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Joint Impact of Jupiter & Saturn during the year 2017-18.

To start with, please read these articles Transit of Jupiter in Libra in 2017-18 (http://astrosaxena.com/juplib) & Saturn Transit in Sagittarius from Jan, 2017 to Jan, 2020 (http://astrosaxena.com/sat17) to understand the base behind this article. 

In this article, we will see how joint impact of Jupiter & Saturn is going to impact our lives between Oct, 2017 to Oct, 2018. Let's cover this analysis on following points - 

Concept of Joint Impact. 
Reason behind the concept. 
Jupiter-Saturn positions between Sep, 2017 to Oct, 2018. 
Joint Impact between Oct, 2017 to Oct, 2018. 
Result of Joint Impact (J-I) as per Ascendant & Moon Sign. 

Let's cover all points one after the other - 

Concept of Joint Impact - So, the concept goes like if while transiting Jupiter & Saturn are both impacting one house/sign of a chart, then things related to that house/sign is almost certain to happen. For Ex - If Jupiter is transiting through Cancer and Saturn is in Scorpio, then Jupiter-Saturn joint impact will be on Scorpio (as Saturn is sitting there and Jupiter has 5th house aspect there) and Capricorn (as Saturn has 3rd house aspect and Jupiter has 7th house aspect there). So, wherever Scorpio and Capricorn falls in your chart, things related to those houses are almost certain to happen. And it works in 99% of cases I have seen. It rarely happened that joint impact of Jupiter-Saturn doesn't work for someone. 

Reason behind the Concept - A normal reason that is given for this concept is that these 2 are biggest planets in Solar System, hence their impact on a house/sign works in a given time. Valid argument to a great extent, but there are few more reasons as I see. These are as follows - 
  • Positioning of Jupiter & Saturn in Sky - If we see the positioning of Jupiter & Saturn in the Solar System, they are farthest away from Sun among all visible planets. Hence, their orbit of revolving around Sun is biggest. It also means that all other planets work under the orbit of Jupiter & Saturn. So, when these two are simultaneously indicating towards a portion of Sky (house/sign), then other planets are bound to follow the indication. 
  • Joint Impact of Transiting Planets - Another way of saying same thing is that normally Jupiter-Saturn transits are for a long period of time. So, their joint impact also lasts for a longer time. So, if Jupiter-Saturn joint impact will be there for even 6-7 months on a house/sign, then it is a good enough time window to predict the event as not only Jupiter-Saturn are impacting the house/sign but in those 6-7 months, other planets like Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Venus are also supposed to pass through same sign as they have smaller transits. So, at a given time, 3-4 planets can be impacting a house/sign, which makes it almost certain that things related to that house/sign can manifest during the transit. So, it is joint collaboration of all transiting planets. 
  • Duration of Joint Impact - Another important reason is, as I said, duration of transit. When planets are impacting a house/sign for a longer time of 6+ months, then possibilities are high to make a meaningful prediction. This is also the reason why predictions of negative events have more possibility of being successful than predictions of positive events. Negative Events depend on transits of malefic planets like Saturn/Rahu/Ketu/Mars. Except Mars, all other planets have longer transit time. Positive Events depend on transits of Jupiter-Venus-Mercury-Moon. Except Jupiter, all others have very short transit duration. As joint impact of Jupiiter-Saturn normally lasts for 6+months, there are more chances of things happening in this time frame. So, duration of transit plays an important role in manifestation of predictions. 
  • So, these are the reasons why joint impact of Jupiter-Saturn is almost certain to give us results. 
Jupiter-Saturn positions between Sep, 2017 to Oct, 2018

  • Jupiter will be in Libra from Sep, 2017 to Oct, 2018. 
  • Saturn will be in Sagittarius from Oct, 2017 to Jan, 2020. 
Joint Impact between Oct, 2017 to Oct, 2018 - So, between Oct, 2017 to Oct, 2018, joint impact of Jupiter-Saturn will be on - 
  • Aquarius - As Saturn will have its 3rd aspect on Aquarius and Jupiter will have its 5th aspect on Aquarius. 
  • Gemini - As Saturn will have its 7th aspect on Gemini and Jupiter will have its 9th aspect on Gemini. 
So, watch-out for the houses where these 2 signs fall in your chart as things related to those two houses are almost certain to manifest. At the same time, as Saturn is involved, we need to keep in mind that it will require hard work and perseverance for at least the whole year of joint impact to manifest things/events. 

Also, as always, if you have any planet sitting in these 2 signs, those planets will also give their results as per their karaka things and houses they rule. 

Last but not the least, full impact of results will be seen by people under Jupiter or Saturn Dashas. Others will have its impact as per Antardasha/Pratyantar dasha times of Jupiter/Saturn. 

Now, the main course. 

Result of Joint Impact (J-I) as per Ascendant & Moon Sign - Please see results of this joint impact of Jupiter-Saturn transit from Ascendant and Moon Sign both. Predictions from Ascendant Sign will show what will actually happen and predictions from Moon Sign will show what our mind desires and how mind will react to such events? Another thing is that when Ascendant and Moon sign both point towards one event that event is bound to happen. 

So, let’s begin – 

Aries Ascendant or Aries Moon Sign – For Aries people, J-I will be on 3rd house and 11th house. This is the year of travelling, being away from home and mother. This is also the year when your gains can increase, efforts may be rewarded and desires can be manifested. If you want to gain in life, then put your best efforts, you will be fully rewarded. Important events related to siblings can happen. Your information base will be increased. If you are interested in serving some higher cause and working for social welfare then this is the time to decide and work about it. 

