manner. One planetary placement never gives any result. Whenever any event happens, it is allowed by majority of planets related to that planet, their positions/dignity, their dashas & transits etc. So again, don’t jump to any conclusion by just reading about one concept of Astrology. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • MN - 1. Rahu will have more impact than Sun. 2. Sun will impact Venus. 3. Everything is in addition.

  • which avastha takes precedence if a Planet is both Lajjit and Starved by Sun. for example in Aries ASC - Sun & Rahu is joined Mercury and Venus. 1. Rahu & Sun together makes these 2 Lajjit. 2. is Venus 21 degree [Adolescent] starved by Sun 29 Degrees [Infant] ? 3. what happens to Venus ?

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