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How to interpret different combinations?

There was a request to write on how to interpret different combinations of planets/houses/signs appearing in different charts. Like, if Jupiter is in 9th house/Sagittarius and aspects Saturn in 3rd house/Gemini then how we can interpret Jupiter’s aspect impact on Saturn, on 3rd house and on Gemini separately.

Let’s try to understand –

Introduction – First of all, please understand that it is not possible to cover all of these planetary combinations in one article. If you go through different articles written on planetary placements in a house or in a sign and aspects/conjunction then you will be able to understand these interpretations in a better way. As always, there is no shortcut for learning anything in details.

Golden Rule – But we can follow the Golden Rule here - “Everything is an addition”. Every planetary combination’s end result will always include every trait of all signs/houses/planets/nakshatras and their mutual connection with each other. Also, I feel that if I look back at my life towards the end of life (as and when the end is) then I would realize that I got result of all the planetary combinations during their dashas in my life at different times. So, everything is in addition.

Things to consider – So, if we take the aforementioned example of Jupiter in 9th house/Sagittarius aspecting Saturn in 3rd house/Gemini and try to interpret it then we need to take following things in consideration –

Basic Nature – First of all, check the basic nature of planets involved. In this case, Jupiter is a naturally benefic planet and Saturn is a naturally malefic planet. Jupiter is an expansive planet whereas Saturn is restrictive energy.

Mutual Reception – If we look into their mutual relation between each other then as Saturn has the impact on every other planet. So, Saturn will impact Jupiter more than Jupiter impacting Saturn.

Dignity – Then look at the dignity and strength of planets involved. Here, Jupiter is in own sign and Saturn is in friendly sign. So, both planets are in good dignity and strong but at the same time, Saturn is a planet which gives its results with delay, hard work and perseverance for anyone. So, dignity doesn’t matter with Saturn.

Now, what will be interpretation of Jupiter in 9th house/Sagittarius aspecting Saturn in 3rd house/Gemini? Well, there can be many interpretations.

a. First of all, it is 7th aspect of Jupiter. This aspect is related with sharing knowledge with others.

b. Jupiter-Saturn both are planets of Law. This combination can very well make a person interested in legal side of career.

c. 3rd house and Gemini both represent business, communication and counselling etc.

d. So, Jupiter aspecting Saturn in 3rd house/Gemini, person would like to share his knowledge through a communication, teaching and counselling based business.

e. But as Saturn is in 3rd house/Gemini will delay the realization of possibility of business and success will also come after delay, hard work and perseverance.

f. Also, 3rd house is marana karaka position of Jupiter and Gemini is enemy sign for Jupiter. So, there will be a lot of frustration as person may try to share knowledge with others as he may not find the opportunities or right people to share his knowledge.

So, we can see that every possible result is coming with this combination. That’s why; everything is in addition.

Going through different articles on planetary positions and aspects/conjunctions would further help you.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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