Taurus Ascendant or Taurus Moon Sign - For Taurus people, J-I will be on 2nd house and 10th house. So, events related with family, wealth and career are on cards. Wealth will increase in this time, plus there can be expansion in family. Also you will get recognition in Career for all your hard work. Your image and reputation in society will improve and increase. There can be benefits from Father, Govt or people in Authority. This transit can bring you fame, if you are in such kind of work which can bring fame. Wealth from work related with serving a higher cause or social welfare can give you good wealth. 

Gemini Ascendant or Gemini Moon Sign - For Gemini people, J-I will be on 1st house and 9th house. You may realize your true life path or righteous path in life. You will be travelling to far distant places, meeting people of different ethnicity and increasing their knowledge base to a great extent. There is every possibility of job switch or change in work environment. So,if you are looking for change in jobs, utilize this time. Overall living standard will see a rise. You will be helping people with your higher learning. Basically, it is a time to realize your Dharma and following it. 

Cancer Ascendant or Cancer Moon Sign - For Cancer people, J-I will be on 12th house and 8th house. Life Path is here for a major shift. There can be foreign/spiritual travels for you. As 8th house is involved, we can't say with certainty as to the kind of event but whatever it is, will bring a major change in life. You can have marriage benefits and inheritance coming your way. It can also indicate benefits from in-laws. Business people will have gains from Masses. It is also the time to be careful against accidents and sudden events. Again, as it is 8th house of secrecy which is impacted, it is so hard to pin-point on what kind of event may turn up because after-all it is house of secrecy. It is supposed to remain secret until it unfolds itself. 

Leo Ascendant or Leo Moon Sign - For Leo people, J-I will be on 11th house and 7th house. Time for Marriage to manifest. Events related with marriage, partnership, relation and business are on the cards. Desires will be manifested. Important events related with elder sibling can happen. Gains and income are certainly going to increase. You will get R & R for your hard work. A business idea can come up in your mind and you can make a business for yourself. Their is every possibility of Career/Job/Work Place change and getting a better opportunity/raise/hike or promotion during this time. 

Virgo Ascendant or Virgo Moon Sign - For Virgo people, J-I will be on 6th house and 10th house. So, it is more a career oriented time for you. You will be focused on your career and daily work life. Recognition can be there in your career and your image/fame may increase. You can gain from people in authority, government and society at large. It can also be the time of getting into conflicts and disputes. So, you need to take care of that. Also, a time to take care of health. 

Libra Ascendant or Libra Moon Sign – For Libra people, J-I will be on 5th house and 9th house. Change of Work Place/Job/Career is certainly on cards. There is every possibility to start a brand new career in this time. You can study a lot or get into a love relation. A good time to plan Child Birth. You will be travelling to a far distant land and meeting people of different culture. Your knowledge base will increase manifold. Overall, be ready and receptible for change in Career/Job. Don't resist, as it is not going to make any difference with upcoming change. It will only add to your stress and frustrations. 

Scorpio Ascendant or Scorpio Moon Sign – For Scorpio people, J-I will be on 4th house and 8th house. Again, as 8th house is involved, some big change can come in life. Change can be related with Mother as 4th house is also active. But we can't pin-point as to the nature of change for the same reason that 8th house is secrecy. Secrecy has to be maintained until it gets unfolded. There can be things like marriage benefits, benefits from in-laws and other people, or inheritance. Business People will have gains from other people. Both houses related with intuition, so they should be investing time in meditation which may improve their intuitive abilities. Again, a huge change is on the cards. 

Sagittarius Ascendant or Sagittarius Moon Sign – For Sagittarius people, J-I will be on 3rd house and 7th house. Both houses related with Business. So Sagittarians can get into Business or if they are already in a Business, then they can see a good progress in it. They can also travel away from home land. They will be gaining lots of information related with their skills and interests. Of course, Marriage, Relation, Partnership and Business are on the cards. Important events related with younger sibling can happen. Likewise, events related to marriage and spouse can happen. They can get into Business of Counselling, Teaching or Consulting. 

Capricorn Ascendant or Capricorn Moon Sign – For Capricorn people, J-I will be on 2nd house and 6th house. It shows a possible expansion in family and wealth. Wealth can certainly increase in this time. It also shows possible health issues and time to take care of health. As 6th house also represents disputes and conflicts, both houses taken together can also show disputes and conflicts in family. So, time to be patient and adjusting if such time comes. As 2nd house and 6th house both relate to Career, you can think of this time where you can gain in career and your hard work will be recognized & rewarded. So, it is a good transit Career-wise but there can be health issues or conflicts for which you need to take due care. 

Aquarius Ascendant or Aquarius Moon Sign - For Aquarius people, J-I will impact on 1st house and 5th house. You may realize your right life path. Overall Living Standard will see a rise. You may dedicate yourself to social welfare and serving humanity. People looking for children can plan for child birth during this time. You may become very serious towards education. It can also be a time to get in to a love relationship. You will also be interested in teaching and counselling. Investing in Stocks is not a bad idea. Change in work place is also possible. So, good time to switch job/career. Overall, a good time period for self and life path. 

Pisces Ascendant or Pisces Moon Sign - For Pisces people, J-I will impact on 4th house and 12th house. It shows that you will be investing a great amount of time and energy in meditation and other spiritual practices. It shows that your focus will be your home land or dealing with foreign lands. Basically, it is sort of confusing scenario where either you can be leaving home for foreign lands or you can be travelling back to home or mother from foreign lands or might even be your mother is travelling to foreign lands. So, travelling is constant, as we can see. You will be living a very private or secluded life as both houses relate to privacy. You will be researching and studying a lot in background, which will assist you in future endeavors. Good time for Spiritual Gains and Travelling. 

Hope this helps. Please post any queries and comments. 


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